The highly expected Final Madden 20 Power Up Expansion Player Cards appeared

EA gradually shifted its focus to Madden 21. The new content of MUT 20 is also reduced accordingly. It released the latest Bo Jackson card last weekend to evoke the enthusiasm of players to buy MUT Coins. The rookie plan is due next week. Yesterday EA also released the final Madden 20 Power Up Expansion player card for MUT.

The player card was finally revealed. They are superstars in the NFL, such as Christian McCaffrey from the Carolina Panthers, Michael Thomas from the New Orleans Saints and Steve Young, the legend of the San Francisco 49ers. Victor Cruz, a receiver from the New York Giants, also had his exclusive Power Up card at this event.

During this event, players can also see other equally attractive player cards. But the not so wonderful one is that the scores of these player cards have not reached a very high 99 points. Many Madden players hope that the official can publish a promotional event on the theme of these player cards so that players can experience the outstanding features of these new player cards.

In fact, players can get Power Up cards by completing many challenging missions to improve their strength level. However, at the beginning of the challenge, players should prepare some special cards for backup. After the players successfully complete the challenge, they can increase the score of player cards that do not reach the highest point to 99 points.

They can also go to auction to get some powerful Power Up cards in the auction house according to their economic level. The popularity of player cards is directly proportional to their selling price. For example, the powerful defender Christian Okoye’s Power Up card requires players to spend about 30,000 MUT 20 Coins to get it. Therefore, if they do not Buy MUT Coins and then go to the auction house, they will probably fail.
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  • 08 июля 2020, 06:44

Which player card of the MUT Pittsburgh Steelers is the best?

Fans who love the Steelers know that the team has a lengthy history and endless superstars. The Steelers and New England Patriots, with six Super Bowl titles, are the two most powerful top teams in the NFL. Although many players in the Steelers suffered injuries during the NFL season this year, players are still very interested in them and spend a certain amount of MUT Coins to get the strongest player.

Activating Steelers’ team chemistry level requires players to provide five powerful player cards. Cold Stewart with a total score of 95 has spent 11 seasons in the NFL. The Steelers from 1997 to 2003 became famous for him. With 94 points of acceleration, jump and surprise, he is also a great catcher. Mel Blunt, who also has a total score of 95 points, has won four surprising Super Bowl titles in his entire NFL career. Known as the strongest superstar in the history of the Steelers, they awarded him the DPOY title in 1975.

Antwaan Randle El with a total score of 95 is Steeler’s extra work. Although his NFL career has only reached four years, he has already made a name for himself. With a pair of iron arms, he played a big decisive role when the team played against Seattle. Mean Joe Greene is ranked 13th among the NFL Top 100 stars. He is a milestone in the development of MUT. Even though his speed is not so outstanding, his defensive ability can help the team limit the opponent’s score.

The best Pittsburgh Steelers MUT cards require players to decide for themselves. Players who really want to get these players should prepare early to Buy MUT Coins for more player cards. Come on! Madden continues to exude charm.

Madden players want them to get Joe Burrow with a total score of 99

Countless fans instantly welcomed Joe Burrow, a Heisman trophy winner and national champion, after the Madden team launched his player card. In actual life, the Cincinnati Bengals are trying to pursue him to lead him to a better future. For players who are eager to gain him, no matter they spend how many MUT Coins, they will not hesitate.

Burrow ranked first in the 2020 NFL draft. Players all know that EA Sports will definitely test the strength of each rookie player after the draft conference and then add them to the game. They believe that Burrow, who debuted in Madden, will definitely surprise them. With MUT, he will definitely become more interesting, and players get the strongest version of Burrow with a total score of 99.

The pleasant news is that players willing to spend more time looking at detailed information will get him for free. Every player must have stored a lot of Madden Coins or collected a lot of valuable player cards in this year’s Madden season. They just need to buy two more Newton cards, which is much more convenient. After completing all this, they have to pay 280,000 to 340,000 MUT Coins to secure Burrow.

There is another way that players can complete the NFL draft challenge to win rookie players with a total score of 90 and 93 points. They can use these two player cards to exchange a Cam Newton with a total score of 98 points. Players can also go directly to the auction house to buy rookie player cards selected from the draft conference.

