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How To Write A Book Report - Step By Step

Thinking about how to write a book report that can plainly exhibit your comprehension of the writer's fundamental ideas?
Writing a book report can be a difficult undertaking for some students since you need to break down a colossal measure of data, examine the fundamental themes, character, and plot of the story from a goal position. In the event that you like reading books, at that point it will be extremely simple for you to deal with such an assignment. Be that as it may, in the event that you don't, at that point there is no compelling reason to stress as you can become familiar with the means for writing an incredible book report in a short measure of time. Get help from write my essay professionals to get better assistance. 

On the off chance that you are dealing with your book report and pondering who can assist me with writing an essay for free, you are at karma. Here you can discover a bit by bit control for writing an ideal report to share basic data about the book you read.
Before heading towards the writing procedure, examine the accompanying strides to make way for thinking of an A commendable book report.
Pick A Book
On the off chance that you have relegated a book to read and write a report on, avoid this progression. Yet, in the event that you have not, think of it as an incredible chance to pick something that you are keen on.
Read A Book
In the wake of choosing a book, read it to be very much aware of what the writer examines in the book. Take notes while reading the book so you won't miss any significant moment that making an outline.
Make An Outline
Prior to beginning writing, making an outline will assist you with remaining centered all through. As you will have already written down ideas so it will be less hard for you plainly express your contemplations and ideas about the book.
The accompanying outline will assist you with remaining inside the rules of your book report assignment. Don't hesitate to follow this outline for your book report to get a passing mark.
  • Introduction
Start by presenting the book and giving some foundation data. It should end with a solid thesis statement to make a case about the book that you should demonstrate in the body of the book report.
  • Body Paragraphs
In the fundamental body, depict the reason, characters, and plot of the book. Break down the character's understanding all through the book, theme of the book, and how the specific character's experience identifies with another.
  • Conclusion
Its time to enclose it up all by the finishing up section of the book report. Try to give an outline of the plot and condense all the key focuses briefly. Try not to present any new thought or theme right now it just ties the data together that you have already examined in the book report body.
Book reports are not as formal as a standard five-section essay. Don't hesitate to communicate and clarify why you like the book or not. Regardless of what sort of book you decide to write a report on. Ensure your writing is clear and expressive all through.
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How To Write A Good Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is one sentence that means to convey the standard idea of an essay or any kind of other research paper. It puts forth a defense by direct watching out for the request. If you have to show an essay soon, you might be dumbfounded about how to write a thesis statement for your essay.
A thesis statement is a bit of the at an opportune time segment of an essay or another kind of research paper. It is a few sentences in length statement that shows the essential idea of the paper. This statement means to show the explanation behind your paper and your point of view regarding the matter. You should come up with solid arguments to shield your position and exhibit why you are right. Furthermore take professional assistance from write my essay service. 

A tolerable thesis statement is the one that should:
  • Indisputably express your circumstance regarding the matter
  • Set up the inspiration driving your essay
  • Guide the reader through the argument
  • Keep your writing focused
A thesis statement all through the writing methodology causes you not involve from the central argument of your paper. Whether or not you are writing a short essay or an article paper, a thesis statement is most likely the trickiest sentence to come up with. Luckily there are some means that you can follow to write a perfect thesis statement that impeccably condenses the key motivations behind your paper.
Stage 1: Write A Research Question
Come up with an interesting research question that you wish to cover in your paper. You can similarly consider your brief and concentrate the research question from it. Despite how tangled the theme is for all intents and purposes any thesis statement can be made by reacting to the research question.
Stage 2: Find The Answer And Take Your Position
Do quality research on the research address and plan a convincing answer. It is fundamental to intentionally react to the request as it will coordinate the whole method of research and writing. A tolerable methodology is to conceptualize ideas and consider the information that you have gathered in the research technique to pick your standard answer. For example, in case you are writing an argumentative essay, you should pick a side and your circumstance on the issue.
Stage 3: Support The Answer With Reasoning
During the research system, chances are your essay question is well while in transit to change as you discover increasingly confirmation. In the writing system, an incredible method to keep refining your thesis statement until you come with a last one.
A carefully made thesis statement is the reason of a not too bad essay, take as a lot of time as is expected to come up with stunning starting lines to grab the reader's attention. In case you are so far bewildered and unfit to come up with a strong thesis statement, you can go for a free essay writing service to make this sentence just as an obvious first rate essay that is meriting your group's attention. It is more intelligent to get capable help from an essay writing service free on time than to press at indisputably the a moment back.

