Blizzard has just added Arathi Basin Battleground to WOW Classic

If you ever try Battlegrounds on retail World of Warcraft, then chances are you've spent a lot of time in Arathi basin.the capture point style is the cornerstone WoW Battleground PVP and has been part of the game since Vanilla. Starting this month, players will be able to experience Arathi Basin in its infancy when it debuts in classic WoW.

Blizzard revealed that Arathi Basin will join WoW Classic on March 10 and will be followed by Zul'Gurub and the Dragons of Nightmare around April. Arathi Basin is unlike anything else in the game when it originally debuted in WoW. 15-vs-15 Battleground located in Arathi Highlands, the area of ​​the classic WoW players should be quite familiar with.

Currently the plan is to Arathi Basin to open on the weekend of March 10 in time for the Holidays Battleground system to start. Both Zul'Gurub and the Dragons of Nightmare boss of the world will arrive sometime in April — he did not give a specific date, so this time we do not know whether they will start at the same time or staggered from one another. In addition, our site has a large quantity of safe WOW Classic Gold For Sale.

Zul'Gurub is an attack 20 players, who returned quite unique in the original game. Release at about the same time with the Dragons of Nightmare quite reasonable, because it will enable the group to more quickly prepare to push them into the 20 and 40 player raids Ahn'Qiraj will come after them. The Dragons particular natural tooth reduction resistance is very important for a guild that intend to pass Princess Huhuran and make their way to C'thun, this WoW boss Old God first.

If you're a WoW player who has somehow never experienced Arathi Basin, then you are in for a treat. If you want to refamiliarize themselves with the Battleground before it drops on March 10, you can play WoW retail version Arathi Basin now.

Team strength becomes more critical in WoW Classic

«Anything that will affect gameplay you want to make sure that people deliver something is authentic.» Birmingham said. «Where we presume like quality-of-life improvements are okay are stuff like, tabbing to perform a name in in-game mail. That's not a core section of the gameplay expertise in leveling, and questing, looking to explore the entire world.

»Challenge is a component of it," Birmingham continued. «The world feels dangerous. There are difficult group quests in the world, elite quests that you just can't do on your own, otherwise you would have to over-level should you wanted to do them all on your own. Where they push you to find someone WOW Classic Gold to help you out, or out level them accessible back later, or maybe you can just leave them and continue. You don't have to accomplish every quest in most zone. You can choose your way through the entire world. So I imagine that is exactly the classic gameplay men and women are looking for.»

A different model of challenge is presented from the PVP, containing undergone multiple phases and metas through the entire game's long lifespan. As in any competitive live game, some classes would have been a fan favorite criticized as overpowered in a era and then be left behind over the following. The team says it is one of the main reasons it chose this type of iteration of WoW. I know that sometimes you need a lot of WOW Classic Gold in the game. If you are bored about farming gold, you can buy WOW Classic Gold online, and ZZWOW is always your best choice.

«The 1.12 strategy is what we're you start with, which is the one target that people aimed at,» Birmingham said. «We said, '1.12 was the spot that the game was by far the most patched, probably the most complete, and probably the most balanced.' That's what we desired to set the systems at for WoW Classic.»

That isn't to express that the game is going to be completely static, however. While the plan is to support the game because it was in the 1.12 update in perpetuity, players will still find some Classic WOW Gold content unlocking after some time, recreating the sense of being an engaged player since the game was rolling out with updates.

With the launch of new WoW expansion, UK players will pay higher subscription fees

According to Blizzard's recent news on the official website, as World of Warcraft's new expansion is released at the same time worldwide, gamers who live in the UK will pay an additional £ 1 subscription fee each month thereafter. Professional analysis shows that the occurrence of this situation is affected by many factors.

Later, an employee of Blizzard confirmed the truth of the news. He said that this price increase is only effective in the UK server, and there are no plans to increase the price of World of Warcraft subscriptions in any other regions. With the official release of World of Warcraft's Warlords of Draenor expansion, players in the UK will need to pay higher subscription fees.

Blizzard's latest post in the World of Warcraft community announced the news. On November 13 this year, the latest expansion of World of Warcraft-Warlords of Draenor will be registered in the UK. The price of World of Warcraft will rise by 1 pound per month. In other words, the 30-day Classic WOW Gold subscription fee will increase from £ 8.99 to £ 9.99, and the 90-day subscription fee will increase from £ 25.17 to £ 28.17, while those who subscribe for a one-time 180-day subscription will have to pay £ 52.14 for this, Previously, they only needed 46.14 pounds to play World of Warcraft in half a year.

