How work Hp support assistant for PC?

Hi there i'm using the HP product i.e. printer or devices but i have the problem due to scanning or printing experience can help me how do i use the HP support assistant on my PC? actually i don't know, how do i use it.

Steps For HP Printer Setup On MAC

HP printers are well known for their performances and best of features. HP is one of the most renowned brands well in this blog we will be talking about the hp printer setup and the wireless steps. HP is a sought-after printer brand thanks to its first-rate print nice and pocket-friendly nature. HP offers a plethora of printer models, delectable to numerous necessities and applications.

If you are seeking an easy setup set up, you are in the right guide as we will be talking about the step-by-step procedure for hp printer wireless setup, that can be applied without requesting a professional’s prowess.

To connect an HP printer to Mac there are some specific steps. To understand the system of connection between those devices, grab HP Technical Support from the top-maximum techies.

Although HP wi-fi printers have spotted Mac help for older printer models in addition to a few older versions of Mac OS X. The modern-day versions of HP printers paintings high-quality with Mac OS X. If you have got an HP printer and need to apply it together with your Mac, you may only want to download drivers from the HP website. After downloading the printer motive force on your Mac OS X, the printer will begin printing.

Steps to Connect HP Printer to Mac

Following are the stairs thru which you may join HP Printer to Mac easily. So, go through all the one written steps one by way of-one and set up the relationship in both the gadgets:

Click the “Apple” icon first after which pick out “Software Update”. This will take a look at any updates of the HP printer that you can have omitted.

Click on the “Power” button to show at the HP printer.

Use the USB cable to attach your HP printer for your Apple computer for hp printer setup mac.

Hit on the “Apple” icon after which pick out “System Preferences.

Now for hp printer setup mac you need to go and click on “Print and Scan”
Click on the plus icon. You are required to type your administrator call and password inside the box
Choose the HP printer from the listing which you want to feature for hp printer setup mac.

Click “Add” and then your HP printer gets connected to your Mac.

HP Wireless Setup

Press and maintain the Wireless setting button at the printer. If you use Tango printers, press and maintain the electricity and wireless setting button together.

If your modem has a WPS button, press it to alternate the front LED lighting fixtures for hp wireless printer setup.

If you do no longer have a WPS button, download the HP Smart utility from the legit website and comply with the on-screen commands.

If you are facing any difficulty at the same time as connecting an HP printer to the wireless network, actually reach out to us on our hp printer support helpline variety.

Ensure the tool is connected to the identical community to which your printer is attached.

Download the driver on the device based totally on its specifications from the professional website of HP.

Once downloaded, double the faucet on it to open the wizard for the hp wireless printer setup.

Tap next and comply with the licenses.

Follow the on-display screen instructions to connect the HP printer to the device.


Now you are able to do the hp wireless printer setup as explained with the steps above. In case still, you are unable to do it then you can contact our team as they will assist ou with 24*7 assistance.
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HP Printer Offline Issues

One of the maximum common printer blunders that are faced via the person is the printer offline problem. So, here in this article, we have furnished the printer troubleshooting steps to repair the printer offline problem. As there are various techniques to restoration the trouble, and the victims who were given trapped inside the printer offline issue, for they all, we've got said the easy and straightforward Ways to clear up printer offline issue on windows 10.

HP brings advanced wireless functions into its printers preserving the busyness and efficiency in thoughts.

So if you are also struggling with offline issues then this blog will help you out. So let’s begin now with the easy steps for the hp printer offline issue.

Steps To Fix HP Printer Offline Issue

At first, restart your Printer with the use of the ideal Printer settings. Now test if the Printer offline blunders resolve. You want to pick out the proper reset settings.

Verify if the hardware connections are cozy. If now not, disconnect the cables connected to the Printer and connect the lower back again.

You can visit the software download portal to locate the updated driving force to apply along with your Printer. Using outdated software programs can also purpose offline errors to appear on your device display for the hp printer keeps going offline.

Check the Printer offline settings – Navigate to the Device control panel> Select the option, Devices, and Printers > Right-click the affected Printer> Disable the Printer offline settings.

If the Printer offline errors remain even after troubleshooting, it’s higher to head for a tool replacement.

