How to Learn Quran online

Learn Quran online: Learning Qur’an is a very special reward from Allah as He has said, “Whoever reads a letter from the Book of Allah will receive a hasanah (good deed) and each hasanah is multiplied ten times…” [Sahih Bukhari]. So if we learn one word of the Qur’an, it will be like having read ten books. The Prophet (pbuh) also encouraged us to learn the Book of Allah.
First, you need to know that reading the Quran is not a task that only men are in charge of. It is the entire Muslim community's duty to learn and read it. However, there are some reasons why men should strive harder than women to do so:
The Prophet (pbuh) said, «Whoever teaches his daughter something good will be rewarded on behalf of her.» [Ahmad] This applies both in learning how to read/write as well as memorizing the Quran. Remember that Islam does not place restrictions on a woman.
How to learn Quran online
There are many benefits of learning Quran online. You can get the benefit of having expert teachers, you can learn anytime and anywhere, also it is an easy way to refresh your knowledge whenever you want. Since we live in a world with a fast pace and there is no time for vacations, therefore, it will be very useful if you have access to the internet all the time. It’s better than wasting money on traditional methods of learning. So learn from experts now!
Quran is the most important book in Islam. It is believed that there are about six hundred thousand verses in Quran. All of these verses are applicable to our lives and it’s impossible to learn all of them by heart. Therefore, people who want to memorize Quran must find an effective way to do so but they should not pay attention only to memorizing without understanding its meaning as well. If a person learns just the words without knowing their meaning, he or she will be unable to understand the true message from Allah (SWT).
Some people find it is not important to learn Quran online, but in fact, we can find many reasons why it is more suitable for many of us to read Quran online. Many of the people who have just started their path in Islam ask this question, «is it necessary to go to a mosque or attend courses?» In the begining, you would love to discuss with your family about religion and Islamic teachings but most of them will definitely tell you that if you do not know enough about Islam then it is better not to start this topic. They might think that you don't know how a Muslim should behave or how he should stay away from forbidden things.
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Learn Quran with proper tajweed.

Quran is the book of Allah with has been revealed on our Last prophet (PBUH). We must learn Quran with tajweed. Our entire recitation should be with tajweed.
If anyone can not manage his time to learn Quran. No worry we are going to tell you some institutes where you and your kids learn Quran online with tajweed at home. OQC, My Quran Tutor, and Urwa Academy are the best institute where you can learn Quran with proper tajweed. Their tutors are very professional and expert.

The Deceptive Practices of Memorize Quran Online

The Deceptive Practices of Memorize Quran Online
Quran isn't a typical book. Learning Quran is extremely vital for each of us. The Quran is the secret to peace and satisfaction. Keeping the interest of the kids in the suitable track becomesaite important if it has to do with teaching Quran for kids.

Want to Know More About Memorize Quran Online?
Which is just why it's esseThis to study Quran throughout your entire life. The Quran is thought to be essential for Muslims. In western nations, like USA, Canada, UK, there is not any Quran learning center in any respect. It is necessary to realize that the Quran isn't only a book of poetry or verses with exaggerated conditions. Quran gives us guideline to each part of lifeguidelinesan acquire many other methods to address the problem which makes our life more successful that's possible only by Quran Reciting we likewise anticipate a separate and systematic arrangement of instruction and guidance for every one of the many different aspects of human life. To conclude Today, the ideal way to learn and memorize the Quran for children is to select an internet class.

The Quran is really the most important book of earth and it deals with the every elements of life. Wit has to elementlearning the Holy Quran by heart, revision is a rather important point to do. Reading the Holy Quran isn't enough.

The Advantages of Memorize Quran Online
If you prefer to find out more about our tutors, you might read the reviews of parents and students. It is essential for the tutors to comprehend the learning style of every student. An excellent tutor will always realize, that there are various kinds of students, no student is exactly the same and that all the students will take a different strategy. After all, he is aware of the fact that she is being given someone's trust, time and responsibility. He will be aware of the fact that the study of the Holy Quran is a tough job. Positive Personality There can be no doubt regarding the fact that he needs to have a good personality.