Of course, the £ 1 extra cost is not unbearable for players. At present, players are most worried that Blizzard may raise the subscription price of World of Warcraft again at any time, especially after the next new expansion is released. In response, Blizzard responded. The studio promised that as long as players continue to subscribe to World of Warcraft after the price change, no matter what the Blizzard subscription price changes in two years, players only need to pay the same amount as now.

«We regularly look at our pricing around the world and from time to time we make changes in light of local and regional market conditions,» the post read. I know that sometimes you need a lot of WOW Classic Gold in the game. If you are bored about farming gold, you can Buy WOW Classic Gold online, and ZZWOW is always your best choice.

The main reason for this phenomenon may be the continuous decline in the number of players. In the past 3 months, World of Warcraft has lost 800,000 active users, and the total number has dropped to 6.8 million, which is far lower than the 11 million subscriptions during the peak period. Although 6.8 million is still a distant number for other MMORPGs, Blizzard is obviously not satisfied with this. They believe this number will continue to rise as new expansions are released.

If you want to participate in the best melee DPS, you should attempt these

Subtlety Rogue: One from the best melee DPS and PvP classes
Whether from the Modern WoW or WoW Classic, Subtlety Rogue is performing well in PvP combat, because of his blend of several powerful abilities. The stealth ability on the rogue lets them quietly approach the enemy. The powerful single control ability will make the World of Warcraft Classic Gold enemy not able to resist, plus the unique combo mechanism might cause the rogue to cause huge additional damage within the time. This is also why rogues end up being the natural enemies of mages, and also the fragile cloth can't stop the fatal damage from your dagger.
But rogues may also be flawed, their own health are very fragile, and it's difficult to make effective melee output inside the face from the class utilizing the armor. At the same time, the large damage they take care of monsters will greatly enhance the threat to monsters, driving them to spend the vast majority of their in time PvE battles to leave the attacks of angry monsters. Fortunately, if you continue to accumulate better equipment, these disadvantages are going to be steadily weakened.
The rogue is very good at decreasing the speed on the enemy and superimposing the combo damage inside the continuous mission for kill the enemy. When they attach the correct poison for the dagger of their hands, they will get to be the most feared opponent inside the PvP arena. By the way, if you are interested to buy cheap WOW Classic Gold, stay tuned for more at ZZWOW.
For utility, rogues can open lockboxes, assuming they trained up their lockpicking skills, and they also can stealth through monsters to click items or rejoin their groups during dungeons.

The best hybrid class: Resto Druid
If you're a beginner and wish to experience the WoW Classic more readily, next the druid is definitely an good choice. As a hybrid class, Druids can enjoy multiple roles from the team as well: their damage resistance enables them to act as temporary tanks, as well as the druids as soon as the transformation can offer good DPS, even they can offer the team. Continuous treatment effect.
Of course, being a hybrid class, the druids need to pay a price. The consequence of as a generalist is because cannot be the strongest the slightest bit. Each in their abilities seems as if a semi-finished product — qualified however, not outstanding.
Realistically, that together with the half-finished feel with their tanking and DPS specs signifies that no one ever seriously plays a druid for either role, instead emphasizing a more noble pursuit: as being a tree.
In Classic, that’s a literal choice, as healing generally puts you into tree form (situated on Live only like a glyph). Druid heals haven’t have changed things considerably much throughout the years, using the heal as time passes Rejuvenation and Regrowth spells still dominant, while Tranquility reigns supreme for AOE heals.
Druids bring utility to groups WOW Classic Gold inside form from the powerful Mark with the Wild stats-boosting buff (cast one player during a period, using reagents), battle resurrection (using reagents), the Faerie Fire armor-reducing debuff for opponents, along with the Thorns buff, which contributes to tank threat by causing them to reflect a little damage.

Which one do you prefer: WoW Classic or Modern WoW?