Check out the tool reviews earlier than buying the Printer version
Mean at the same time as you may strive to disconnect the tool connected to the Printer and join it returned again.

Always join your device to a network that can offer a proper pace to fix the issue for the hp printer keeps going offline.

If the HP printer goes offline or if offline mistakes message popup, it’s now not possible to continue with print, test, replica & fax jobs.

Your tool will remain offline in case you allow printer offline settings and you have to navigate to respective settings to uncheck the option or offline settings to show your tool returned online for the process of hp printer keeps going offline.

Internet connectivity issues may be any other main motive and consequently, we recommend you move-check if the community connection is cozy and energetic.

Try printing a wi-fi community take a look at the web page to make sure that the wi-fi community call and password that you pick are correct.

HP Printer Offline Windows 10

Check your printer connection

Often the auto-replace driver via Windows 10 changes the printer settings without giving any notification to the users. And, this could lead to ‘printer fame offline home windows 10’ blunders. Therefore, you need to make sure that your printer status is free from errors. To try this, comply with the steps beneath.

In the beginning, restart your printer.
Now press the Windows logo and at the same time press the ‘I’ keys on the same time from your keyboard.
Now, select the ‘Devices and Printers’ option from the conversation box that appears.
You can now see your printer listed with an inexperienced checkmark. Next, proper-click at the printer icon and pick out the ‘See what’s printing option.
Note: If your printer appears to be within the gray color icon, right-click on it and pick the ‘Set as Default Printer’ alternative.
Next, click on on the ‘Printer’ choice. In case you notice ticks beside the options ‘Use Printer Offline’ and ‘Pause printing,’ click on them, and remove the ticks. And, you get performed.

Check-in case your printer can now print. If the windows 10 printer offline error keeps to trouble you, keep with the subsequent method.

We wish that the printer troubleshooting steps supplied above in this publication have been helpful. Although, is any client who is additionally seeking out the printer offline error.

Install and replace the proper printer driving force

Faulty printer drivers can also cause the printer offline blunders. Therefore, to conquer printer mistakes, you need to install and update the right drivers for the hp printer offline windows 10.

To get rid of the printer offline issue, ensure that the installed drivers work effectively with your printers for the process of hp printer offline windows 10.

There are two methods to do this.

Manual motive force replace:

It is simple, and you could easily manipulate it to fix the printer blunders. So, replace the driver via at once downloading the trendy and the right driver for the printer.

Make sure that the driving force which gets mounted ought to be well suited with the printer and windows 1o version.


Now you are able to understand the steps to fix the issue for the hp printer offline windows 10 as we have explained. In case still, you are not able to do it then you can contact us.
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Steps For 123 HP OJ 6950 Printer Setup

HP printers are well known for their prints and their printing quality. In this guide, we will be discussing the steps for the 123 hp oj 6950 printers. As HP OfficeJet 6950 printer is broadly utilized by users nowadays. It comes with very thrilling functions like it prints pages in a minute and it comes with a touch screen.

So in this guide, we will be explaining the steps for the 123 hp 6950 setup with the installation procedure. Well if you are also wondering to setup then this guide will help you out.

Basic Setup

To begin with, set up you need to take off all the tape and packing materials.

The sticker at the printer control panel display has to be eliminated.

Using the slot at the left side of the printer, pull open the ink cartridge to get entry to the door.

The next step for the 123 hp com oj6950 setup is you need to remove any tape or packing cloth found internal your printer.

The cartridge gets right of entry to door must be closed around it.

The printer’s rear needs to be going through you.

With the rollers going through the printer, the duplexer needs to be placed in the slot at the printer’s rear. Then push it inside till it locks into the area.

It is optionally available and does not deliver with all printers. If you don’t have this accent, then you can bypass this step.

Take Tray 2 from the box, cast off all of the packing fabric and tapes from the box and the tray.

The tray must be positioned on the floor where you may be the usage of the printer for the 123 hp com oj6950 setup.

The printer has to be lifted & held over and above the paper tray.

The power cable needs to be linked to the printer’s rear. The other give-up needs to be inserted into a strength outlet.

The HP Officejet 6950 Printer must be switched on.

