Can a Pill cause you to Smarter?

What if you may merely take a pill that may instantly cause you to a lot of intelligent? One that would enhance your psychological feature capabilities together with attention, memory, focus, motivation, and alternative higher govt functions? If you've got ever seen the moving picture of Limitless pill, you've got a concept of what this could look like—albeit the exaggerated Hollywood version. The moving image could also be fictional; however, the truth might not be too way behind.

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What Are Nootropics?
The conception of neuroenhancement and also the use of gear to enhance psychological feature functioning in healthy people is by no means a brand new one. One in every of the primary psychological feature sweetening medication, Piracetam, was developed over fifty years past by man of science and chemist C.C. Giurgea. Though he didn't apprehend the precise mechanism, Giurgea believed the drug boosted brain power and then began his exploration into «smart pills,» or even nootropics, a term he coined from the Greek nous, that means «mind,» and the pain, that means «to bend.

Listed below could be a temporary summary of a number of a lot of often used nootropics together with wakefulness-promoting agents like modafinil, and several others within the racetam category of medication classified along as a result of their shared chemical structure. Note that these aren't comprehensive descriptions. Those often found in sources cited.

Nootropics are either used alone or together with alternative nootropics. It can remark as stacking. Such compounds, which might be natural or artificial, are a lot of extensively researched than those used alone.

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Not enclosed within the list below are prescription psychostimulants like Adderall and methylphenidate. Non-medical, illicit use of that medication for the aim of psychological feature sweetening in healthy people comes with a high value, together with addiction and alternative adverse effects. Though these medications are prescribed for that attentive deficit disorder (ADHD) to assist with focus, attention and alternative psychological feature functions, they need to be shown to if truth be told impair these same functions once used for non-medical functions. A lot of minatory, once taken in high doses, they need the potential to induce psychopathy.

Most nootropics aren't approved to use as a medical drug or dietary supplement within the U.S. This, and also the dearth of clinical analysis and lack of regulation, suggests that consulting with a Dr. before taking a psychological feature sweetening or „smart drug“ would be, well, the excellent issue to try and do.

The supposed „original good pill,“ Piracetam has been shown in studies to considerably improve the psychological feature and dealing memory in the slightest degree levels. Developed in 1964, it's one in every of a lot of researched nootropics within the racetam category of supplements. Piracetam isn't approved to use as a medical drug or dietary supplement within the U.S.

A synthetic spinoff of Piracetam, aniracetam is believed to be the second most generally used nootropic within the Racetam family, the standard for its stimulatory effects as a result of it enters the blood quickly. At first, developed for memory and learning, several anecdotal reports additionally claim that it will increase creativeness. However, clinical studies show no result on the psychological feature functioning of healthy adult mice.

Popular among pc programmers, oxiracetam, another racetam, is effective in recovery from neurologic trauma and improvement to remembering. It's believed to effective in up span, memory, learning capability, focus, sensory perception, and reasoning. It additionally acts as a stimulant, increasing motivation, alertness, and motivation.

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Modafinil, sold-out underneath the name Provigil, could be a stimulant that some have dubbed the „genius pill.“ it's a wakefulness-promoting agent (modafinil) and salt activators (ampakine). Originally developed as a treatment for hypersomnia and alternative sleep disorders, physicians are currently prescribing it “off-label” to cellists, airline pilots, and also scientists to reinforce attention, memory, and learning. per Scientific Yankee, „scientific efforts over the past century have disclosed several promising chemicals; however, solely modafinil has passed rigorous tests of psychological feature sweetening.“ A stimulant, it's a drug with restricted access within the U.S.

Ginsenoside Rg1
Ginsenoside Rg1, a molecule found within the genus Panax (ginseng), is being progressively researched as a bearing nootropic. Its psychological feature advantages together with the increasing mentality and memory acquisition, and fast neural development. It targets the NMDA receptors and gas synthase primarily that each plays important roles in personal and emotional intelligence. The authors of the study cited on top of, say that their analysis findings up to now have boosted their confidence during a „bright way forward for psychological feature drug development.“

For better mental health, try smart meds!

