How to Change Signature in Yahoo mail

If you wish to change your signature in Yahoo mail, then the steps that you would have to follow are highly simple. The process which the users need to undertake are as mentioned below:
•The user would first have to access their Yahoo Mail account.
•Then you would have to click the ‘Settings Menu’ icon.
•Further choose the option of ‘More Settings.’
•Then you have to opt for the option which says ‘Writing Email.’
•Here, you can use the toggle button to disable or enable the signature for your email.
•You can also edit or make changes to your signature in the text box.

If the users are unable to follow the given steps accurately, then they would have to connect with Yahoo help number. By doing so, the users would get sufficient assistance to make changes in their email signature. Moreover, this customer service can be accessed at any hour and is entirely free of charge.