Now you are all done with the procedure of the 123 hp com oj6950 setup.
Installing the Ink Cartridges

Using the slot on the left facet of the printer, pull open the ink cartridge to get entry to the door.

The printer needs to remain silent and idle before you continue to the following step for

The HP 6950 ink cartridge must be eliminated from its cartridge.

Holding the cartridges on the perimeters with the nozzles going through the printer, the ink cartridge should be placed in its slot. Then push it forward so that it locks into the vicinity.

Carry out those steps for all the new ink cartridges for

The ink cartridge gets admission to doors needs to then be closed.

Please wait because the printer wishes to align the ink cartridges. Once the alignment is finished, the printer will print an alignment page.


We believe that now you are able to do the setup for as explained. If still, you are not able to do it then you can contact our experts as they will assist you with 24*7 assistance.
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Steps For 123 HP DJ 2652 Printer

HP printers are one of the oldest and most renowned printers in the world of printers. HP is well known for its printing and quality prints. So in this blog, we will be talking about one of the most exclusive ranges of Deskjet printers. So if you are also looking out for the steps to set up the 123 DJ 2652 printer ten this blog will help you do it.

So let’s begin now with the easy steps for the DJ 2652 setup. Follow the steps below for hassle-free printing experiences.

Steps For 123 DJ 2652 Printer

HP Deskjet 2652 Before you unbox the printer package deal, take a look at whether or not all the printer additives are provided in it.

If all 123.Hp.Com/dj2652 printer components are followed, then unbox the printer package deal to revel in the pleasure.

Initially, take out the HP Deskjet 2652 Printer from its printer container. Remove all the seal and sticking substances surrounding the printer.

Lift up the scanner lid and put off all of the sealing materials in it then pull down the scanner lid lower back to its role for the process of 123 hp com dj2652.

Open the ink cartridge get right of entry to the door and cast off the packaging fabric from it. Clean the internal surface of the ink cartridge.

Close the get admission to the door of the ink cartridge. Ink cartridge location is a place to place the coloration-coded ink cartridges.

Next, carry up the paper tray and remove the tapes enclosed inside the paper tray. Pull down the paper tray and fix it for the 123 hp com dj2652.

Lift up the 123.Hp.Com/deskjet2652 paper tray and tray extender.

You will note a small paper slider inside the paper tray.

Place the paper in the paper tray and modify the paper alignment via adjusting the paper slider.

Once the papers are aligned properly, slowly near the paper tray.

Hence now you are all done with the process of 123 hp com dj2652 as explained.

Wireless Setup

The first step is you need to have an active wireless network connection.

Wireless network name.

The next step for the 2652 is you need to have the wireless network password.

A laptop linked with the community

In order to connect you need to enter into your 2652 printer’s control panel.

Tap at the settings icon to navigate via the wi-fi setup wizard.

Click for your network from to be had community list, and tap on OK. Enter the network password, when prompted on-screen.

Now your HP DeskJet 2652 printer is hooked up with the wi-fi community.


Now you are all done with the 2652 as we have explained. If you are not able to do it then you can contact our team of experts as they will assist you with 24*7 assistance for all your printer requirements.
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Steps For 123 HP DJ 3630 Setup

HP printers are one of the one-stop solutions for all the printing requirements. HP is one of the most loved and trusted brands in the world of printers. HP Deskjet is one of the most favored series in the world of printers.

Well if you are also looking out for the steps for 123 DJ 3630 setup then this blog will help you do it.

Steps For HP Deskjet 3630 Setup

When you are setting up the printer for the primary time, then those are the stairs you'll need to comply with:

Firstly you may unpack the HP DeskJet 3630 from the field.

When you eliminate the printer from the box, materials like tapes and stickers ought to be peeled off.

The Ink cartridges need to be installed for the process of123 hp com dj3630.

Then you may load the paper into the enter tray.

After this, install the printer software.

The moment those steps are over, turn on the 123.Hp.Com/dj3630 Printer so that it could start to operate.

HP DeskJet 3630 Driver setup

You have to make certain that the laptop is ready for downloading the driver software program.

Firstly, seek after which you'll need to open the change tool installation settings.

In the window that appears, pick out the yes option and pick out keep adjustments.

