Nuvigil gets your brain running

In this age of tough competition and ruthless results it is important that one should keep their minds in prime shape. However as we continue on the hunt of happiness and make ourselves use up our mental energy and end up exhausted. In this phase we often find it difficult to focus and maintain the level of performance we performed at. As such it is clear that we need a means to maintain our level of cognition and also stay awake and alert for the challenges of our lives.

Smart drugs are exactly this means. These are cognitive enhancers that increase the level of brain activity with the augmentation of hormones and neurotransmitters Modafinil is perhaps one of the best known medications that is used as a smart drugs by the people. Though as time went on, the people wanted to get a smart drug compound that could perhaps make the user smarter while reducing the negative effects of the smart drug Modafinil.

With that goal in mind, the researchers looked for a medication that could be the enhanced form of smart drug Modafinil. In time it was found that the R-enantiomer of the Modafinil molecule can be used as the enhanced smart drug compound. Following this, the R-enantiomer of the Modafinil molecule was developed and this compound now known as Armodafinil was used by the people all over the world who were looking for the enhanced form of Modafinil smart drug and its derivative compounds.

There are various smart benefits of Armodafinil over the smart drug compound Modafinil;
• Armodafinil being the R-enantiomer of Modafinil makes use of the base compounds in the compound and this makes the compound produce the same level of effect as compared to a higher amount of Modafinil smart drug and its derivative compounds.
• Armodafinil is known to be more potent than Modafinil.
• It also has fewer side effects as compared to Modafinil, with the compound also lasting longer than Modafinil (approx 15 hours compared to the 12-13 hours of action of Modafinil).

Now there are many derivative drugs of the Armodafinil compound. One of them is Nuvigil. Let us see a little in detail about the medication Nuvigil.

The Armodafinil compound present in the Nuvigil smart drug first excites the Orexin receptors (OX1 and OX2) which are followed by the Orexin peptide activation that makes the person feel wide awake. This action then makes the reuptake of Dopamine neurotransmitter in the body slow down. As this goes on, the Dopamine neurotransmitter gets accumulated and this neurotransmitter is later used by the body for its daily uses. Now the hormones like Norepinephrine, Histamine and Serotonin are also increased. The collective increase of hormones, neurotransmitters and the activation of various Orexin entities in the body give the user the cognitive effect.

Armodafinil is one of the best medications for the treatment of sleeping disorders as well as the cognitive enhancement of the person. Now proper precautions and proper supervision can indeed help the user in getting the proper benefits of the smart drug. Nuvigil is definitely a drug to look out for, for our mind, and body.