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Human security is currently the top priority. In the world where human life is of great value, not only do numerous casualties bring various stories but also many people wishing justice, revenge, or this never happening again. No one can deny that fire caused by human negligence is the lesson that everyone has to learn without being amazed again by some miracle survivals or unbelievable reasons for such a tragedy.
One of the first things that struck me was Mike Vargas story. Having spent 90 minutes at the bottom of the huge burning human pile, not only has Mike survived, but he also received only minor burns. He was discharged from the hospital next afternoon. Such an escape made me not only surprised, but also curious. Was it his lucky star, fate of all other 30 people, or just the safest position for Mike?
Not less flabbergasting than the first fact is the second one — the number of coincidences. So many people became victims of the Station tragedy simply by chance: they were not the great fans of Great White or they were not going to attend the concert on February, 20 at the Station. They simply got into Jack Russells fortunate guest list. I felt extremely sorrowful for those people and at the same time angry at such twists of fate.
People had not more than 90 seconds from the initial ignition to escape from fire. What are we capable of doing in 90 seconds? This point made me pensive. I have come to the conclusion that we do not fully appreciate the time we have, we continue arguing, getting angry or offending while nothing is endless, and you never know when your 90 seconds are coming.
The fourth point was not an easy one to choose. I am torn between Jeff Raiders last photo and the duty of ME investigator Kingston to examine all the bodies at the Station on his own. The second was more potent than the first. On the one hand, I was astonished by his courage to make such a commitment, while on the other hand, by complete irresponsibility of others, who did not provide a shift for him and mental health assistance after he had finished his work.
Last but not least, the point concerns the overcrowding of the club. How could the maximum number of visitors grow by eight times since 1969, even taking into account that purpose of the building had changed from serving food and delicious meals to listening to the rock star groups? Such pursuit of money by the buildings owners and state fire authorities is simply beyond my understanding.
This is probably the reason why I, like many Rhode Island residents, would not say that justice prevailed. 500 hours of community service or 4 years to serve for greed and inattentiveness of the nightclub owners do not compensate even a half of the pain and troubles that victims and their relatives have had to go through. I felt like Derderian brothers were to pay more than the probation period and 1 million dollars. My stance is as follows — the higher your guilt is, the more you are to pay, if not with money then with years of community work and probation.
Although John Barylick fully describes why fire marshal Larocque omits even the opening of the case against him, it does not mean it has been the right or best decision. I do believe that The Station tragedy was not an accident, because an accident is something that you could not have prevented. This fire would have not caused so many casualties if club owners, Great White manager and state fire authorities had followed the instructions and had not chosen the cheapest solution.
I feel like a criminal action had to be applied to Jack Russell as he had formed the program of the event and he was not against attracting more fans by special pyro effects. Seeing him on TV or hearing that he gives a concert is very unlikely to be the expected outcomes by the victims families.
Applied civil action to Sealed Air Corporations seemed invalid to me. Even though they did sell the foam blocks to The Station ex-owner, almost ten had passed since that day, and the company could not have known the purpose of the purchase.
Having read this book, I started to put safety as the priority. I have always thought first about the general picture of the event (concept, place, spark, and host) or how important it is to have a good PR campaign, which remains essential; however, no PR campaign or famous host will let you forget people, of whose death you are guilty. There are a number of steps I am going to take from this time on as an event manager. First, to find an appropriate by size and documents venue for any special effects planned during the event. The second step is to provide adequate training on emergency evacuation for the staff and check the availability of automatic sprinklers and fire extinguishers. I also have to be sure that the area per person in the room is 0.6 or more square meters.
China, Brazil, Russia, Romania are the countries where the lesson of the Station tragedy has not been learned. While some may think that the main point of a lawsuit is punishment or acquirement of justice, avoiding the same mistakes would actually be the idea. Be responsible for your actions, and remember the devil is in the details.
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The Ironman 70.3 Florida 2020 races consist of a 1.2 mile/1.9 kilometer swim, a 56-mile/90.1 kilometer bike and a 13.1 mile/21.1 kilometer run live stream held on Sunday, December 13, 2020 at Lake Eva Community Park, Haines City, Florida, USA. If you are a fan of Ironman 70.3 Florida race you need to know How to Watch Ironman 70.3 Florida 2020 live stream from anywhere any Devices without having any cost.