In case the tutor isn't able to answer the problems of her students, no other quality will be in a position to create superior results. It is vital to follow it and consult with your Quran tutor in case you don't understand certain meanings. The online Quran tutors should have a command over the subject that they're teaching.

Every tutor is supplied a respective course that they folwith low. In the event the tutor intends to create great effects, he or she's required to engage with the students so the students talk to them. As a great deal of the internet tutors are qualified professionals, it'sismpler to pick the proper on-line classes to learn Quraonlinetypical basis. In the event the Quran online tutor would lik,e to convey something. Our dedicated and loving online Quran tutors will be present to support and motivate your son or daughter each step of the way.

If you would like to find out more regarding how to study Quran online, don't be afraid to speak to us at any moment. There are lots of folks who offer Quran lessons online. So in today's time, they need to Learn Quran Online to get in touch with Allah. Learning the Holy Quran online is extremely straightforward and very affordable.

Quran can empower us by providing us peace and can make us a strong person and a Muslim

Quran is the last book from the four holy books revealed by Allah. It was revealed on the last messenger of Allah Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). As Muslims, we all love to recite the Quran and many of us recite it despite having busy routines. Moreover many people around the globe not only recite Quran but they also understand Qurans words and their meaning. Some people also memorize it by heart. These people are called hafiz which means guardian or memorizer.
Having faith in this holy book completes the faith of a Muslim.
Learn Quran online is another way of reciting the Quran. If a person wants to learn how to read Quran or to memorize it he can hire an online Quran tutor. Many people do not have time to go to a scholar in order to learn the Quran. So they should hire an online Quran tutor. Hiring an online Quran tutor can save your time and you can learn the Quran easily. Learning Quran also empowers us in many things. It gives us knowledge, it provides us with peace and it protects us from harmful things such as evil.

Quran can empower us through Light

Quran is the holy book which enlightens our soul. Quran saves us from evil, calamities and atrocities. Moreover, the Quran is the sacred book that empowers us and helps us get through any challenge as it makes us believe that Allah is with us.

Quran can Give us Peace

Peace in this time of the world is very rare, it does not matter if you are a Muslim or a non-Muslim. Many people commit suicide if they lose someone important in their lives. This shows that people suffer if they do not find peace in their lives and in their hearts. However, if a person recites the Holy Quran daily and follows its teachings then one could be peaceful through his mind and heart. Quran is the word of Allah and can guide us through to the path of peace.

Quran empowers us in Difficult Times

Each and every person in this world goes through difficult times in their lives. Some may lose a person or who holds great value in their lives such as their parents. Some may lose their business or property. So every person in this world goes through difficult times. However, every person needs support which will get us through this difficult time smoothly. The support that every Muslim in this world needs is the support of Allah. But we cannot contact Allah directly but we can seek Allah’s support through His Holy Book Quran.

Strengthen your Heart through Quran

The heart is the most important organ in a person’s body. It controls all the important aspects of the body. Moreover, the heart is the only organ that has emotions or feelings. Our heart feels gravely when a person is going through different times. It stays happy when the person is going through easy and prosperous times. We can use this as an advantage. The Quran empowers us and we can use it to strengthen our heart in a difficult time. Thus we can make ourselves stronger.
As Muslims, we should recite the Quran daily. Not only this we should also learn the meaning of the Quran and if possible we should memorize it. A person needs a guide to learn the Quran or to understand its meaning. However, a person can do this easily by contacting or hiring an online Quran tutor and you can learn Quran online.

Quran can increase the faith of a person

The faith of a person is not always as sound or as good as it seems. Sometimes a person gets busy in the worldly affairs so much that one forgets about their religion. Sometimes a person would be real close to Allah such as the month of Ramadan. Regardless of this, it’s our duty to keep a check on our faith. Our faith could be kept in check if we recited the Quran daily. Reciting the Quran daily by meaning if possible would keep on reminding us of turning to Allah. We would not forget our faith and would not forget how to live a successful life as a good Muslim.


Quran is the very own word of Allah. It is the holy book which can grant us peace and increase our faith. Reciting the Quran is a blessing for all the Muslims. Quran shows us how we should live our lives in a beautiful and peaceful way. A person can easily learn and recite Quran online. You can hire an online Quran classes to learn the Quran online without a problem. This will save your time as well as it is affordable. Moreover, a person can study whenever one is free as the tutor will follow the schedule you have made.