Interesting Ideas for Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Compare and contrast essays are used to enhance the academic abilities of a student. They also help to develop the analytical skills to analyze the differences and similarities of an object.
Image result for Interesting Ideas for Compare and Contrast Essay Topics"
Like every other essay, compare and contrast essays also include:
  • Introduction
  • Thesis statement
  • Body paragraphs
  • Conclusion
It does not mean that you have to discuss the known facts and data only. Instead, a writer should dig deeper into less-known differences and similarities to add depth to your essay.
The main objective of such an essay is to demonstrate the writer’s ability to analyze and differentiate the elements of the chosen topic.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics
Choosing an impressive topic for your essay is indeed a challenging task. Therefore, most of the students rely on write my essay for me service to select a topic for them.
Nevertheless, we have also listed some topics for you to choose from. You can use them as it is or can change them according to your preference.

  1.       US President Vs. British Prime Minister
  2.       Comparative Religion Vs. Political Science
  3.       America Vs. Russia
  4.       Gandhi and Jinnah's political strategies
  5.       Socialism Vs. Liberalism
  6.       Roman architecture And Greek Architecture
  7.       Art in the Middle ages Vs. modern art
  8.       Compare two sculptures from biblical times
  9.       Differences and similarities between Classical Realism and Neo-Realism
  10.   Fiction or Non-fiction Literature
  11.   Traditional Learning or E-Learning
  12.   Compare and contrast the Therapy and Medication
  13.   Stress and Anxiety
  14.   Sociology vs Psychology
  15.   Writing Vs. Reading
  16.   Comedy Vs Action
  17.   Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter
  18.   Islam Vs. Christianity
  19.   The religious States and Secular states
  20.   Bible vs. Quran
  21.   Fascism and Nazism: Similarities and Differences
  22.   Research Work in Master Vs. Research Work in PhD
  23.   Country and Peace
  24.   Searching for Job Online or Traditionally?
  25.   Working at home or in the office
  26.   Similarities and Differences between high schools and colleges
  27.   American English Vs. Australian English
  28.   Plato and Socrates
  29.   Differences and similarities between Roman & other ancient myths
  30.   Fiction or Non-Fiction Books
  31.   Differences in the policies of modern presidents
  32.   Japanese or American cars
  33.   Democratic vs Autocratic Management Styles
  34.   Tactical or Strategic Management
  35.   American Revolution VS French Revolution
  36.   Classical Theory of Karl Marx against Modern Capitalistic Movement
  37.   The government of China VS The government of Korea
  38.   Exploring reality versus fiction in Roman mythology
  39.   Contrast and comparison of Civil rights in the 18th and 21st century
  40.   World War 1 vs World War 2
  41.   Difference between life in Japan before and after World War 2
  42.   Arab countries before and after the fall of the Ottoman Empire
  43.   Similarities and differences between Ancient Egyptians and Native Americans
  44.   What is Better: Popularity or being a loner
  45.   Studying or socializing in college
  46.   Modern life versus living in the Stone Age
  47.   Marrying at a Young Age vs. Marrying At an Old Age
  48.   Similarities Between Court Marriages Vs. Church Marriages
  49.   Real-Life Relationships Vs. Romance on Films and Movies
  50.   Siblings Vs. Friends: Who Play A More Substantial Role in Your Life

You can take help from these topics to write a perfect compare and contrast essay. Otherwiseyou can go for essay writing service online for more help.