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The IRONMAN 70.3 The Florida 2020 competition will take place on 13 December 2020 in Lake Eva Community Park, Haines City, FL.

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The IRONMAN 70.3 Florida 2020 is based on the NBCSN Sports agreement and is based on PPV. Ironman is the IRONMAN 70.3 Florida 2020 Live Stream in this fight. NBCSN Sports and Ironman have an existing contract and the deal is expected to last for seven years. One of the activities that that contract is expected to cover is IRONMAN 70.3 Florida 2020. NBCSN Sports must, however, comply with other options for streaming, such as providers of cable networks, providers of online coverage and other providers. The Ironman relies on the basis of pay per view. However, you have to explore other choices that are open to you if you want to watch it without money. Such as the streaming alternative for social media.

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NBCSN is the official broadcast or streaming service. There are online, cable as well as international channels on this channel. For those located outside the coverage area, you can also receive the channels via the VPN service. The official streaming platform is NBCSN and they will partner with other channels around the nation and the globe. This implies that anyone who wants to watch IRONMAN 70.3 Florida 2020 Live will have a broader opportunity.

For that case, the official channels are as follows and include TruTV, Cox Sports, FITTE TV, Cignal TV, Kayo Sports. They are situated in different parts of the world. You should consider the following online channels if you want to watch them without wires, and they include Sling TV, FuboTV, YouTube TV, and so on. For those who want to watch it via the streaming option, there are also social media websites and they include Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube and so on.

How to watch IRONMAN 70.3 Florida 2020 live stream on social network?
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Monthly subscriptions are already the norm, but in the case of a live streaming platform (Twitch Prime not withstanding), it may be difficult for consumers to see the benefit in paying for a service that is by nature unscheduled and unpredictable. Live streams are great for quick entertainment, but as they can go on for hours at a time, re-watching streamed content is inherently time consuming. For this reason, many streamers cut their recorded streams down and upload them to platforms like YouTube where they are monetized through a partnership program. It is likely that for other streaming platforms to really take off, they would need to partner with a larger company and offer services similar to Amazon and Twitch.
What Might the Future of Livestreaming Look Like?
It is difficult to say, as it is with any speculation about the future. Technologies change and advance beyond the scope of our imaginations virtually every decade. But one thing that is almost a certainty is the continued advancement in our communications infrastructure. Fibre optic lines are being run to smaller towns and cities. Services like Google Fiber, which is now only available at 1 gigabit per second, have shown the current capabilities of our internet infrastructure. As services like this expand we can expect to see a large increase in the number of users seeking streams as the service they expect to interact with will be more stable than it currently is now. Livestreaming, at the moment, is used frequently by gamers and Esports and hasn’t yet seen the mass commercial expansion that is coming.
The future of live streaming is on its way. For clues for how it may be in North America we can look to Asia (taobao). Currently, livestreaming is quite popular in the East in terms of a phenomenon that hasn’t quite taken hold on us Westerners, Live Commerce. With retail stores closing left and right, we can’t expect Amazon to pick up all of the slack (as much as I’m sure they would like to). Live streaming affords entrepreneurs and retailers a new opportunity for sales and growth.
Live streaming isn’t the way of the future, video will never die, but the two will co-exist and be used for different purposes, as they are now. Live streaming can bring serious benefits to education as well by offering classrooms guest lessons and tutorials by leading professionals. Live streaming is more beneficial for education than video as it allows students to interact with guest teachers in real-time.
The live streaming market is waiting to be tapped. Right now there are some prospectors, but in North America, no one has really found the vein leading to the mine. So maybe it’s time to get prospecting.

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TorrentKing is one of the great torrenting sites, but its long-term online presence is not guaranteed. The website has a huge database with a variety of TV shows and videos available for streaming. It’s one of the largest torrenting sites. Other major torrent search engines in the pirate bay and KickassTorrent.
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TorrentKing review proves the website is good for movies. However, it has been shut down. In this post, we give you some of the TorrentKing alternatives. In case you can’t access the TorrentKing website, try out any of the torrent sites below. is a simple site, yet very useful when you want movies, documentaries, softwares, TV shows, etc. It has an expansive database, and it’s a go-to site for TV series and movies.
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Pirate Bay
This is one of the most famous torrent sites. If you are not new to torrenting, then you must be knowing Pirate Bay. The site offers a huge collection of movies, softwares, videogames, documentaries, etc.
The site is updated often, making it a got to site for the newest content.
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