Stress Management

When I first read the above quote from Abraham Lincoln, "'A lot of people are almost as happy as they make up their minds" it made me smile. This simple statement is played in front of my eyes every day. I have heard that people tend to fall into 2 categories; those who seek help to themselves and those who seek help and relinquish responsibility. So can you imagine anyone who desperately needs help? In my experience this is not the case. There is a group of people who are successful in their problems. Their problems are a source of strength and care and if their problems are removed, who should they focus on and who will take care of them? We may sometimes talk about people who do not need help, but today we will look at those who do!

Is stress just a mental illness? Are there stressful situations or just people with depression? Is there someone you know who is constantly stressed and needs to tell you about his or her recent tragedy?

Stress puts your body and mind under pressure. It can affect your heart and your digestive system and can lead to problems related to mental health. It is therefore very important to make sure that you look at your lifestyle to reduce the chances of getting a physical or mental illness due to stress.

How can you tell if you're stressed?

There are several symptoms of depression:

Body — butterflies, muscle tension, increased heart rate, shortness of breath, delayed digestion, headache
Mind — forgetfulness, poor concentration, anxiety
Emotional — self-defense, impatience, embarrassment
Behavior — focuses on working, drinking, smoking (or other unhealthy habits), insomnia
If you can turn on the 'horns' of stress to identify these images you can make the changes you need to improve. Stress is uncontrollable. It needs effective control from you. Ignoring it will result in a decrease in the ability to deal effectively with the next increase in problems. Minor problems can get out of control and seem out of control which can lead to a situation that feels impossible and the idea of ​​seeking help is impossible.

If you are suffering from depression, chances are that your life is already full. So can you spend a lot of time ignoring it?

What is the current rate of your life?

Before you can start making changes, you need to assess your health.

Below is a tool that can be used when your work / life payment comes from kilter and / or you find that you do not have your time. You can help others assess their work / life stability by suggesting that they also use this tool.

Divide the circle below to represent the time you spend on average a week.