Compare APA and MLA Formats

The most stressful part of writing a paper is to decide between the format. A good writing piece needs a lot of research, strong arguments, and proper citation to support the argument.Students usually take help from write my essay service online.
Image result for Compare APA and MLA Formats"
You are required to follow two specific formats during the citation of your reference list. These include:
  • APA
  • MLA
It is important to know the difference between both before using it in your paper. The complete guide given below provides a detailed comparison between the two.
APA Standard Guidelines
APA style originates from the American Psychological Association. It has some defined set of rules for journals, articles, books, anthologies, and publications.
It enables the writer to structure their work by adding references and citations in a unique way. This formatting is completely different from other formats. You need to pay special attention to the layout and the choice of words.
The following are the APA standard guidelines:
  • All lines should be double spaced
  • Font should 12 Times New Roman
  • One-inch space for all margins
  • Number and work title on the top right corner of every page
  • Footnotes should be double spaced
  • Reference list in the bibliography
  • In-text citations must show the author's name, publication year and page number
  • Title must be centered
  • The abstract should be included
  • Author’s name in the reference list should be written as follows: Last name + First name + Middle initial
MLA Standard Guidelines
MLA styles are derived from the Modern Languages Association for scientific and literary research work. It focuses more on in-depth work when it comes to referencing.
The following are the MLA standard guidelines:
  • All lines should be double spaced.
  • Font should 12 Times New Roman
  • One-inch space for all margins
  • Follow the Alphabetical order for author and work
  • Direct citations should only have name and page, without a comma
  • Indirect citations should have a single page
  • No extra line-break in between citations
  • The top right corner should have a page number and the author’s name
Differences Between the MLA and APA Formats
Here we have mentioned some differences between these two writing formats.
  1. Writers and Editors
All the writers, editors and compilers must be cited in an MLA format paper. It also includes a brief description of the work cited list.
On the other hand, the APA format also includes the author, editor, and compiler's name in the list of references but not in the bibliography.
  1. Bibliographic List
The referencing in MLA format follows an alphabetical order by the name of the author then title. However, the reference in APA style follows an alphabetical order by author name after work.
  1. Various Work by the Same Author
If you are listing various works by the same writer in an MLA format paper, you have to list down the work in an alphabetical manner.
Only the first listing will contain the name of the author. Nevertheless, the remaining entries should begin from:
  • Three Hyphens
  • A Period
  • Space
  • Title Name
  • A Period
On the other side, the APA format paper follows the chronological order in such cases.

  1. Article Titles
In MLA format, titles should be referenced in quotation marks with capital letters.
APA does not include articles in quotation marks and the first word is capitalized only.
Which is Better: APA or MLA?
APA is used for social sciences fields such as sociology, psychology, criminology, Business, and Nursing. MLA is used for humanities such as Philosophy, Religion, Literature, Politics, Law, Religion, and Anthropology.
It completely depends on the writing style. For example, MLA is appropriate for writing fictional literature. It is also used in crafting short publications such as academic articles. Whereas, APA is suitable to use for in-text citations.
This article can help you differentiate between the MLA and APA format. If you are still confused, relying on write essay for me is always a good option. 

Easy Steps to Write A Case Study

Case studies are a common type of writing assignment given in high schools and colleges. It is a research method that gathers information to investigate a certain issue and draw conclusions. It also helps to identify the root cause by proposing a valid solution.
Image result for Easy Steps to Write A Case Study"
There are different kinds of cases. Some of them are extremely simple while others require a detailed analysis and research.
Writing a case study usually requires students to work in groups and answer open-ended questions. However, if it sounds complicated, you can always take help from the write essay for me service.
On the other side, if you are planning to write it yourself, this article will provide you all the necessary help.
How to Write a Case Study?
It is beneficial to plan and design before start writing. The author should figure out the methods for collecting information and then conduct analysis. Only then he will be able to present the accurate findings and results.
Follow the below-mentioned steps to draft a perfect case study.
  • Case Study Research
The first and foremost step is to develop a research methodology. It will help you collect the required data for answering the research question. Moreover, you will also identify all the credible sources to conduct the research.
For identifying the best research strategy, try answering the questions given below:
  • What research question the study is going to address?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What type of study it would be?
  • Who is the main participant?
  • What is the time period you want to study?
  • Where the issues took place?
The two main types of case study research methods are qualitative and quantitative that you can follow.
  • Identifying the Problems
The next step is to identify and explain the problem. The researcher should be careful while presenting the details as it would explain the purpose of the study.
Moreover, mention the important ones in case you have a list of multiple problems. Also, describe how it is affecting the overall scenario within the real-life context.
  • Describe the Solution
The third step allows the writer to describe the solution to the problem. Therefore, it is important to explore the roots and causes of the problem beforehand.
  • Case Study Analysis
A great case study involves a detailed analysis of the findings and the solutions. It will provide an opportunity for the writer to apply the proposed solutions for:
  • Improving society
  • Recommending any further action
  • Case Study Format
Below is the case study outline that you need to follow for a logical flow.
  • Title
An impressive title that indicates the overall purpose of the research.
  • Abstract
A brief summary of the research work in about one-two paragraphs. It should answer the what, when, where, who and why questions of your topic.
  • Introduction
This section provides the historical background of the research problem along with its significance.
  • Hypothesis
A writer should state the hypothesis by answering questions like:
  • How did you decide?
  • What led to its development?
Make sure that it is testable and can be proved by evidence.
  • Methodology
Research methodology should be presented here that is required to carry out the research.
  • Results
Organize the collected information by presenting it logically. It will help the reader to draw conclusions.
  • Analysis
This section provides an explanation of the findings and explains how they will support the hypothesis.
  • Conclusion
A case study should end with a short description that states:
  • Was it able to achieve?
  • Was the hypothesis proven?
  • What did you learn from it?
You can also mention some recommendations here.
  • References
Cite all the original sources that are used to gather information.
These steps will help you write a perfect case study.Otherwise you can also go for write my essay for me service online.