Advantages Of Online Quran Classes For Kids And Adults

Learning the Holy Quran is definitely not a simple errand. You need to invest in a ton of energy in the event that you need to turn into a capable Quran peruser. Therefore, you need to enlist an online Quran foundation. Presently, by employing an online Quran foundation, you can undoubtedly gain proficiency with the Holy Quran in a limited capacity to focus time. Regardless of whether you need to get familiar with the Holy Quran without anyone else or you need your child to learn it, the online Quran training administrations are consistently there to take care of you. All in all, what is are online Quran classes and how are they useful?

What Is An Online Quran Academy?

Essentially, the online Quran classes for kids are done to give quality Quran figuring out how to kids. The equivalent is the situation with the online Quran classes for adults. These classes are overseen by an online Quran foundation that ensures you get the ideal online Quran learning experience. The following are a couple of advantages of the learn Quran online for kids administrations.

Saves Time

Regardless of whether you need to gain proficiency with the Holy Quran without help from anyone else or you need your child to become familiar with the Quran, everybody longs with the expectation of complimentary time. The online Quran encouraging administrations can save a ton of your time. As these online Quran classes are held online, you would have no compelling reason to go to a mosque and take the class. Regardless of whether you are taking online Quran classes or online Quran retention classes, you will be done with the work in only 30 to 45 minutes.

Reasonable Fee

The second advantage of the online Quran encouraging administrations is that they request a decent measure of expense. Presently, when you take online Quran classes for adults, you need to discover an institute that requests a reasonable expense. Fortunately, most of the online Quran classes request a decent lot of charge. Therefore, these online Quran classes are path less expensive than typical Quran classes.

Proficient Online Quran Tutor

The online Quran classes are facilitated by amazingly proficient and qualified online Quran guides who guarantee that the understudy gets the most quality learning experience. The online Quran educators have done different courses. Their courses help them in learning the Quran as well as master different showing abilities and strategies. This makes the online Quran instructors the best individual you can turn towards.

Singular Attention

Every single understudy wants singular learning and consideration. However, not all understudies are sufficiently fortunate. At the point when you take in the Holy Quran from a nearby madrassa, you would need to concentrate in a climate that incorporates many youngsters simultaneously. Because of this, understanding the talk would turn out to be very intense for you, particularly on the off chance that you are retaining the Holy Quran.

Yet, in the event that you enlist a retain Quran online assistance, you can save yourself or your kid from these obstacles. By taking online Quran showing classes, you will stand out enough to be noticed you need. As you will the sole understudy of your instructor during the class, you would think that its simple to get familiar with the Quran since you will be the sole understudy around then.

5 Best Websites to Learn Quran Online

Studying Quran or Learning Arabic is a huge task in itself. Especially if your mother tongue is not Arabic. And If you or your kids are seeking to learn Quran online, you must have noticed there are dozens of websites out there providing online Quran classes.

Learning Quran is a very important and noble act, which every Muslim should be performing daily. The Holy Quran is the words of Allah (SWT) and contains all aspects of knowledge. It guides us through the right path, teaches us how to act rightfully in different situations, brings us closer to Allah Almighty, and will intercede for us on the day of judgment.

Aiming to help our Muslim brothers & sisters in their quest of learning Quran, we present to you “The Best 5 Websites to Learn Quran Online “.

these Sites will help you to learn Quran online.

1-Firdaws Academy
Firdaws is a leading Islamic academy provides courses such as Arabic, Quran Tajweed, Ijaazah program and Islamic Studies online. Our teachers are qualified and dedicated to helping students of all ages and levels.

Study fees & plans: start with $8.5 per hour

Address: Head Office: Mansoura, Egypt

Branch Office: New York, USA


Phone: 201551018056

2- Jannat Al Quran
Jannat Al Quran is a non-profit organization registered in the UK. Our teachers are native Arabic Egyptian teachers who are dedicated to helping students of all ages and levels learn Quran and Quranic Arabic online.

