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fildena 150 is in a class of medicines called phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitors. it is used for men who have Erectile Dysfunction or impotence. It also helps to maintain an erection or keep an erection. Take the Fildena 150 mg tablets at least 50-60 minutes before the sexual activity for getting optimum results.

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Fildena 150 mg tablets contain the active ingredient Sildenafil which works by increasing the blood flow to the penis. It is denoted as PDE5-inhibitor. this tablet is strictly for the use of men only. It should not be consumed by women or children below 18 years of age else it will be dangerous.

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Fildena 150 tablet take with a glass of water and do not crush and swallow whole tablet. Fildena has been observed that most men do not experience any side effects as a result of having used Fildena. Fildena 150mg tablet work as inhibits the PDE-5 that leads the cGMP.

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Fildena 150 tablets contain sildenafil citrate and are prescribed by physicians for men suffering from sexual impotence. We know that millions of people around the world are concerned about sexual problems such as erection, impotency, etc.

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Fildena 150 is a medicine belonging to class PDE5 inhibitors. It is also referred to as Fildena Extra Power as it boosts the sensual power in men. It was created to treat pulmonary hypertension, but the main use of this drug is for the treatment of sexual stimulation and erectile dysfunction in men.

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Fildena 150 online tablets help achieve and maintain to erection .and relax muscles the penis and increase blood. This tablet used to treat other conditions as determined by your doctor. Fildena 150 does not take you are drunk because it takes a very long time for medicine.

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