Then connect your PC via wi-fi, wired, or USB setup for the 123 hp com dj3630.

The Add a Printer wizard is used for putting in the built-in print driving force.

For putting in the driving force in a computer that runs on Windows 10 working gadget, follow the stairs which are under:

In the windows operating system, search for the manipulate panel after which you can open it.

Then choose the gadgets and printers option, under that choose add a printer.

In the following window that looks, pick out your printer choose next and comply with the instructions which can be visualized on screen.

Select next for the process of 123 hp com dj3630.

You also can choose the port where the printer must be performed.

Using the hostname or TCP/IP deal with, you may now upload the printer.

Wait for a while in order that the PC may additionally get related to the printer.

Choose subsequent to install the print motive force.

For extra facts associated with HP Printer Setup and Install just call

Wireless Setup

Make certain you connect your printer to a strength source.

Now tap the Power button for the process of

If your printer does now not have a hint display, the software program installation method would require you to hyperlink the printer to a wireless network.

Choose Setup and then Network.

Select Wireless Network Wizard > Select your community call > Enter your network's password >.

Select executed after which on OK.


We believe that now you are able to do the setup as we have explained above with the easy steps. If you are not able to do it then you can contact our experts as they are available for 24*7 assistance.
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Steps For 1234 HP 4520 Setup

HP is one of the most renowned and preferred brands in the world of printers. HP has is one-stop solutions for all your printing requirements. Hp is one of the most known brands when we talking about hp. Well if you are also looking out for the steps for 123 hp 4520 setups then this blog will help you out.

So let’s look into the steps for the 4520 setups with the easy steps below follow the steps for hassle-free printing.

Steps For 123 HP 4520 Setup

To reap the HP Envy printer setup put off the printer out of its packing. Check the package deal for all the list of objects.

Raise the lid of the scanner and get rid of the packing tape around it for the 4520steps for 123 hp 4520 printer setup.

Tape and packing cloth from the smooth out region and ink cartridge get right of entry to place must additionally be eliminated.

Remove the packing tape from the paper tray door by way of extending it and push the paper tray ahead until it clicks.

Turn on the printer by plugging it right into an electricity source and set Preferences.

To absolutely configure the HP Envy printer setup press the down arrow at the control panel to select the language.

Then press the down arrows to select the Set Country/Region for the process of 4520.

Press OK after each action.

The next step is you need to insert the sheets into the printer’s tray.

The slider width courses may be adjusted to their outermost positions.

After loading and aligning the paper, push the paper tray ahead until it clicks into the area
The ink cartridges need to be loaded thru the get right of entry to a door that is raised and locked into place.

The last step is you need to run the print test if all is good then you have successfully done with the setup now.

Hence now you are all done with the 4520 as we have explained above.

Wireless Setup

Unbox your printer and gather all the accessory comes along with your printer.

Turn ON your printer and your WIFI router as nicely.

Go to the control panel and choose add printer, it’s going to mechanically look for related printers.

If your printer no longer in the listing, do go to the website of 123 hp com setup452.

Now it’s time to search for your printer model and select your operating machine.

Here you will get the hyperlink to download your printer drivers.

Open the downloaded driver record, it will ask you to press the WPS button on your router and within 2 minutes you need to press the adequate button in your printer.

Now the computer will look for the linked printer in the community.

Once you notice your printer name in the list click on it and press next, it’s going to installation HP envy 4520 wireless drivers in your laptop.

After finishes with installation steps, print a test web page to make certain your printer is operating first-rate for the 123 hp com setup452.


We believe that now you are able to do the 123 hp com setup4520 as we have explained with the steps above. In case still, you are not able to do it then you can contact our experts as they are available for 24*7 assistance.