Is your daily schedule giving you tiresome homecomings? There are many medications now available that help in the cognitive development and also for the waking up of the individual. In fact, Modafinil is the world’s first smart drug to be approved by the FDA in 1998 following subject trials. Buy Modafinil online from Online Pharmacy Pills with free shipping features and many other customer benefits that will aid you in your meds needs. For more, click here.

Try Artvigil 150: For Better Wakefulness

Are you finding it difficult to focus on your job assignment?

Do you doze off frequently in the middle of your work?

Sometimes, even after enough sleep at night, you might feel sleepy the very next day. It is mainly a reason of excessive sleepiness caused due to a sleep disorder called narcolepsy. Occasional sleepiness is not a serious issue, but if this condition persists- then it is high time you find a solution.

One potential solution that you might consider is a clinically approved medication- known as a smart drug. It is an effective alternative to coffee and other energy beverages which you take for wake-promotion. If there is one smart drug that deserves commendable appreciation in this regard is Artvigil.

Known as a powerful smart medication for promoting a sound and clear mind, Artvigil belongs to the eugeroic family. It is a brand form of upgraded Armodafinil- which was approved by the Food and Drug administration in the year 2007. Here are few quick facts on this smart drug Artvigil 150 mg.

Artvigil 150 mg description:

Artvigil is a wake-promoting medication. It is an oral prescription smart drug that is prescribed by doctors for bringing about a better sense of mental alertness and focus. It helps people with excessive sleepiness to get back their lost energy- within just a few minutes after its intake.

The good thing about this smart drug is that it does not cause any jitters or chills- which are mainly experienced with taking too much coffee and carbonated drinks. Artvigil, as a brand version of Armodafinil, comes with a cleaner formula. Its structure consists of only the R-isomer of Modafinil, which is more effective and has least possibility of side-effects.

Artvigil 150 uses and benefits:

The wake-promoting agent is mainly used for the treatment of sleep disorders like narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnea. It can help in driving away the fatigue associated with such disorders.

It is also sued for regulating shift work sleep irregularity. The smart drug can alter the neuronal actions of dopamine that helps in promoting wakefulness at the right time. It does not hinder the normal sleep cycle, but helps in boosting up energy levels during one’s shift work.

Users of Artvigil 150 have also reported being able to focus better in carrying out a particular task. Their attention span has increased and they get less-distracted with sleep. The smart drug basically helps in bringing about a better cognitive health at the time of promoting wakefulness.

Ways to take Artvigil doses:

As thus smart drug is effective at a lower dose, so a single dose of Artvigil 150 mg is enough to make one feel wakeful for 15 hours at the most.

• The dose should be taken once in the early morning by narcoleptic and sleep apnea patients.

• Those who have shift-work related sleep irregularity can take the dose 1 hour before their shift work.
• One should take the daily dose of 150 mg at the same time every day.
• Avoid taking more than a single dose at the same time as it can affect your sleep cycle.

• Do not resort to alcoholic drinks and beverages at the time of taking this smart drug. It can slow down the effectiveness of the smart drug.

