The POE team is finally about to release on the Mac platform

Being able to step into the dark world of Path of Exile to play is something that everyone who loves APRG games wants to achieve. What players love most is that downloading POE on any platform is free. When GGG released POE in 2013, it attracted many players to play. It is a free action adventure game set in a dark fantasy world. All players need POE Currency to make their activities more convenient.

After that, POE launched on the Xbox and PS4 platforms in 2017 and 2019, respectively. After so many years of development, the game team promoted the game platform again this year. It also means that Mac users no longer need to transfer to other platforms to play POE. The game team has continued to inject new vitality into the game over the years. For example, they will launch a new league every three months to satisfy the freshness of the players. Players can also choose the way of team formation or customize the role and skill type in the game. I have to say that they did make a lot of efforts in this regard.

With these improvements, players will find new challenges, items, skills and other nuances, and find other changes that will renew their interest in the game. With this development, we will introduce a new challenge alliance that will allow players to set up their own server that can accommodate up to 2,000 members. Fights between trigger and impact are not suitable for weak people. This is because I commit them to the punitive experience that extreme gamers enjoy. In addition, players can choose from seven different character categories and from 19 major categories to personalize their characters using the skill tree. This means that you can create characters to suit your combat preferences and play the game.

Most players are now playing in the Agricultural-themed Harvest League. Mac users may not experience POE until the end of Harvest. But don’t discourage. Next month, POE will not only release a new league but also hold a tenth anniversary celebration. It means that Mac players should go to Buy POE Currency in advance. Look forward!
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Many players still don’t know the horror of the Heart of the Grove

Most of the POE players are now gathering in Harvest to enjoy the fun content of the new league. In this league, agriculture is the major part, and the fight is a minor part. Getting POE Currency and POE Items through battle is still the most important way to make money in the game. The emergence of Harvest expands the ways for players to profit. They sell exquisite handicrafts processed with rare items to those who need it, and they can also get rich.

Although the league does not pursue frantic battles like other leagues, players still need to face various terrifying monsters to complete the mission. Take the most common example. Players may die under the monster’s attack because of insufficient skill damage or insufficient follow-up explosive power when fighting with the monsters produced after the seeds mature. Such a game experience will definitely undermine the confidence of players who are already weak. If this vicious circle continues, the players’ love for POE will definitely gradually decrease.

What should players do to defeat these monsters? The boss in the heart of the sacred jungle is undoubtedly the most powerful monster in Harvest. Once the players anger it, it will quickly launch an offensive against the players. But one good thing is that when it launches an attack, players can distinguish the skill damage according to the color and phrase of the skill it releases and makes a corresponding defense. Only the players will counter it if they defend it.

There are four colors of skills it releases. When the color of the skill it releases is orange, players can break its walls to prevent it from spreading and causing damage. When the skill color is purple, she will charge up and launch a thorny orb that fires purple projectiles. When the skill color is green, it will hit the ground with its sledgehammer to trigger a series of damage. When the skill color is blue, it will release the lightning snake to bite the players.

Players who can beat it can challenge it again to get those missed rewards such as POE Trade and vitality. Those players who have not yet challenged it are best to Buy POE Currency to prepare before provoking it. Good luck.

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Path of Exile 2 beta will be released in 2021

Path of Exile launched by Grinding Gear Games' team was a big success. Path of Exile is one of the most popular games on Steam. Since its launch, Path of Exile has maintained a transparent stance on micro-transactions: you should buy POE Currency to obtain in-game items. As for Path of Exile itself, he is an action role-playing game set in a dark fantasy world. Planting and harvesting are an important part of this sport, but Path of Exile also has a lot of depth. Custom roles are in principle infinite, providing a powerful driving force for the usually monotonous characteristics of ARPG.

Due to special circumstances this year, the original plan was disrupted, and it has become impossible to release the next version of the game in the second half of this year. In a forum post on the Path of Exile website, Grinding Gear Games said: «When we announced Path of Exile 2, the Beta version we mentioned may appear at the end of 2020. Planning delays due to the pandemic.» The coronavirus has been causing various delays, and the recent Path of Exile: Harvest took a week longer than planned development. This will have an impact on the other two expansions starting in the second half of 2020, which means that the sequel has been delayed.

