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Web Development Services (Aquatec Innovative Private Limited)

If you are looking for Web development services, Shopify development services, PHP Development Services, API Integration Services, YII Framework, Ecommerce Development, Laravel Development Services, Node.JS Framework then you can hire Aquatec Innovative Private Limited. We have a great in-house team of designers as well as developers having more than 8+ years of experience. Once you share your idea with us, we are going to take care of it from scratch.
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How to change your Outlook password

On the off chance that you have an Office 365 membership that gives you semiannual updates or an independent variant of the Outlook customer, select the email address you need to change, click Change, and type in your new secret word in the particular fields. Then, at that point click Finish.
As indicated by Microsoft, in the event that you have a month to month update membership for Office 365, you ought to rather pick File > Account Settings > Update Password. Change your secret key and snap OK.
how to change password in outlook

Conference Call Transcription Services

We offer conference call transcription services to convert business interactions more meaningful. We employ experienced transcriptionists, who offer best transcription services for phone calls, and conference calls at a very affordable rate. According to a study, it has been seen that on an average employees attend at least five conference calls each week and it becomes quite tough to remember all those interactions. Therefore, the hard copy transcription can be an excellent way of distributing content in various meeting formats so as not to miss a single detail. corporate transcription
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Key Factors that A Laptop Repair Dubai Company Must Include

Inadequate maintenance, mishandling, and improper tools and techniques implementation can turn minor problems into major ones. Therefore, getting into touch with the nearby laptop repair Dubai company is that the most feasible solution to retain the device’s performance.

Moreover, major laptop problems including broken laptop screens or corrupted drivers can completely halt your overall productivity.

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Cleaning Services Newcastle – Have Your Covered All The Aspects?

There is a significant role of cleaning services as far as the workspaces are involved, and with the help of it, the workspaces turn into quite prosperous, satisfying comfortable spaces to function in. If the work area is tidy, it will promote a proper workplace and motivate the workers to work more proficiently. When the area of working isn't neat, then there is a hazard of microbes breeding and illnesses can reach out to all the staff. Within this crucial period of corona, it can be harmful to not clean and sanitize the space adequately that have a huge public gathering. It can damage all the workforce of the office if it occurs. On the other hand, it can create exponent progress of the corporation due to the great appearance of tidy and clean places of work. The unwell leaves will be decreased, and the profits of the company will increase. A lot of the businesses hire professional cleaning agencies in the place of full-time janitors.

The organization does not need to be based upon the regular workers and cleaning staff for cleaning the office, so it is practical and beneficial to hire industrial cleaners from a fiscal perspective. The staff of the cleaning companies is quite qualified and punctual that arrives as per the timings distributed by the business office. There may be many hazards included like slip and fall injuries in cleansing by the standard staff members. Although cleaning companies give insurance to the experts which means if any accident occurs, you don’t have to pay the hospital bills. Bic plc is the most trustworthy and cost-effective commercial cleaning and maintenance service provider in the market. Solutions like periodic cleaning service, factory shutdown cleaning, builders hand over, sparkle cleaning, along with external ground upkeep are there that the firm delivers. This particular commercial cleaning company offers its solutions in Newcastle areas for example Tyne, Gates head, Sunderland, Durham, Middlesbrough, Leeds, The north, and Yorkshire. All the individuals who would like to find out more regarding the cleaning company newcastle can click this link and proceed to the web site

The BIC commercial cleaning newcastle corporation delivers high-level cleansing services with all the most modern cleaning devices. Devices are useful in decreasing the total time taken to clean the premises and delivering an expert clean. There are particular instructions to the cleansing experts to use a fixed amount of cleaning products. Clients can have routine cleaning up services, however the firm also supplies the services in quick orders. Alcumus safe contractor gave the accreditation to the company for its excellent services for protection to the business office. In this particular covid pandemic time, it is essential for all the professionals to take necessary safety measures like wearing masks and using sanitizers. As compared to the other cleaning up service providers, this unique office cleaning newcastle company delivers high quality services at really low prices. If perhaps consumers have any issue about the prices and timings, they can get in touch with the support team of the company. Better is to click the link or check out our recognized website to uncover more related to cleaning services newcastle.

: The Comparison : Magento Commerce or Magento Open Source

Support for Magento 1 will expire in summer 2020. More and more companies that still operate a Magento 1 online shop are therefore thinking about migrating to Magento 2. We'll give you Magento Servicies at RLTSquare and some useful migration tips on how to get the most out of this step.