Modafinil: An introduction to the king of smart pills

People have been using the smart drug from the very early period. In the ancient era, they used some herbs to extend the working hours. Now, in this modern period, we use synthesized smart pills to work for a long period. Piracetam is the first man-made smart drug which was developed in the sixties. There are various types of smart pill available for us. Among those, Modafinil is one of the most used and effective smart pills. This smart pill is the first approved smart pill that got the approval of FDA in 1998. As a smart pill, it helps us to stay active and alert. This smart pill is considered the king of smart pills because of its multiple effects. As a smart pill, it can boost up our activeness, enhances cognitive function, boosts up our mood and many more. Now Modafinil is available in the market with various types of brand names. To get it at an affordable price, you can buy Modafinil online also. By boosting up your active energy, it also can make you a work efficient person.
Advantages offered by Modafinil
1. Modafinil, as a smart pill, helps us to stay active and alert by promoting wakefulness.
2. By boosting up memory and concentration, it also can work as a cognitive enhancer.
3. This smart pill can work as a mood enhancer also by resisting fatigue.
4. As it can reduce impulse response, Modafinil can help in taking the right decision also.
The working mechanism
Modafinil is a very effective smart pill that helps us to stay active. The working mechanism of the smart pills is not clear yet. The experts say that they may work by stimulating the neurotransmitters in the brain. Modafinil follows the same mechanism as a smart pill.
Modafinil, to keep us active, starts its work by preventing the reuptake of dopamines which are actually the wakefulness-promoting neurons. It binds to the reuptake pump to do that. Secondly, Modafinil stops the reabsorption of noradrenaline reuptake in the VLPO and orexin activation which is done indirectly. For the direct stimulation of the receptors, it makes a partial effect on the alpha 1B-adrenergic agonist. The numbers of extracellular dopamines are increased by this activity which helps us to stay active. The GABA is also inhibited by it to activate the glutamatergic circuits. Thus, by following this mechanism, Modafinil helps us to stay active and alert.
Modafinil dosage
• As a cognitive enhancer, Modafinil dosage of 50 mg should be taken.
• For the patients with narcolepsy, it is recommended to take the Modafinil dosage of 100 mg.
• The Modafinil dosage of 200 mg is the most used dosage that can treat various types of sleeping disorders. It is mostly used by the students and the working people.
• Modafinil is also available in 400 mg dosage.
How to use Modafinil
• Take Modafinil orally in the morning or just before your work shift to stay active during work.
• You can take it with or without food.
• Don’t use it if you are allergic to Modafinil or Armodafinil.
• If you are a patient with liver or kidney disease or blood pressure, avoid using this smart pill.
• Drink more and more water while using it as it can make you dehydrated.
• Modafinil dosage should not be taken more than one in a day.
• Don’t use other smart pills with it.
• Modafinil should be avoided by those whose age is less than 17 years.
• Stay awake and active by taking Modafinil with doctor’s advice.

Modvigil 200: To Nourish your Brain Health!

Keeping our mind active amid the hustle- is a cumbersome job indeed. It is unarguably the toughest thing to do, especially when we are doing a high-demanding job with no time for rest. From completing assignments on time to paying equal attention to household chores, life becomes tangled in a hectic schedule. The brain lacks energy to perform and we feel considerably tired. But amid such burden, there is the constant urge to perform better- be it at the professional sphere or personal. And because of this urge, smart drugs like Modvigil have been developed to give your brain that extra push.

These smart drugs do not juts help in maintain a wakeful outlook, but also improves your inner cognition. Unlike energy drinks, these smart pills can increase your energy levels safely. Many health pharmacies also offer Modvigil online after your consultation with a doctor. It is one of the most popular smart drugs right now.

What is Modvigil?

Modvigil is an oral prescription health supplement that basically acts as a cognitive enhancer. It is used for elevating brain health and its executive ability.

This stay-awake pill comes as a brand form of popular Modafinil smart drug. It was approved in the same year as that of Modafinil, i.e. 1998. The smart pill is approved for the treatment of narcolepsy, sleep apnea and shift work sleep irregularity- a few sleep disorders which cause fatigue and sleepiness.

It can promote a sound and clear mind, because of which the person’s focus and alertness level increases. The need to take naps frequently reduces as the smart drug cuts down the level of GABA (gamma amino-butyric acid) — a sleep-inducing neurotransmitter.

What does Modvigil 200 do?

Modvigil is seen to activate the dopamine pathways in the brain. It binds to the dopamine receptors and stops its infusion into the nerves. As the levels of extracellular dopamine in the brain pathways increase, the person tends to feel activated with energy.

It also regulates the level of serotonin in the frontal cortex of the brain. It is a special type of mood-enhancing neurotransmitter. By regulating its levels, the smart drug can help one to maintain a stress-free mind. It can also help in fighting anxiety and depression-like conditions in most cases.

Modvigil side-effects:

Probable side-effects of Modvigil may include the following-
• Sore throat
• Cold and cough
• Muscle stiffness
• Skin rash
• Blistering of skin
• Tingling sensations
• Indigestion
• Constipation
• Nausea
• Vomiting

These are a few reported side-effects of Modvigil. You might or might not come across these side-effects. But if you do, then make sure to consult with your doctor immediately.