The Path of Exile Harvest has been successfully released: use POE Orbs and POE Currency to reorganize passive branch skills to gain powerful combat power, defeat monsters and become powerful leaders, and then continue to fight. GGG shows that developers work from home and are very optimistic about the management of the coming year. We hope to hear more about the beta version of Path of Exile 2 next year.
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The construction of POE in melee combat will inspire players game process

POE has a new expansion to the game in June. Because the game team has increased the intensity of melee skills in the game, players good at melee will get a place to display their strongest abilities. This makes them ridiculously suitable for anything you want to do in Blight. Novice or experienced players can build many sturdy melee versions of Blight with unlimited strength levels. Players will see which buildings are excellent on both offense and defense, which stimulated players’ desire to get more POE Currency.

Lacerate is in good shape now because it can reach 1 million Shaper DPS on budget devices, and can level with a sword or axe, and it is very versatile. Overall, it is a very easy-to-use skill with a pleasant technique. Most beginners will choose this skill as the best introductory skill for Blight. As a beginner, if the player wants to save some POE Currency for some larger versions, this version is very useful.

The bleeding gladiator double forward can produce all the content materials in the game with the least budget. It points out that great survivability includes dodge and block and blindness and high damage, which makes it an excellent melee career for boss killers and laboratory farmers. This version is very suitable for players to get POE Currency, which can make them more economical. Using fascinating mechanics, Bleed can also explode a huge backpack in one breath.

It looks great and the picture effect because of the explosion is also exquisite. Since this is a very cheap build, players can use it as an entry-level build for the new league. And the most exciting aspect is that players who need certain characteristics can use the exchange ability to achieve their goals. Players can use the same method in the popular Harvest now. They only need to Buy POE Currency and POE Orbs to complete the task. Stay tuned for more content.
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Currently, Path of Exile is one of the most popular action role-playing games, and a new expansion will be announced in September

Grinding Gear Games has confirmed that the next «Path of Exile» expansion plan/league is scheduled to launch on PC on September 18, and the date may change. But this does not affect the expectations of players, especially players who are not satisfied with the current season. When the next season comes, they should prepare sufficient POE Currency in advance to better welcome the new season.

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In a statement on the game's official forum, the developer stated that the original plan was to run on a 13-week schedule and release 4 extensions a year on the game server in March, June, September and December. Only when it expanded to Harvest, due to the limitations of working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic, developers spent 14 weeks delivering content. To make up for the lost time, the new extension can be delivered in just 12 weeks, but Grinding Gear Games stated that it will take another week to ensure that everything is going as expected due to the “ambition of the league”.

In this way, Harvest will end on September 14. From now until the next 3.12 expansion, there are no plans to end the league activities, but there may be community activities. For more information, please visit the official website of the game. If you want to know more, I think IGGM may be able to help you. This website is mainly to provide players with third-party services about this game, such as POE Currency and POE Items purchase services, Path of Exile power leveling services, etc.. Of course, this website also has a dedicated news section, where there will be updates about the game, such as preparations for the next expansion.
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Path of Exile 3.12 announced to be released on September 1

Grinding Gear Games announced its next «Path of Exile 3.12» expansion announcement, which is scheduled for September 1. Path of Exile is an action role-playing game released by GGG. Items in Path of Exile can have different attributes, which can be used to enhance your character equipment. As an intermediary for game transactions, POE Currency can be used to purchase special items you need.

They shared the expansion timeline on their official forum over the weekend. The expansion 3.12 will actually be developed in a 13-week timeline. Grinding Gear Games stated on the forum that their development usually takes 13 weeks. However, due to the peculiarities of 2020, developers working from home caused Harvest to develop for 14 weeks. Usually they release four extensions in March, June, September and December each year, which means that new extensions need to save 1 Weeks to make up for the time wasted in the previous development. However, to be on the safe side, 13 weeks can make the next expansion of consumption much safer. Despite this, the developers will still complete the work within 12 weeks, but this may be delayed a bit.

As for the release date, the release date is set for September 1. The release date of Expansion 3.12 (the name is not known yet) will be September 18 for PC and September 23 for consoles. This means that their current league Harvest will end on September 14 PDT 3p. Between now and the release of 3.12, the league activities have not ended. As the most powerful Poe currency, the more POE Orbs, the better, you can exchange the more advanced and better equipment, which is very important for POE players to win every season. In case you miss this season, you can catch up with the team's plan for the rest of 2020.
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Mac users can experience the mysterious POE after a month

GGG explained to Mac users around the world that they will officially release Path of Exile on the Mac platform in one month. Presumably, players also know that September is the month of the 10th anniversary of POE and the release of the next new league. There will definitely be a lot of activities waiting for players to participate. Mac users are better to get some POE Currency as a reserve based on the experience of previous PS4 players and Xbox players.