With the release of WoW Classic, a topic has gradually become the focus of discussion among players-which of WoW Classic and Modern WoW is better? Based on what players have said in the community, most players believe that WoW Classic's performance exceeds expectations, so it is better than Modern WoW. We have summarized and compared the reasons listed by the players. Keep reading this article and you will learn several reasons why WoW Classic is better than Modern WoW. Do you have different opinions? You can also say what you think. ZZWOW is really one of suitable WoW Classic Gold store, their 24/h online service makes easily and convient transaction!

Levels make more sense in WoW Classic
Even loyal fans of modern WoW have to Buy WOW Classic Gold admit that in modern WoW, the level has lost its meaning because the upper limit of the level has swelled beyond the designer's control. In the latest expansion of Azeroth, the upper limit of the character's level has reached 120 levels that have never been seen before. Because the development team has not configured the appropriate new skills or features for each level, sometimes your role is just upgraded, but it does not make any actual changes.
In WoW Classic, your level may have a profound impact on your next move. Some dungeon requires you to reach a certain level to be open to you. In addition, you must reach level 60 to participate in the ultimate raid-Molten Core in the game to get the best armor and weapons in the game.

WoW Classic has a more active community and social life
In the eyes of most ordinary people, gamers love loneliness, so they give up normal socialization and choose to talk to a bunch of data in the game. But the opposite is true. No one likes feeling lonely. Gamers just like to find friends who feel right in the game. WoW Classic offers them a great opportunity.
Just like in modern World of Warcraft, players need to get together to complete quests, defeat bosses and assault opposing factions, but you must join a guild or enter the industry chat and find some friends in the old fashioned way. You can't forget who is in your pickup group (PUG) with just a few mouse clicks. Features like LFG and Guild Finder are handy, but they take away what people love about games.

The Brill Tavern
The tavern, whether it's in an Azerothian city, a space station, or a DnD module, is where most of the role-playing and storyline action takes place. The Brill Tavern had a claim to fame as a dark, dreary place where hope and love went to die, quite the opposite of its shiny, happy counterpart of Goldshire. Now use code «XMAS» to have 6% discount at ZZWOW, visit and acquiring the cheapest WOW Classic Gold.
That's the point, as Brill was a vision of what happened to a Human kingdom after it had been ravaged by the Scourge. A chilling reminder of what could happen to Stormwind and Elwynn Forest should the other half of humanity fall. In later expansions, Brill was changed and expanded Classic WOW Gold considerably as the Forsaken tightened its grip on Tirifal Glades, and the tavern is now completely different significantly. The loss of unique music was the most disappointing change.

Blizzard claims that the Azerite armor system will be modified

In the expansion of Azeroth, World of Warcraft players ushered in a new trophy system, which is one of the most criticized systems. In this version of World of Warcraft, all players will get an artifact-quality necklace. Correspondingly, players can't get other necklaces in any way. At the same time, all the helmets, shoulders and breastplates that players get in various activities will Become an Azerite armor. Simply put, the Heart of Azeroth necklace is like a battery, the Vanilla WOW Gold energy comes from the various ways to get Azerot, the heart of Azeroth will automatically absorb them and upgrade the level, thus for all Aze Ritter armor charges and unlocks new features.

Although it replaces the artifact system in the previous version, it has a lot of serious problems: most of the features you can unlock can't bring great improvement to your character, and unlock all the Azerot features needed. Spend a lot of time upgrading the Heart of Azeroth Necklace. This makes many players have a very bad feeling, it is not like a better system, it is more like the regression of the artifact system in the army expansion. MMOWTS is actually one of suitable WoW Classic Gold store, their 24/h online service makes easily and convient transaction!

After the start of Season 2, Blizzard removed the worst Azerite features that were criticized by players and added a number of meaningful abilities to replace them, giving players more choices to achieve a more interesting fighting style. This makes many players feel forward to it. In addition, higher quality Ezerit armor will be added, which has a fifth layer of features, and players need to be more cautious when choosing the right combination of features.

In the later 8.2 patch, developers tried to make the system easier and simpler. Hazzikostas said that the heart of Azeroth and the armor of Azerite will be completely revised. The goal of the developer is that the features of the Azerite armor will no longer be unlocked depending on the level of Heart of Azeroth, they will be completely unlocked while you gain armor. Simply put, whenever you get a brand new Azerite armor, you can instantly choose the features you need and enjoy the bonus they bring to you. The level of Heart of Azeroth will have other extra effects. It will have an independent passive skill tree. When you successfully upgrade the level of the WOW Classic Gold artifact necklace, you will get more passive skill rewards. This sounds like a satisfactory system, let us wait for it to arrive.