Tip 1: Know your target group and their needs
The most important goal, as with all products and services, is that you meet your customer expectations and satisfy your customers. This also applies to the update from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Your new online shop — based on Magento 2 — should not be a 1: 1 copy of the Magento 1 shop. Instead, put the customer and their needs at the center of your re-platforming process!

You should therefore start with customer surveys and interviews before starting any planning. Your customers will tell you what they are missing from your e-commerce platform or which features are actually not used at all. You can then use this feedback and the expectations to define optimization measures and goaand
Tip 2: analysis, analysis, analysis
Your Magento 1 system already tells you a lot about what you should consider for Magento 2. You should therefore analyze your current shop in order to identify weak points — and to fix them with re-platforming. Here you can access various data:

Reports from Magento 1: Take a look at the usage of the shop. How many customers are active or last logged in, which products are bought the most, or what are the most frequent search terms.
Web controlling tools: Use a web controlling tool such as Google Analytics or Omniture (Adobe Analytics) to analyze the click paths, exit pages, frequently used browsers, search terms that customers use to access your shop, and more.
Server Monitoring: Evaluate whether the system has current peak loads and how it can handle them.

Tip 3: The USP of your Magento 2 project
The consideration of the target group needs (tip 1) and the data analysis (tip 2) results in many requirements for your Magento 2 shop. In order to prioritize these, you should, on the one hand, consider the business value of the individual features and on the other hand also the cost-of-delay — ie which feature costs the most if it appears on the market later than needed or is left out entirely.

Our tip: Out of the many requirements, you should identify one or two real key features that make up the USP of your Magento 2 project.

Therefore, you should deal with the following questions:

Which feature sets you apart from the competition and fulfills customer needs at the same time?
What have you always wanted to implement in Magento 1, but which was not feasible due to the technical requirements?
Which feature do your customers miss the most?
The USP features provide you with good arguments for placing the re-platforming project internally with the management and against critical voices.

Tip 4: timing is everything
The migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is not a simple Magento update — simpler example a security update — but requires a complete re-platforming. For this reason, you should plan enough time.

For the platforming, including the analysis, planning, and testing phase, you should generally allow more than 6 months. Also, define a go-to-market and go-live strategy to make the transition as easy as possible for your customers.

Tip 5: start with a proof-of-concept
Before you look at the whole system with all its features, we recommend that you develop prototypes of the most important interfaces — for example to your ERP system — and the most business-critical or most complex features in a POC phase. Therefore proof of concept (POC) of the most important interfaces and features is necessary.

This procedure enables you and the service providers involved to verify the implementation ideas at an early stage. You can also assess the necessary adjustments and identify the risks in the project right from the start so that you can react immediately.

On the basis of the POC, you can switch to an agile project approach in the re-platforming process in order to progress more successfully and efficiently in short iterations.

Tip 6: Rely on the right team and a service provider with know-how
Even with all the planning and preparation, without a trained, internal project team and a capable service provider as a strong partner, it doesn't work.

Therefore, the followingdoesn't: Involve all stakeholders involved from marketing, through sales, to accounting and the logistics department in your re-platforming project. Thanks to the agile project approach, you can add the people who are needed to each sprint and incorporate the requirements.

You should also integrate the internal departments into your test process. The proof-of-concept, the first design prototypes, and every phase of the shop can be accompanied by your colleagues. In this way, you will discover optimizations at an early stage and also achieve a high level of acceptance of the new shop throughout the company.

When it comes to implementation, you should generally rely on a partner or service provider who has the experience and know-how in Magento 2 projects. It is important that you do not start platforming with an agency that has never worked in Magento 2. In this way, precisely planned factors such as budget and time frame can get out of hand very quickly, up to and including a complete abandonment of the project.

Tip 7: Migrate the most important data
As part of the update from Magento 1 to 2, some data must be transferred. Therefore, work out a data migration concept together with your team and the service providers. Above all, think about the following data:

Customer accounts and customer data such as addresses or orders
Product data and downloads
Indexed pages on Google & Co. should either be accessible under the same URL or redirected to the new URLs via URL Rewrites
Valid discount codes and gift cards
Also, think of your sdiscountta such as download files or virtual products that must still be accessible to users
Just before the Magento 2 shop goes live, make a final delta comparison of the data so that a perfect customer experience in your new shop is guaranteed.