The game team stated that the Mac OS version released by them will rely on the Vulkan renderer. The unpleasant news it brings is that the release of POE Beta on Mac may lag other platforms. This year’s annual release plan has come to the second league. It means that there are two league versions in September and December that have not yet release this year. They develop a recent league version that takes 13 weeks to complete. The impact of the global epidemic this year has affected the work process of the development team, and they have to spend more time than usual to complete the development of Harvest.

At present, the work pressure faced by the game team is very high. They must complete the development of the new league in September and December on time and successfully hold the POE tenth anniversary celebration. It is an unprecedented challenge for them. Players must prepare for the new league in December because it has a high probability that they will delay it because the game team must ensure the quality of the game. So the game team hopes that if this happens, players can understand. If all goes well, players can still experience the fun league on time.

Now most players are working hard in Harvest so that they can get the best harvest at the least cost. They can either trade the harvested rare items to players who need them to get POE Items, or they can process these rare items to make them more valuable and sell them in exchange for POE Orbs. Those players who have just entered the game don’t start farming too recklessly, first go to Buy POE Currency is what they have to do. They can enjoy without waiting.

The data presented by the Harvest League surprised many people

Many potential POE players saw those extra elements in Harvest and tried to enter the game. And those old players who have spent more than a month in the game have grown into powerful players. The interesting mechanism in Harvest has spawned a large number of superpowers. Everyone is addicted to the thrill of the new league and continues to use POE Currency to further enhance their gaming experience.

According to various data released by the game team recently, one can find that the number of POE players has risen a lot in recent months. Almost one in two people is a POE player. Although it may seem suspicious, it is true. People prefer to fight fiercely rather than grow up slowly in a greenhouse. The last league had players fighting fiercely for three months. The game team took into account the fatigue of the players and launched the Harvest League.

But those who have just become POE players should not think Harvest is a very simple league. It bases although Harvest on farming, there are still many threats in it. Take the most common situation, players have to kill the monsters produced after the seeds mature to get rare materials and vitality. If they don’t have enough strength to deal with many monsters, they will probably fall into a state of hard fighting. If the players collect the more advanced seeds, the more benefits they will eventually get.

In the new league, players need to overcome a series of usual challenges, including rewards for completing 12, 24 and 36 awards. Four weeks into the league, 16.3% of the players completed the first batch of 12 challenges, 1.68% of the players completed 24 challenges, and only 0.38% of the players completed 36 times or more. This number is still higher than the previous league’s 0.23% of Delirium, which completed 36 challenges. Grinding Gear Games attributes it to Harvest for providing a portal effect, while the previous league did not. The entry of more and more people has caused players to pursue POE Orbs and POE Items more and more. It is the best way for them to get everything by choosing the right agent to Buy POE Currency. That's it.

Path of Exile Update 1.55 Patch Notes

Recently,Grinding Gear Games confirmed the 1.55 patch notes for the «Path of Exile» update, which can now be downloaded for PS4, and let POE Currency play its biggest role in your game. Below is the update and repair instructions for the new patch.

Improvements in harvest.
Added larger storage boxes that can be created through Harvest Crafting​​. The storage tank can now hold 1,000 concentrated vitality. Slots have been added to the seed bank, which can hold buds, flowers and flowers. Now you can automatically plant while Harvest Crafting is still available. A description that clarifies how to plant,the Heart of Grove.

Fixed a bug that «Sacrificing corrupted gems to get xmc% of gem quality x% of gem quality» would return a stack of gems with a stack size of 0. Fixed another bug that would prevent enchantment of the map when Delirium has been applied.

Overall improvement.
Added «Camera Rotation Effect» option. This feature can be disabled to prevent effects similar to those seen in the Redeemer encounter room in Veritania. Now, all vault doors will automatically open on the withered vault map, and the exit of the Vaal Oversoul arena is unlocked significantly in advance. The audio of the Miracle Map device has been updated.
Fixed a bug where a hit cannot be counted as a hit due to some «recently hit» modifiers. Fixed another bug, if there is a dead person under Sirius, the Awakener below the world, it can dismount its throne. Fixed a bug where the deformation might not be able to perform any operations if the deformation was stunned before performing the operation. Fixed an error where the mine drilled by Niko might intersect nodes with other Azurite mines. Fixed a bug that the exit of the boss arena in the lava room was not locked during the battle with Fire and Fury. Fixed the bug that the maze spinning trap had no shadow.

