How do players get the Madden 20 Golden Ticket?

Madden 20's Golden Ticket release plan is coming to an end. Players will soon be able to use it in the game. In March of this year, EA Sports announced the launch of the Golden Ticket program. In fact, players will participate in the one-hour limit challenge. The system will release five gold ticket collectibles on Xbox One and PS4 each day, for a total of 20 gold tickets. Gold ticket players will be created from the collection of gold tickets received by players and cannot be purchased directly using MUT Coins.

So who are the Madden 20 Golden Ticket players? Michael Wick, Troy Polamalu and Kelvin Benjamin are in the Golden Ticket program. All three players have up to 99 ratings and shocking statistics.

Although these three cards are very attractive to players, Michael Vick may be the player's favorite player card. In the mind of Madden players, Vick has become one of the best defenders of the MUT due to his excellent data. Among them, the high moving speed of 96 and the throwing ability of 99 make him even better. Players can also add seven different X factors and three independent abilities.

Although Troy Polamalu shines in the quarterback position in the NFL league, he is the central defender in this golden ticket. As a midfielder, his statistics make the MUT game situation unfair. Polamalu has up to 95 movement speed, 97 acceleration and 95 agility. And his defensive ability is also extremely good. Players can use Madden's settings to change Polamala's position to an external centre-back. In that position it will perform even better. Although Vic's data and performance will be loved by most players, Polamalu's gold ticket card is not bad. Both player cards will become popular merchandise.

So how do you get a gold ticket player in Madden 20? Players have to spend a lot of MUT 20 Coins in the auction house to reach a certain consumption limit to get it. EA Sports revealed a message that Golden Ticket players were not sold for a limited time. Players can wait for their economic conditions to improve before buying. But the premise is that there must be a large number of Madden Coins. Players are recommended to choose reliable agents for Buy MUT Coins. Agents must have an absolutely safe transaction mechanism and a large number of cheap items to meet the consumption level of most players. By the way, Madden 21 is coming. Players also need to reserve more MUT 21 Coins to cope with the next situation.

Madden 20: NFL trial promotion, release date, rookie, new player, etc.

Easter is behind us, and all the «color smash» eggs have hatched, but this does not prevent the ultimate team from moving forward at the NFL Draft!

The actual draft time is April 23, which means that EA Sports does not have much time to start and run their own draft promotion. So, what do we expect from the Madden Ultimate Team NFL trial promotion? We can expect the promotion of the NFL trials to enter the Ultimate Team on Friday, April 17. At the same time, GameMS promotional activities are also underway, and their website's MUT Coins now have a 10% discount on the event.

The promotion is usually launched at 10:30 am EDT / 3:30 pm BST. After the live broadcast of «Good Morning Madness» on Thursday, we should know more. Last year, we won 99 OVR Kyler Murray and 98 OVR Nick Bosa, Clelin Ferrell and Devin White. So what will you get this year?

If the promotion follows last year's format, it will be the task of winning the first pick (probably QB Joe Burrow). His set needs 94 # 1 collectibles. Everyone needs 72 collectibles, and each collectible is unique to the player you want.

It is hoped that this year's collectibles will be more versatile and transferable, but on the 95-99 OVR, these new players will become the dominant and highly available players. Chase Young and Isaiah Simmons are expected to become defensive stars, while Burrow, Tua and a bunch of offensive tackles on the offensive end are offensive Outstanding.

There is not enough time to participate in the «draft road» promotion, but it is cool to add some suits with 99 OVR players who are known for their undrafted status (Antonio Gates) or low-level pick (Richard) Man).

This may fall on Friday, and after the first round of official account entry, the actual promotion draft will begin next week. Of course, if you want to know about the promotion of Madden Coins, you can learn about it at GameMS.
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About how to get Madden 20 Color Smash Candy and how to use it in the final team

EA recently announced its Madden 20 Color Smash promotion as part of Series 6. New promotions with spring / easter themes bring new challenges, player projects, world battles, store offers, candy and eggs. We have learned in detail here how to get Madden 20 Color Smash Candy and how to use them in Ultimate Team.

Many seasonal promotions of Madden 20 have their own currency form, which is dedicated to this promotion. For example, during the Christmas holiday promotion, Kinderlin currency is used, while during the Blitz promotion, Madden ’s Blitz Boltz is used. Now, with the coming of the Easter holiday, Madden 20 Color Smash Candy is the new MUT Coins.

As part of the promotion, you can get Madden 20 Color Smash Candy in several ways. Just log in to your Ultimate Team account and you will get a welcome pack, which includes a free player card (Barry Sanders). If you do not want to keep the card, you can quickly sell the card and then buy Candy.

Therefore, this is the first way to get Candy by quickly selling the applicable Color Smash player items. If you really want another way to get Candy through Quicksells, you can consider buying Madden Coins in the store or buying Color Smash Pack or Bundles for real money.