It is worth mentioning that the probability that players have only one chance to obtain Joe Burrow through the second method is only 3.1%. Simply put, either the players directly use about 300,000 Madden Coins came to buy him, or he could get him step by step through all NFL draft challenges. Players who did not get Burrow but also got Newton should not be frustrated. In the future, when they have sufficient funds, they can Buy MUT Coins to get him at the auction house.
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  • 06 июля 2020, 06:40

MUT's wonderful promotional activities have greatly stimulated players' interest

Wonderful promotional activities make players gain a lot from it. Although they spent a staggering amount of MUT Coins, they were willing. The players with exceptional strength in their team have helped players pass many challenges and also get some rewards from the mission. It doesn’t seem to let players lose money, and they also get a delightful gaming experience.

Real-life NFL players started their free trade. Rugby superstars like Byron Jones have moved to the new club and won a highly paid player contract. Tom Brady from the New England Patriots also seems to look for an intent team. Madden 20 has also launched promotions for related players to match the trend of NFL in actual life in actual time.

Earl Thomas and LeVeon Bell both received their Super Version cards with a total score of 98 points last year. No matter which position you want to reinforce, you can choose them. Players are speculating which players will have a stronger player version this year? MUT players have become busy since the release of MUT Series 6.

Players can complete their goal of achieving master-level players through the purchase of suits. They had better combine or exchange three players with a total score of 96 points or more to get a super player with a total score of 98 points. Players can also get some additional rewards and Madden Coins.

In addition, players can also get a set containing players with a total score of 96 points. So players are not losing money. Or they can add three players with a total score of 90 to 94 points and four Free Agency players with a total score of 87 to 89 in exchange for the top player with a total score of 96 points. Keep in mind that players only need to synthesize many lower-level player cards to have time to get a higher-rated player card. Before doing this, Buy MUT 21 Coins is very necessary as initial activity funds.

Information about Madden 20 Golden Ticket program

We can now realize the dream of many players wanting to have a MUT player through the Golden Ticket program. The NFL 2020 season is long over. Players can still enjoy the joy of rugby in the game world of Madden 20. Madden’s promotional activities have continuously launched, leading players to need more MUT Coins to help them achieve their desired goals.

Some time ago, many valuable players were on sale, and players also got a lot of the players they wanted. They are all looking forward to the next Golden Ticket program coming soon. So what are the specific steps of the Golden Ticket program in Madden 20? After reading the following, players should be able to know the information they want to know.

Some unknown players who have joined the Madden game may not yet know what the Golden Ticket promo is. They may need a little luck to pick up excellent players. Xbox players can find ten Golden Ticket player cards, and PS4 players can get the same number than Xbox. After officially entering the Madden game, players can create various player cards according to their needs to get collectibles.

Many players are asking when they can wait until the Golden Ticket promo. After completing the one-hour ultimate challenge, players will be eligible to take part in the Golden Ticket promo. Players should know the Ultimate Challenge is a game with a system that meets the standards. They only need to pass the challenge to get Madden Coins and Golden Ticket player cards. After the event ends and they complete the mission, players can receive the Golden Ticket players they want. They should also Buy MUT Coins to meet their future needs.
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EA needs to cross Madden 21 and other games to achieve a better future

Fans who love sports strongly demand that EA connect its large-scale sports games together for cross-platform development to bring players a better gaming experience. They think it would be better if they could play games with their friends. If EA is willing to make a revolutionary change to the existing game mode in this way, players will definitely be more willing to buy MUT Coins to increase the profit that EA can harvest.

The coordinated development of various sports games has broken the previous game barriers. The major problem now is that EA’s attitude towards cross-platform development between games is still not rigorous enough, resulting in the failure of players to expect something to happen. To know that the development of the game must innovate and learn from the players’ favorite functions and mechanisms. Games such as Fortnite and Call of Duty regained many loyal players through cross-development. The profits they get are therefore higher.

EA Sports needs to correct its attitude towards the cross-development between games. The best thing now is that EA has realized that they should really do this to increase players’ loyalty to their games and increase product sales. But the attitude of EA Sports leaders on this issue is still unclear. The Madden team is trying to get more players into the upcoming Madden 21. In the past few years, the Madden team introduced content to satisfy players every year. It also allows the game team to make a lot of money, and players’ attitude towards Madden games is always positive.