Battle for Azeroth's preview: Warfront is a great mode

World of Warcraft ’s latest expansion, Azeroth, makes all players look forward to it. Blizzard has added a lot of new content to this expansion, such as the new Azeroth Heart necklace and Azerite armor system. Warfront will provide the best gaming experience for players who are keen on large-scale battles.

Blizzard tried to use this mode to Buy WOW Classic Gold highlight the theme of this battle, that is, the endless battle between the Horde and the Alliance to control the Azeroth continent. In fact, if you have already experienced the gameplay in the beta, you will find it provides a good immersive experience for players, which is exciting and very interesting. Not only that, you will find it much like Blizzard's RTS series of Warcraft. In fact, the only thing players need to worry about is how long this excitement can last. MMOWTS is actually one of suitable WoW Classic Gold store, their 24/h online service makes easily and convient transaction!

With the first release of the expansion of Battle for Azeroth, the world will only open one Warfront-the battle for the Arathi Highlands in the Eastern Kingdoms. It is worth noting that only players at level 120 can qualify for Warfront. Therefore, players need to complete some newly added tasks in the game to reach the upper limit of the expansion level, which is 120. After that, you can contribute to the war effort of your own faction, including items, gold, and some other resources. When the faction's progress reaches 100%, members of that faction can gain access to Warfront and wait in the queue.

In general, Warfront is a large-scale PvE battle, and the main enemy players face is the NPCs of hostile factions. The whole process will last for nearly a week, in the process, no matter how our fighters perform, they will eventually win and occupy Arathi Highlands. After that, players from the other faction also needed to increase the progress of the war effort to 100% in order to start a new war and recapture Arathi Highlands. Within a week after winning, faction members who control Arathi Highlands will have access to the region's unique world missions and receive various rare rewards.

The biggest highlight of this mode is that players can experience the battle scenes of Warcraft 3 in the game. The difference is that players can only control their own characters, but you can choose to become a farmer of mining or hero to twist the battle. At the beginning, all Classic WOW Gold players entering Warfront will be randomly scattered around the map. They need to cut down trees and collect wood, or mine to collect iron. These resources can be used to build bases and various special effects buildings. Of course, in RTS, the most important thing is the military. You can hire soldiers by consuming supplies to launch a large-scale battle of your own.

WoW Classic players is focus on dungeon abbreviation and it will go on

What happens if your returning veterans and beginners in WoW Classic meet? In the wild, old players may patiently move the novice, in case they have an extension cord, they are going to even help the beginner to speed inside the task. But when things involve the abbreviation with the dungeon name, your situation will be totally different. In the community, debates about such issues took over the forum's webpage. As one in the old players from the return, I have not completely eradicated this World of Warcraft Classic Gold madness. MMOWTS is best WoW Classic Gold store, their 24/h online service makes easily and convient transaction!

To this end, I read some interesting posts and author's theories about the forum, attempting to understand the method of obtaining all confusion and quarrels. I chose the alliance in WoW Classic, plus some people on Reddit remarked that DM is surely an abbreviation often utilized by tribal players inside vanilla era to refer to The Deadmines because Westfall is much from Orgrimmar, and many of them are dependant on reliable information. Horde players don't have any idea the name on the final boss of the dungeon. Interestingly, inside WoW Classic greater decade later, these former tribal players joined the league and attempted to reapply their original experience on the game. Not only that, but a majority of people from the community have announced which the capitalization of «DM» means Dire Maul, as you move the lowercase «dm» is Deadmines, the reliable solution.

After that, I had some unexpected discoveries that for each and every particular server, the matter in which players use DM or VC abbreviations differs from the others. The servers I have played include Bleeding Hollow and Dunemaul, which use VC servers. However, some players have shared the specific situation of other servers, which is obvious that many of them belong on the DM server.

In this situation, the latest situation from the WoW Classic is related to that with the Tower of Babel. Players can't seem to communicate normally as a result of different terminology, causing failure on the target.

The key issue is that this current update diary for WoW Classic have not yet entered the other phase. All discussions are on a The Deadmines, without one is going to be misled by either DM or VC. When Dire Maul's door opens, things may come in a worse direction. According towards the information offered by Blizzard's official website, Dire Maul will probably be introduced to Buy WOW Classic Gold your game seven days in advance, this also day just isn't far from us.