Skills and passive repair
The phantom savior, phantom warrior and phantom chief, spawned by the savior’s unique legion sword, will no longer be stunned by the general’s cry and Tawhoa’s choice. The aura given to The Torrent's Reclamation unique belt adds a greater visual effect. The audio of the Crystal Earthquake Effect and Demon Earthquake Effect have been updated.
Fixed a bug where Metal Master's ascent passive will not always cause additional physical damage. Fixed a bug in which after you assigned the keystone distortion of the Supreme Self, activating the temporary aura (by using the Legion March) will turn off the «malicious» or «fanatic» state. Fixed a bug where Glimmerwood Sunder could not play sound with the support of «Fist of War».

Bloom improvement
While applying the «Blood Guardian» weapon effect, the brightness of the «Demon Weapon» cosmetics has been reduced. Reduced the brightness of a series of effects such as the celestial pioneer effect, crystal earthquake effect, dragon fireball effect, Huntsman aura and so on.

Generally, improving equipment requires you to study the rational use of PoE currency and PoE projects you own. Making adjustments also requires you to rearrange POE Orbs to make the most of them. Then let's have fun in Path of Exile.

Path of Exile Harvest Garden layout guide

It seems difficult to plan a garden in the «Path of Exile: Harvest» alliance, but if you have some graph paper and some careful planning to maximize production, Buy POE Currency can effectively reduce the difficulty. Path of Exile: Harvest was launched on June 19th. Almost all players are thinking about the best way to use the space in the sacred forest.

First, the basics. In Harvest League, players enter the coast or any given area to access its features. Somewhere on the map, there will be a seed cache. After activating the seed cache, some wild seeds will be dropped and become Oshabi’s portal. So far, Path of Exile has undergone many adjustments and rebalancing, and the Sacred Forest will help, because the life force can be used to forge items with specific slot colors, and upgrade ordinary or magic items to rare items. This is much more powerful than the basic game ball, which is still the main method for customizing and upgrading armor and weapons. Players who don't want to repeat many example layouts can unfold the graph paper immediately.

seed. There are three types of seeds in the harvest, and their characteristics are determined according to their varieties and grades. They are collectively referred to as seeds. Whenever the player activates the «seed cache», the seeds will grow, so the best way to make crops grow quickly is to collect the seed cache.

Structure. Three types of structures can be constructed in Harvest League at once. If necessary, you can reposition the building by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking.

Exile's collector's path

Life collector
Cost: 25 lives. Their job: harvest fully grown plants nearby. When there are at least 8 mature plants, activate one through the button on the top to release monsters and absorb their vitality when they are killed. There is a convenient button that can automatically plant seeds of the corresponding color from the stock to the surrounding area. It can accommodate 50 people.
Note for buildings: They have a 5x5 grid. There is less planting space in the corners of the map, so it is not suitable for placing seeds of layer 2 and above.

Cost: 30 vitality. Their role: to transfer the vitality energy to the surrounding plants, making themselves fertilize around a 5x5 grid.
Setup notes: These are required for any seed of level 2 and above. Check the seeds to see what kind of vitality a particular variety requires, as it may change, and surround the diffuser with the collector of these seeds. If the collector is constructed at two spaces far from the diffuser on the same grid line, the overlapping part will be 10 spaces. If they are built side by side, the overlap is 18 spaces.

Oil storage tank.
Cost: 75 vitality. What it does: Each tank can hold up to 300 lives. When located between the collector and the diffuser, this building can be used as a buffer zone.
Building attention: The planting area at the corner is not good, so it is a good place for storage. Players may need other pylons, but this is only a transaction for efficiency.

Cost: 10 lives. Their job: to transport the vitality energy from one building to another until it is four square kilometers away. They are the backbone of the garden facility, acting as power lines, transporting vitality from the collector to storage and then to the diffuser.
Building attention: The pylon can only reach 4 square meters and can be connected to 4 buildings. Click the button at the top to link one rack to another rack, collector, diffuser or storage. The correct placement of the pylon will control the vitality of a specific species from one area to another.

Final note: «Path of Exile: Delirium » is still valid. Players can also look forward to the final release of «Path of Exile 2». As an important part of the game, POE Currency has played an important role in each version.