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Student essay is a self-written work on the topic suggested by the teacher (the subject may be offered and the student, but must be agreed with the teacher). The purpose of the essay is to develop skills of independent creative thinking and writing statement of own thoughts. Essay writing is extremely useful because it allows the author to learn how to clearly and correctly formulate ideas, organize information, use the basic categories of analysis, provide causal relationships, illustrate concepts with appropriate examples, argue about the conclusions; master scientific style of speech.
Essays must contain: a clear statement of the essence of the problem, include yourself, the analysis of this problem using the concepts and analytical tools within the discipline under review, the conclusions generalize the author's stated position on the issue. Depending on the specific form of discipline essay can significantly differentiate. In some cases this may be the analysis of available statistical data on the investigated problem, the analysis of materials from the media and the use of the model, a detailed analysis of the proposed problem with expanded views, selection and detailed analysis of examples to illustrate the problem, etc.
Topic should not only initiate the presentation of definitions of concepts, its purpose — to encourage meditation. For example, we can compare the essay topics offered on exams International Baccalaureate programs in economics, and traditional themes of independent operations and control as the written replies.
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Professional help in essay writing
Professional help in essay writing
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Essay (from French essai — an attempt, test, essay) — prose paper and a small amount of free songs, expressing individual experiences and views on a particular occasion or subject, and certainly not an exhaustive answer. This is a new subjectively tinged word about anything that has philosophical, historical, biographical, journalistic, literary-critical, non-fiction, or fictional character.
Genre of the essay essay writer service suggests freedom of creativity. All of his charm is that the author can write any of his reflections on absolutely any subject. Essay is a meditation on any issue. Therefore, in the essay may be controversy with other authors (their point of view). Quoting other authors is acceptable, but it should be sparingly and inconsistently. Essay is an absolutely independent work; write your own style and language, therefore, less citations is better.

In the foreground, an essay is the author's identity. His thoughts, feelings, attitude toward the world become the basis for compositions. Writing an essay can be difficult. This collection of themes and writing styles can solve some problems.
√ Also, to write an essay, one must know the differences in the style of the essay:
1. imagery;
2. aphoristic;
3. paradox.
√ To send a personal perception, the development of the World by the essay:
1. attracts numerous examples;
2. draws parallels;
3. picks up the analogy;
4. usage all sorts of associations.
√ For essays characterized by the use of many means of artistic expression:

1. metaphor;
2. allegorical images;
3. characters;
4. comparison.
√ Essay will look richer and more interesting if it contains:
1. unexpected findings;
2. unexpected turns;
3. interesting coupling.
Speech by the construction of the essay — it is a dynamic alternation of polemical statements, questions, installation on a conversational tone and vocabulary.
√ Specific genre of the essays:
1. the title of the essay is not directly related to the topic: In addition to reflecting the content of it may be a starting point in thinking of the author, expressing the ratio of part and whole;
2. free composition essays are subject to its internal logic and the basic idea of the essay should be sought in «a motley lace» the author's thinking. In this case, affected by the problem will be considered from different perspectives;
3. if the essay on the literary best essay writing service theme should dominate the rational combination of analysis of art with their own arguments, in an essay — pronounced author's position;
4. If the traditional essay welcome individual characteristics of style and language of the author's works, the essay author's individual style — a requirement of the genre.
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