free samples

I wanted to have a look at free samples of college essays. I’ve found them on this website. They don’t charge for reading them.

Working for a Living Life

David Brooks’ “Make Everybody Hurt” and Paul Krugman’s “Wisconsin Power Play”
First of all, it should be mentioned that David Brooks’ “Make Everybody Hurt” and Paul Krugman’s “Wisconsin Power Play” both discuss the Wisconsin protests over the budget cuts and cruel past leaders of the world. For example, Krugman asserts that it was not the smartest thing for Mr. Ryan to say since he did not want to compare Mr. Walker, a fellow Republican, to Hosni Mubarak. In any case, a number of well-known conservatives including Rush Limbaugh, Rick Santorum and Glen Beck criticized the unrest in Egypt and insisted that President Obama ought to have assisted the Mubarak government contain it. Similarly, David Brooks asserts that the public sector unions and their allies immediately flew into a rage, comparing Walker to Hitler, Mussolini and Mubarak.

Thus, Walker had few if any supporters who could help him win the battle. The other thing common for the two articles is that they both talk of Governor Walker demanding cuts only from non-Republicans. For instance, Krugman asserts that some workers who appeared to be Republicans were exempted from the ban. In other words, there was some kind of favoritism to a certain group of people. On the other hand, “Make Everybody Hurt” by David Brook and “Wisconsin Power Play” by Paul Krugman differ in that Brook’s article emphasizes that the governor and debt fighters were the discoverers of austerity. As asserted by Trimbur and George, they were not only balancing budgets, but setting precedent for a process that will last for decades in sat writing.

In this case, the debt fighters and the governor ought to create the habits which different majorities would embrace and respect. The process requires to be balanced such that it would hurt each and everybody. On the other side, Paul Krugman’s article differs in that it emphasizes the governors’ disturbing issue with Wisconsin’s residents as not the budget but power. As asserted by Trimbur and George, we are one-person-one vote nation; in reality, we are more than a bit of an oligarchy where a couple of wealthy people dominate. In this scenario, Governor Walker appears to have been using power to eliminate public-sector unions that speak on behalf of poor citizens.

U.S Black Discrimination in Employment
Currently, controversy rages between the emigrant’s rights activists, politicians, black anti-immigration activists and economists over the possibility of illegitimate immigrants to cause of dual-digit lack of jobs among the impoverished, untrained young Afro-Americans. Astonishingly, the Labor Department report points out that almost 40% of youthful young black males are not employed. In spite of the statement of Bush government that reduction in tax as well as economic policies resulted in the creation of not less than 100, 000 new jobs, African American joblessness is dominant over all the other population groups of America. As asserted by Nittle, the rate of unemployment among African Americans for the past decade has been twice higher than that of whites. Actually, labor and race relations professionals point out the following particular challenges faced by African Americans job searchers. They come across racial prejudice while looking for jobs, their communities possess fragile job networks and credit evaluation by potent employers frequently works in their disfavor.