No matter where you are around the globe we welcome you to start your learning journey with us.

We also offer free online classes to assist new Muslims.

Study fees & plans: start with £8 per hour

Address: UK



3- Studio Arabiya Institute
Studio Arabiya is the number one Islamic educational website which is dedicated to teaching Quran, Tajweed, Arabic language and Islamic studies to non-Arab Muslims. It is well known all over the world due to its top knowledgeable online courses.It is the most trusted and reliable Quran Academy onlineYou can always contact them at

Study fees & plans: start with $10 per hour

Address: Egypt


Phone: tel:201019121805

4- Alazhar Quran teaching
This site is mainly for the kids. It uniquely engages kids of any age in online Quran learning starting with real basics and moves forward to full memorization of the Holy Quran. It recruits top quality of tutors with special certifications in teaching kids. It is a spectacular platform of Online Quran Teaching which empowers New Muslims and Children

everywhere throughout the world to read the Quran with Tajweed from home. The program incorporates Quran
Reading (Nazra Quran), Norani Qaida, Memorizing Quran, Translation and Prayers Duaas with the 6 Kalimas. You are only a single tick away gaining from the much trained, qualified, committed male and female Quran educators of the website.

Study fees & plans: start with $8.8 per hour

Address: Egypt

E-mail: E-mail:

Phone: AUS +61 2 8007 3103

5- Quran Spirit
It’s a dedicated online platform to help Non-Arabic speaking from all over the world to learn Quran, Arabic Language, and Islamic Studies through one-to-one online classes by native certified Arab male & female teachers.

Quran Spirit was founded in 2011. They believe in the mission of Islam as a religion for the whole world. They are always looking for ways to help spread the mission of Islam across different countries, especially among those who do not speak the Arabic language. Hence, Quran Spirit Institute was born.

Quran Spirit provides free trial Quran classes for all Quran & Arabic courses to test the courses and tutors.

Quran Spirit Featured Courses
1. Learn Reading Quran – Learn to read the Quran online with the best Quran teachers on the internet.

2. Learn Tajweed Quran – Learn the Tajweed rules to recite Quran with the most accurate and exact pronunciation.

3. Learn Quran Memorization – Learn the Tajweed rules to recite Quran with the most accurate and exact pronunciation.

4. Online Quran Ijazah – Get prepared for obtaining Ijazah online in “Quran Recitation” and/or “Quran Memorization”.

5. Islamic Studies – Learn everything you need about Islam, obligations, sunnah, Dua’a (supplication), etc.

6. Learn Arabic – Learn online to read and speak the Arabic language with the best native Arab tutors.

Pricing Plans
Quran Spirit also offers 8 pricing plans divided into 4 plans for 30 MINUTES CLASSES and 4 plans for 60 MINUTES CLASSES. You can start learning Quran from $40 per month.

Study fees & plans: start with $10 per hour



Phone: tel:+13156366686

Can Females Learn Quran Online?

Gone are the days of going miles away from your home to learn the Quran online. Thanks to the online Quran classes, it is now possible to learn the Holy Quran without even stepping out of your home. The most prominent beneficiaries of online Quran classes are females.
Still, students frequently ask me about whether females can learn Quran online or not. If yes, then how? Some people also ask me about the reasons for which online Quran learning is a better approach than going to a mosque. Let’s have a look at how females can learn the Quran online and why they should prefer learning it.

How Females Can Learn Quran Online?
The first step in learning the Quran online is to find the best online Quran teaching academy. They may not clearly state that they teach females. But you should schedule an appointment with them and ask whether a girl can take online Quran classes or not. After that, you should choose the type of online Quran learning course that you are interested in. Through learning the Quran online, you can:
Learn to read Quran online
Learn Quran online for adults
Learn Quran online for kids
Learn Quran online with Tajweed
Memorize Quran Online
Learn Quran Recitation Online
Learn Quran Translation Online

Why Should Females Learn Quran Online?
Here are a few reasons why females should prefer to learn the Quran online instead of going to a mosque or a madrasa.
1.No Need to Go Out of Home
Who wants to go miles away from home if they can get an opportunity to learn at their home? When it’s about teaching the Quran to females, the importance of online learning increases significantly. Online Quran learning has proved a blessing for them as they can learn the Quran without going where. They can simply open their laptops and start taking online Quran classes.