Another way to get Color Smash Candy is through the new challenges encountered in Ultimate Team through promotional activities. You can find them in Ultimate Team by scrolling to the «Play» option on the menu and selecting «Challenge». Next, select the «Color Smash» or «Color Smash Jamboree» option. The specific content can be learned in GameMS. Basically, Candy can buy a variety of Madden 20 Color Smash packages or store offers.

Other items for sale in Madden 20 Color Smash Candy include random eggs of varying sizes and letters used in puzzles. Therefore, depending on how you want to participate in Color Smash, you can use Candy to make multiple choices. Some people may prefer to try to pack the game. They may eventually provide Quicksell with more Candy than you spend. Others may want to gamble on the random eggs that will open on April 12, which is a good Easter gift.

If you want to know more, please visit the Madden news page of GameMS, and you want to get cheap and easy-to-use MUT 20 Coins, please visit this website, I think you will be satisfied.
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Part 2 of Madden 20 NFL Free Agency is being upgraded, including Tom Brady, Byron Jones

On Wednesday, March 25th, EA will officially release Madden 20 NFL Free Agents Part 2 in the Ultimate Team. These include many new high-level player cards. Some of the best cards will include Byron Jones and the new Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady. Players can view more detailed information about new items now available at Gamems, and of course they can purchase MUT Coins on their website.

Football fans now know that Tom Brady will no longer wear his traditional Patriot color scheme. Instead, he moved to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for warmer weather and had the opportunity to show his ability to lead another team to the Super Bowl.

His Madden 20 NFL free agent card shows that Brady is still wearing a Patriot jersey, but reflects some good upgrade numbers. The team player who finally gets this card will have QB, including Throw Accuracy Short (99) and Mid (99), and 97 Play Action, 94 Throw Power, and 92 Throw Accuracy Deep. Of course, it also has other options, including a «power-on» option that brings Brady to the full 99 OVR.

Another high-profile card revealed on Twitter before content dropped on Wednesday was Byron Jones. Although his business card shows that he is with his previous team, he also recently went to Florida. The overall rating of the new Miami Dolphins Cape Guard is 98, with key attributes including 99 agility, 99 jumpers, 98 compression, 98 area coverage and 97 acceleration. Gamers can also take this card to another level using the Power Up and Ability options.

Brady is the new Madden 20 NFL Free Agency Master project in Part 2. Jones is likely to be one of the cards needed to acquire Brady. All new cards arriving on Wednesday are available through Madden Pack, store deals and auction houses.

Players can watch the full video of EA's Madden Twitch video stream here, showing each card. From March 25th (Wednesday), they will all join the Ultimate Team. Visit our Madden NFL Free Agent Part I to see which players belong to the first group.

Please check the Madden news page of Gamems, you can get more news about Madden 20, and their website currently offers very cheap mutcoins, with a minimum discount of 10%, I think it should be the biggest discount that can be found on the market.
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EA and NFL's 15-year-old exclusive deal finally comes to an end

For the first time in the past 15 years, Madden has won competition in the field of football video games. The NFL revealed on Tuesday morning that it was ending a multi-year exclusive agreement with EA in a football game. «Madden» will continue to be produced in cooperation with the NFL, but the NFL also cooperates with 2K Sports, which is a popular «NBA 2K» franchise company.

The new arrangement includes a «multi-year» agreement that includes «future video games,» the first of which is expected to come out in 2021. Before the advent of the game, players can still play madden 20 and purchase MUT Coins to gain experience for the next 21.

Football fans and professional critics have complained about «crazy» for years. Since this is the only football game available and is released annually, it often stagnates due to franchises. The announcement on Tuesday of a new partnership between 2K and the NFL is a step forward towards a potential future, with multiple companies competing in the football video game market.

It is worth noting that 2K stated that the game it is creating is a «non-simulated football game experience», described as «a fun, approachable social experience.» From such a voice, 2K is unlikely to plan to resume its «NFL 2K» franchise-a direct competitor with «Madden» was killed when EA locked in NFL exclusive rights. 2K and NFL representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Financial terms of the transaction between 2K and the NFL were not disclosed, and it is unclear how long the cooperation will last. The agreement involves «several» games and is expected to be released within a few years.

EA issued the following statement in response to Tuesday's announcement: «EA Sports is the exclusive publisher of NFL simulation games, and our partnership with NFL and NFLPA remains unchanged. Our agreement always allows non-exclusive development on non-NFL simulation games. Our commitment to NFL fans has lasted for nearly 30 years and has never been stronger, and we have ushered in the most brilliant year. Madden NFL 20 is the most successful game in the series, and there are also Superstar and so on. The new model KO and our Madden NFL eSports broadcast are expanding the fan base. In the coming years, we will build more new and different experiences, more platforms and new ways of playing on this momentum. „After the announcement, I think fans will see EA's sincerity, and I think players can buy some Madden Coins to lay the foundation for the next 21. My suggestion about this product is to buy at Gamems, their website is trustworthy.
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