Hp printer troubleshooting guide

Computer printers are one of the necessary and handy electronic devices out there. Most businesses heavily rely on this electronic gadget to meet their work needs. This is because computer printers allow businesses to easily print documents to a usable format. HP is one of the leading manufacturers of computer printers and millions of users from all over the world use HP printers. Most of the HP printers offer reliable and satisfactory performance and they help customers to print tons of documents every day. Experience the given directions individually to easily how to troubleshoot hp printer the issue. You will get accurate potential rules in an appropriate way to wind up your printer doesn't print issues in a flash. Henceforth, call us and stay tuned! Contact us.
How about we start with the settling process in the correct manner:

Arrangement 1: Check Your HP Printer Status

Ensure that there are restricted papers put away in the info plate. As though there is less paper, you may defy printing issues during a print work. You ought to likewise guarantee that none of the paper is stuck or stuck inside the paper feed. On the off chance that there is, verify that and expel that stuck paper tenderly from the paper feed as you clearly would prefer not to destroy the inner engine or paper feeder.

Is there no ink or toner accessible in the compartment? In the event that indeed, at that point introduce the ink cartridges quickly as it could make irritating difficulty in printing execution.

Arrangement 2: Cancel All HP Printer Jobs

Get out stuck print employments totally on your HP printer as in view of this you can't print anything. Commonly, when you send the archive to print, the sent printing occupation can be stuck in the print line and it is expected to drop all the slowed down print employments. This is very progressively specialized yet it isn't too troublesome that you can't check out in any event. Thus, brief look on the prominent focuses for printer investigating:

Go to your Windows Control Panel and select «Gadgets and Printers»

Quest for HP Printer from the given rundown of printing gadgets; ensure it is the one you are having issues with. Give a right-click on that printer and select «See what's printing» starting from the drop menu

At the point when the new page opens, click the «Printer» menu thing in the upper right and select «Open as Administrator» starting from the drop list

Presently, open the «Printer» menu in the upper right again and pick the choice «Drop All Documents». By then, an affirmation discourse window will show up, so you should guarantee that you need to clear all reports in the print line by choosing the «Yes» button

Presently attempt to print a test page to check the printer for guaranteeing yet confronting any issue.

Arrangement 3: Set Your HP Printer as Default

For the most part, when you send a print solicitation to an inappropriate printer on your PC, at that point your printer won't print. In this way, set your HP printer as default on the off chance that it isn't yet set. Experience the underneath steps pointwise to do this:

Go to your Windows Control Panel and select «Gadgets and Printers»

Search for your HP Printer into the printing gadgets list. Right-click on that chosen printer and pick the choice «Set as default printer» starting from the drop menu. On the off chance that there is an affirmation brief, click «Yes» button essentially

By doing this, you can see a decent green checkmark just beneath the symbol of your HP printer, which implies your printer is presently chosen as the default for Windows

Arrangement 4: Update HP Printer Driver

On the off chance that the accompanying above arrangements hasn’t worked out for your HP printer investigating, the last however not a minimal choice for settling it is to refresh your HP printer driver. Feel free to check if there is any update accessible. In the wake of refreshing your printer driver, the possibility is less to face any normal issue identified with the HP printer

Get HP Printer Assistant for Troubleshooting

In the event that you are not happy with the above-composed HP printer troubleshooting process, at that point don't stress and dial the gave helpline number. You will get accurate potential rules in an appropriate way to wind up your printer doesn't print issue in a flash. Henceforth, call us and stay tuned!Contact us.For more information regarding hp printer troubleshooting guide connect with us.

Install HP Printer Driver Via

Having an HP printer driver on operating system is very important for starting a print job. Your printer won’t be worthy until you download and install the correct driver for your HP printer. Therefore, in case you don’t know the steps of printer driver installation, you can simply open your web browser and enter the URL onto the search bar. The entire downloading procedure will be come up in front of you and once you go through those steps, printer driver will surely be installed on PC. But if facing some complications while following the given points, you can give an instant ring at XYZ. Your problem will be sorted out within a pinch by our technical team.

Visit 123.hp/setup to fix Driver Unavailable Error on Windows 10

Sometimes, a printer driver is unavailable error is displayed on the driver program that is installed on the Microsoft Windows 10 computer. This error usually crops up when the printer’s driver is not updated if the driver is corrupted or you still need to install windows 10 updates. Thus, in order to check from where, this driver unavailable error pops up; you need to look into the driver or the operating system. To fix this issue on Windows 10 PC, you should download the latest printer driver. For this, you can visit and download your desired printer driver software easily. Before that, you can also follow the few troubleshooting steps to eliminate this error.