Some studies suggest that a gap exists between Black and White occupation levels even in the cases where education gets considered. Moreover, alien-born African Americans are experiencing higher joblessness rates in comparison to their white counterparts. In addition, black youngsters are facing joblessness more often than their young white colleagues. Worse still, even African American men who possess no records of criminality are no more apt to get employed compared to their white colleagues having criminal records. Throwing the accusation of unceasing disaster of poor young black men on illegitimate immigration strengthens the panic of emigration reform antagonists. However, it also allows employers to be more discriminative. Overall, discrimination of African Americans in employment offering is a major labor crisis that needs to be addressed dramatically by all the stakeholders.

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Essay Writing Trends A Student Must Follow

Essay writing has been an important part of the educational system. The trends of essay writing change from time to time and if you want your essay to be framed by current trends, let Academic Writing Pro help you in this. We provide all types of essay writing service, paper writing services and much more.
In this article, we will share with you the latest essay writing trends that students must know and follow now-a-days. We will also discuss with our readers about the entire essay writing services Academic Writing Pro can provide. Following are the latest trends in essay writing:
Be creative
It was previously believed that essay writing only includes putting your ideas on a paper, in the shadow of the existing theories you have to be creative being relevant to the topic you are writing about. Critics used to think that creativity has only a little role to play in the essay writing, while authenticity and relativity are the essences of essay writing. Well, time changes everything. Now-a-days, creativity and uniqueness in essay writing, is as important as authenticity and cultural relativity. Teachers or tutors also have a keen eye for creativity and the art of storytelling that one implements, in order to make the stance powerful and more appealing. Even educational institutes like the universities of Oxford and Cambridge are also following the same pattern in terms of paper and essay writing. Moreover, majority of colleges and universities are encouraging their learners to publish their writing online. This is very important since appreciation can enhance the student’s confidence to assist them in taking broad steps towards becoming excellent academic writers. The best part is; Academic Writing Pro offers very affordable and cheap essay writing services for the students
Taking help and inspiration from old papers
Without an inspiration, your work will never capture the appeal you want. Researching for an inspiration is vital to essay writing, as it helps you pen down your thoughts in a better and more effective way. Sadly, this is not followed as such. Majority of teachers make their students replicate the old essays or papers, and to extend the argument given but the original author of the original essay or paper. Extending the argument is also a good technique as it helps the students learn about data gathering, analyzing, as well as developing other basic skills required in the essay writing.
Choose Your Own Topic
Previously, it was practiced that the instructors used to choose the topics of research or essay writing for the students. But now, there is not much difference between academic and a non-academic topic. Professors have a huge interest in seeing what captivates or inspires the students and how they explore them logically. Tutors have been taking the initiative and letting their students choose a topic of their own interest, to enhance their interest in academic writing and producing high quality essays and papers
Use of Technology
Technology played the central role in altering the trends of researching and writing. Introduction of internet has transformed the learning process in many ways. The students have all the means to research as much as they want, related to the topic of the essay they are writing. They can send a soft copy of their essay to their instructor or to a fellow student for proof reading and suggestions regarding improvement. Social media can become a very effective tool for gathering data for your essay or research paper. Moreover, tutors are introducing innovative ideas, to use technology and internet, so that the students can improve their research skills and craft a high-quality essay or research paper.
Test Your Research Skills
People are of the view that writing an essay is the most important phase of the paper writing process. Writing has its own importance, but the research that goes into that writing is the thing that makes an essay effective or ineffective. Read about new research skills; keep a keen eye on the new trends in essay writing and most of all you make sure your data is based on facts. Searching on Google is a whole new skill set now and is very high in demand. Polish you search engine usage skills to gather appealing and factual information. Essay based on «not so common» facts is very appealing to the readers. You are one-click away from choosing the best essay writing services
Make Proofreading Your Habit
A content that is free from grammar and spelling mistakes is very important for academic writing purposes. Crafting an essay and assignment that is full of typos and grammar mistakes will ruin your impression. To avoid this, you need to conduct a thorough reviewing and proofreading for the paper to be impressive.
How Can Academic Writing Pro Help with Essay Writing Services?
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