2.Comfortable Learning
It is not feasible to learn something when you have noise all around you. It demands a peaceful and conducive learning environment to learn the Quran properly. However, that kind of ideal environment isn’t available in a mosque. Hence, it gets difficult for the students to learn the Holy Quran. But when you take online Quran classes, you get an ideal environment to learn the Quran.

3.No Problem of Missing Classes
Often, it gets difficult for a girl to reach on time due to some problems. In such cases, she may miss her class and can’t learn efficiently. But when you hire an online Quran teaching academy for her, there is no chance of missing the classes. Flexible timings make it easier for females to learn the Holy Quran according to their own convenience.

4.Availability of a Female Quran Tutor
Some people don’t like male teachers to teach girls. They want a female Quran tutor for this purpose. You can easily solve this problem by hiring a female Quran tutor online. It is effortless to look for a female Quran teacher online instead of searching for one in the neighborhood. In this way, females can comfortably learn the Holy Quran by sitting at their homes.

5.Online Quran Learning Saves Time
It takes plenty of time to go to a mosque and take classes. Some females have responsibilities for their home chores or they’re doing a job. So it gets difficult for them to take out a proper time to go to a mosque for taking the classes. However, when it comes to learning the Quran online, you don’t waste any time as you don’t have to go anywhere. That is why taking online Quran classes can save a lot of time for the girls.

How to hire an online Quran teacher in USA

How to hire an online Quran teacher in USA

More than three million Muslims live in the USA. When it
comes to learning the Quran, most of them are on the fence about going to a
mosque or learning the Quran online. As a parent, you may have certain doubts
when it comes to hiring an online Quran teacher in the USA. You might be unsure
of the cost of that. You may not know how to find the right Quran teacher for
you. You may be looking for a Quran teacher for your teacher but you don't know
how to hire them.

All the above questions make it very doubtful for some
parents to choose to employ an online Quran teacher in the USA. This is why
they send their children to the mosques. But they may have to endure a number
of problems. We have formulated only the eight problems that an academy student
faces. Children experience the same problems when learning the Quran in the

Time to get answers to all common questions about hiring a
Quran teacher online in the USA. Let's start with the essential details.

Where can I find an online Quran teacher in the USA?

Sometimes parents want their kids to have Quran lessons
online. But they don't know where to find the Quran teacher. To know this, you
must first know how an online Quran teacher teaches.

When you hire a Quran teacher online, you agree to a
specific time for the Quran teacher to attend the class. At the appointed time,
the student will open his laptop or another device with a good internet connection
and take his classroom. The teacher will make a video call with the student and
this is how the online Quran lessons work.

Thus, it does not matter which part of the world the Quran
teacher lives in. What matters is their teaching experience. Thus, go to Google
and search for the best teachers of the Holy Quran online. Once you find the
best Quran academy online, you can start learning Quran no matter where your
Quran teacher is located.

Can I find Qari online in the USA?

You may think I repeat my question, but there is a
difference between a reader and a teacher of the Quran. A Qari is a person who
is fluent in reading the Quran in multiple dialects by applying the rules of
intonation. When your goal is to take an online course for Tajweed in the USA,
learn from the Holy Quran.

Now the question comes down to where you can find them. The
procedure is the same. The only difference is that you have to ask your Quran
Education Academy that you want to learn the Quran from Qari. When you learn Quran teaching, you don't even need to ask for it. We provide our students
an elaborate Quranic Quran to help them learn properly.

How do you search for the best Quran teacher on the Internet?

When choosing an online Holy Quran teacher, don't hire
anyone without research. You should use a reputable online academy for
teaching the Holy Quran. Let's take a look at some helpful tips to find the
best online Quran teacher for you.

Select the type of Quran teacher you need. Hire the person
according to your course.

Do not go directly to the Quran teacher. Instead, hire an
online Quranic academy.

Check out the Quran Academy digital footprint that you have

Compare fee and service structure.

Look for discounts to hire an affordable Quran teacher.