Modvigil dosage instructions:

The ideal dose of this stay-awake pill is Modvigil 200 mg. You can take the following dosage guidelines for an effective result-

• Fix a time when you will take the smart pill- it can be either once in the early morning or 1 hour before your shift work.
• Try to take the pill at the same time each day, without frequently changing the dosing time.
• You may take the dose before or after your food, but do not consume alcohol in between. It might deter the effect of the smart drug.
• Be careful in keeping a check on the prescription period. Do not overdose or overuse this smart pill.

Nuvigil: A guide to know the smart pill

Nuvigil is a very effective smart pill that helps us to stay active and alert. In our daily life, we have to face various issues which can reduce our activeness. Being active is important as activeness motivates us to work in a better way. So when we lose activeness, it is important to regain it. For that, we can take help of the smart pills. Though they cannot solve those issues which are responsible for decreasing our activeness, yet they help us to stay active even with those problems. There are various types of smart pills available in the market. You can try Nuvigil as you smart pill which effect are sharper as it is the brand version of Armodafinil. It is easily available in the market. You can also buy Nuvigil online to get it at an affordable price. Before that, let’s get a glimpse of the smart pill and its effects.

Specialties of Nuvigil
1. As a smart pill, Nuvigil can boost up our active energy by promoting wakefulness in us.
2. By working as a cognitive enhancer, it can enhance our attention and focus.
3. As it can boost up our positive energy, it can work as an energy booster also.
4. In comparison to other smart pills, the effects of Nuvigil are stronger and effective for a long period of time as it is the brand version of Armodafinil.
5. Though it is not proved yet, Nuvigil can be a solution to ADD/ADHD and Schizophrenia.

The working mechanism
Nuvigil is a very effective smart pill that helps us to stay active and alert. As a smart pill, its working mechanism is also not known. As the experts say, smart pills may work by stimulating the neurotransmitters in the brain.
To boost up our activeness, Nuvigil stimulates the neurons in our brain as our sleep cycle is controlled by those neurons. Its ingredients increase the number of extracellular dopamines in our brain. Dopamines are known as the wakefulness-promoting neurons in our brain. Those also can boost up our mood and motivation. Thus, by following this mechanism, Nuvigil helps us to stay active and alert.

Nuvigil dosage
Nuvigil, as a smart pill, can be effective for various types of problems. So, the dosage of this smart pill is different according to the problem. If you are taking Nuvigil to treat your sleep apnea or narcolepsy, take Nuvigil dosage from 150 to 250 mg by considering your tolerance level. For shift work sleep disorder patients, it is recommended to take Nuvigil dosage of 150 mg one hour before starting work.
(This information may not be 100% correct as it is collected from the internet. So, it is best to take Nuvigil with doctor’s advice.)

How to use Nuvigil
• Take Nuvigil orally in the morning or just before you work shift to stay active during work.
• You can take it with or without food.
• Don’t use it for more than 12 weeks.
• Avoid using other smart pills with it.
• Other smart pills should also be avoided when you are using this smart pill.
• The patients with liver or kidney disease and blood pressure should also avoid using this smart pill.
• If you are allergic to Modafinil or Armodafinil, don’t use Nuvigil.
• Don’t use this smart pill if your age is not more than 17 years.
• Stay smart and active by taking Nuvigil with doctor’s advice.

Nuvigil gets your brain running

In this age of tough competition and ruthless results it is important that one should keep their minds in prime shape. However as we continue on the hunt of happiness and make ourselves use up our mental energy and end up exhausted. In this phase we often find it difficult to focus and maintain the level of performance we performed at. As such it is clear that we need a means to maintain our level of cognition and also stay awake and alert for the challenges of our lives.

Smart drugs are exactly this means. These are cognitive enhancers that increase the level of brain activity with the augmentation of hormones and neurotransmitters Modafinil is perhaps one of the best known medications that is used as a smart drugs by the people. Though as time went on, the people wanted to get a smart drug compound that could perhaps make the user smarter while reducing the negative effects of the smart drug Modafinil.

With that goal in mind, the researchers looked for a medication that could be the enhanced form of smart drug Modafinil. In time it was found that the R-enantiomer of the Modafinil molecule can be used as the enhanced smart drug compound. Following this, the R-enantiomer of the Modafinil molecule was developed and this compound now known as Armodafinil was used by the people all over the world who were looking for the enhanced form of Modafinil smart drug and its derivative compounds.