WoW Classic is open to players in advance so they can reserve their names

Choosing a name is a very important thing, and nothing is more meaningful than that. In real life, your name represents you, which is the meaning of the signature. This is especially true in WoW Classic, when players want to get information about your character, they will first see your name. If you are in a team, the leader will quickly send combat instructions to each team member by name.

Therefore, it is very important to Buy WOW Classic Gold give your character a nice or personal name in WoW Classic. This will be your first step to success. Of course, some players will inevitably choose the same name unexpectedly, and then the backward players need to find ways to find a suitable alternative name. The important thing is that this will cause you to waste a lot of time early in the game. Experienced players know that every second in WoW Classic is very precious. ZZWOW is best WoW Classic Gold store, their 24/h online service makes easily and convient transaction!

Blizzard has fully considered this situation. In order to avoid the pressure of rename when the game is officially released, Blizzard decided to open the role creation function to the player in advance. You can enter the game 3 days before August 27 to select your server, race, class and name.

First you need to open the client, and change the version of World of Warcraft to WoW Classic, and then wait for the game client to download and install. When everything is ready, click the play button to enter WoW Classic. After successfully logging in to the game, you will enter the character creation interface. In this step, you can choose the server you want to play and choose the appropriate race and class for your character, and of course, the most important name. The whole process lasts up to 3 days, so you can think repeatedly and choose the one you like the most. When the character is successfully created, you can use the character to enter the game directly after August 27. It is worth noting that if your World of Warcraft subscription expires during this time, your character will disappear, so please check the validity period of your subscription. Now use code «XMAS» to get 6% discount at ZZWOW, visit and buy the cheapest WOW Classic Gold For Sale.

Another point to note is that in order to prevent some players from abusing this feature to grab popular names, during this reservation period, each account can only create up to 3 characters. When WoW Classic is officially released, players can create up to 50 characters. So make an informed choice when using this feature.

You can always enjoy best social interaction in WoW Classic

It has become almost 8 weeks since the official launch of World of Warcraft Classic, and also the enthusiasm in the players hasn't shown warning signs of diminishing. Not only that, but after learning that Blizzard released a state version of Vanilla World of Warcraft, increasingly more players decide to opt out in the illegal private server and create a new WOW Classic Gold For Sale character in WoW Classic. For these players, their biggest dream is realized, they could seriously experience every place in Azeroth without worrying in regards to the risk of server shutdown. For me, the self confidence in the action is everything, as well as the feeling of helping the other is really wonderful.

Whenever I visit to my WoW Classic account, I receive notifications in the system. It will prompt me to experience a lot of unread messages during my inbox, after which I will navigate to the nearest collection reason Stormwind City. Usually I will receive some packages containing gifts. Those who may have ventured by himself will write a range of warm words of thanks then mail all sorts of useful game what you should me as attachments. Some friends who remember my tailoring professional will be sending me some linen, and some with the players that will make the equipment sends me a brand-new armor. This is a difficult situation I have familiar with modern WoW. Obviously, if you don't need to count on others in modern woW to deal with all the difficulties amongst gamers, you are going to naturally ignore social interaction.

But in WoW Classic, you can actually meet new people, which explains why I am dependent on traveling in Azeroth. In order to make less complicated to form a team to look around the dungeon, I joined a guild with a decent atmosphere, with each member treated the overall game very sincerely and casually. I often receive new extended backpacks around my mailbox, that can come from members on the guild whorrrre good at making. Whenever I ask some questions I don't know about the local channel, someone can tell you the answer immediately in some seconds. Once I was preparing to travel from Elwynn Forest to Loch Modan. A friendly dwarf saw my purpose, and the man told me passionately the journey was really dangerous for individual players and it also was all to easy to feel bored. He then escorted me to my destination. These stories fully reflect the short-lived and rapidly improving friendship of Azeroth when i was younger. MMOWTS is the best WoW Classic Gold store, their 24/h online service makes easily and convient transaction!

This type of friendship is greatest in the starting point in the game. A large number of players who've just entered the WOW Classic Gold sport gather at the place to start. In order to avoid malicious competition, they spontaneously mature into a long queue, giving everyone the chance kill the quest targets which can be constantly reborn.