Ask them for free trial lessons.

Will my teacher give me skype lessons for Quran in USA?

In other words, you may feel confused about the software
used to take Quran lessons online. Well, there is not a single online Quran
learning program that is used. There are many of them. It depends on your Quran
teaching academy. You can also get Skype Quran lessons to start learning Quran.
In fact, most of the Quran teaching academies prefer Skype as it provides you
with almost everything you need to take Quran lessons online.

What is the fee for an online Quran teacher in USA?

Fees for taking Quran lessons online vary not only from the academy to the academy. But it also changes according to the type of Quran package
you chose. Some packages cost over a hundred dollars while others might cost
you as little as 50 dollars a month. At Quran Academy, there are three different
packages for hiring online Quran teachers. Let's take a look at online Quran
education fees.

1) Fee for the Quran teacher in the initial package

The starter package is the least expensive package for
hiring an online Quran teacher. It costs you only $ 36.99 a month. If you want
to learn the Quran online but are short of funds, then you should definitely
choose the beginners package.

2) Fee for the Quran teacher in the advanced package

This package is the best option for those who are on a budget
but are looking for all the benefits of learning the Quran online. Under this
package, it will cost you $ 49.99 per month to hire an online Quran teacher in USA.

3) Fees for the Quran teacher in the family package

If you are looking for the best experience in learning the
Quran online then you should definitely choose the family package. It gives you
everything you need in the best online Quran lessons. But don't fret. It won't cost
you much. You only need to pay $ 81.99 to hire USA online Quran teacher.
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How to learn Quran online with Tajweed Fast?

This is a common question people ask these days, how to learn Quran online fast? The answer is not as simple as it seems. There are multiple factors that determine this. One person can learn Quran in less than a year while another can struggle to learn it in more than 3 years. It all depends on a student’s learning ability and their approach towards learning Quran online.
The first factor that will contribute to your time of learning Quran online is your level of dedication and the frame of mind with which you embark on this journey. The decision to learn Quran online with Tajweed entails commitment and needs the sacrifice of time and effort on your part. This requires you to dedicate at least 1 hour of your time daily with no distractions or other activities.

So how to learn Quran online with Tajweed in less time?

The first prerequisite is regularity and consistency. To excel at anything, it requires consistency. Since Quran learning is not a one day or one month task, it requires even a great level of consistency. Don’t miss any of your online Quran classes no matter how little you learn. Remember, the journey of a thousand miles starts with a step. If you are not regular in your classes thinking it won’t affect your learning, you can’t be more wrong.
The second prerequisite is the focus. If you attend your Quran classes regularly but lack focus and attention, you won’t be able to learn Quran online fast. In case you do, your recitation will have mistakes. For flawless Quran recitation, it’s imperative that you attend your classes with full attention and understand everything impeccably.

Focus is of even greater importance if you are in an online hifz program as it involves memorization and committing things to memory. About 60% of the people who go for online Quran memorization fail due to this one reason. They don’t focus. Focus can be achieved by removing outside and inside distractions and creating a conducive environment. A place where there are no noises or constant calls for family tasks.

Another factor that will determine how fast you will learn Quran online is whether you rehearse at home or not. A common practice among students learning Quran online is they think they don’t need to practice at home as they have understood everything in the class. They fail to understand that things not practiced enough are easy to forget. For fast and effective learning, it’s imperative that every lesson taught in the class be practiced over and over until it’s mastered. And this should be done before moving to the next lesson.

Learn Quran Online – How does it Work?

The first step is to look for an online Quran academy. Just Google any of the keywords “learn Quran online”, “online Quran academy”, “online Quran classes”, or “online Quran tutor” and you will be flooded with the options. Analyze a few of them, compare them with respect to their tutors and prices, and sign up with at least 3 of them for the free trial lessons.

The trial lessons will allow you to further narrow the list down to one. Sign up with the one that looks the best to you in every aspect. The way most online Quran academies work is they use screen sharing software such as Zoom or Skype. Some academies also use more innovative ways and have developed their own software by which they can share the screen and use drawing tools. Tutors can also turn on their webcams so that students can see them and achieve better engagement.