There are various smart benefits of Armodafinil over the smart drug compound Modafinil;
• Armodafinil being the R-enantiomer of Modafinil makes use of the base compounds in the compound and this makes the compound produce the same level of effect as compared to a higher amount of Modafinil smart drug and its derivative compounds.
• Armodafinil is known to be more potent than Modafinil.
• It also has fewer side effects as compared to Modafinil, with the compound also lasting longer than Modafinil (approx 15 hours compared to the 12-13 hours of action of Modafinil).

Now there are many derivative drugs of the Armodafinil compound. One of them is Nuvigil. Let us see a little in detail about the medication Nuvigil.

The Armodafinil compound present in the Nuvigil smart drug first excites the Orexin receptors (OX1 and OX2) which are followed by the Orexin peptide activation that makes the person feel wide awake. This action then makes the reuptake of Dopamine neurotransmitter in the body slow down. As this goes on, the Dopamine neurotransmitter gets accumulated and this neurotransmitter is later used by the body for its daily uses. Now the hormones like Norepinephrine, Histamine and Serotonin are also increased. The collective increase of hormones, neurotransmitters and the activation of various Orexin entities in the body give the user the cognitive effect.

Armodafinil is one of the best medications for the treatment of sleeping disorders as well as the cognitive enhancement of the person. Now proper precautions and proper supervision can indeed help the user in getting the proper benefits of the smart drug. Nuvigil is definitely a drug to look out for, for our mind, and body.

Drifting off with Sleepiness? Try Nuvigil!


In today’s era, smart drugs are like the de facto choice for cognition improvement in individuals. More and more people are increasingly using smart medications- in order to take over control of their mental health and cognition. As a result, the careless dependence on coffee and carbonated energy drinks for energy promotion is reducing considerably. Accordingly, people are making healthier choices and are excelling in terms of cognitive-health improvement.

One well-known and effective smart drug that has been playing a major role in this regard is Nuvigil (Armodafinil). This nootropic health supplement was first approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2007. After its approval, the smart drug was mostly prescribed for the treatment of sleep disorders like narcolepsy, sleep apnea and shift work sleep disorder. Later, as users reported, the smart drug also enabled them to attain a greater focus, increase alertness levels, stay stress-free and hence, improve productivity. It rapidly attained popularity and became the ultimate smart-health enhancer for cognition improvement.

Like any oral prescription medication, smart drugs like Nuvigil also come with certain restriction. So, before you use Nuvigil, make sure to consult with a trusted healthcare professional. This blog post gives you a brief idea of how this smart pill actually works.

How does Nuvigil work?

The Nuvigil generic form is Armodafinil- which is an upgraded smart drug. It is a potent wakefulness enhancer that promotes clarity of mind and ultimately boosts our mental alertness.

It works by targeting certain neurotransmitters in our brain which regulate our sleep/wake cycle and cognition. One example is that of dopamine- a chemical that regulates our speech, movement and behavior. Nuvigil increases the levels of extracellular dopamine by inhibiting the nerves from taking it up.

This ensures that more of this neurotransmitter circulates around the neurons, activating the various brain pathways- some of which are also characterized by a reward-motivated behavior.

Nuvigil dosage guidelines:

The effective Nuvigil dose is 150 mg. It is also the ideal dose used in the treatment of narcolepsy, sleep apnea and shift work sleep disorder.

The ideal time to take the dose is once in the early morning, on an empty stomach or after breakfast. For shift-working people, the ideal time to take the dose is 1 hour prior to beginning the work.

Normally, the effects of the dose last for 15 hours (which is the Nuvigil half-life). It is advised to avoid the intake of alcohol and other sedative-like drugs like sleeping pills while dosing on this smart drug.


• Make sure to avoid any sort of medication that interacts with the smart pill. You can talk it out with your doctor by disclosing your list of current medications.
• Remember to let your doctor know about your medical history (if any) that might relate to cardiac, hepatic or renal problems.
• Avoid Nuvigil overdose as it can lead to severe side-effects and health risks. It is difficult to withdraw from such drug abuse once you fall prey to it.
• Let your doctor know about any known allergy to smart drugs that you might have had previously.
• Also, keep the medicine away from anyone who is under 18 years of age, because it is not meant for them.