Now EA technicians are seriously developing cross-platform games aimed at providing players with a better gaming experience. Every player is actively preparing for the battle and reserves a sufficient amount of Madden Coins for use. They believe that there is room for improvement in the operation of EA. If successful, Madden players will definitely be more willing to Buy MUT Coins to increase the revenue of the game team.
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  • 30 июня 2020, 06:32

Madden players can get a lot of useful information from Deep Dive

EA showed Madden players the recent changes and additional features that will appear in Madden 21 in the live broadcast three days ago. Many players now wish to experience the beta version of Madden 21 as soon as possible. It has greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of players for Madden games and the demand for MUT Coins is increasing.

Players saw Agent K and Clint Oldenburg discuss all important game details about Madden 21. Players did not see too many new shots in the trailer but only saw the game scene and some game screenshots. The game team mainly updated and improved the positioning system and game functions. In addition, the player’s figure effect and movement performance will become more gorgeous and beautiful. Players can now also view the specific game performance of the pass in Madden.

Madden team originally planned to release the Madden 21 Beta four days ago. But the news now is that players still need to wait for a while to enter Madden 21 to start the game. They hope to have more potential players join the beta of Madden 21 to build momentum for the game. Players who spend a lot of energy and Madden Coins will also receive the code to receive the player card.

Players can also follow various social media to view the Madden 21 Beta code released by the Madden team. Those who have received the code will also post the code on social media or forum communities. Players who want to enter Madden 21 as early as possible should browse various social networking sites for more than a few weeks. Tomorrow is another Madden 21 Deep Dive. Players have already felt the tension in Madden 21’s upcoming release. It’s time to Buy MUT Coins to prepare for the next game. Rush it!
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  • 29 июня 2020, 06:41

The strongest UL players Ka Jackson and Bobby Bell come to Madden 20 Ultimate Legends Group 23

The last MUT event started last Saturday. Bo Jackson from the Oakland Raiders is the cover character of this event. Outside linebacker Bobby Bell and left-back Joe Klecko are also the stars of this event. Smart players have reserved enough MUT Coins for them.

After many players got the strength enhancement in the last event, Sean Taylor was very satisfied with his game performance and looked forward to getting more powerful players from this event. Bo Jackson and Madden 20 Ultimate Legends Group 23 means that players have only a little time left to buy these players. Many people are trying to get enough Madden Coins to get a Golden Ticket Bo Jackson with a total score of 99.

Players have only the last two days to buy Joe Klecko. After this period, players can only get him at a higher price in the auction house. They can also exchange five ordinary UL cards to Bo Jackson or Bobby Bell. The way to get these ordinary UL cards is to try your luck in an auction house or get a deal with someone. Players can also earn a lot of Madden Coins, Bobby Bell and Bo Jackson by completing the four ultimate challenges in the game.

The prerequisite for getting Ultimate Legends players is that players need to purchase a full set of Ultimate Legends tokens. It is worthwhile for players with low economic level to be thankful that they can continue to challenge challenges to get rich MUT Coins so that they do not have to spend a lot of money to Buy MUT Coins. Stay tuned for more exciting content!

The end of Madden 20 series 5 has made players gain a lot

Many players have already experienced the activities of Madden 20 Series 5 and gained many powerful player cards. The exciting content of the NFL playoffs made players hooked. They are happy to get stronger player cards as their access to MUT Coins becomes wider. Some players have thought about how they treat the Series 4 trophies that have passed.

They can get a lot of rewards by completing solo battles and weekend leagues. Players need to spend 220 trophies if they want to get the Touchdown Pack. Or they can spend 65,000 coins or three elite players with a total score of 83 or more in exchange for card packages. Players can also get 25,000 coins or players by obtaining the Redzone package.

Brandin Cooks has excellent performance on both offense and defense. With a total score of 97, he has 99 points of technical action and 95 of brutal strength. If players can well use this card, they can get significant advantages and many trophies in the game. Many players reach their limit after reaching 80. The scores of many player cards in the MUT will definitely change in the next update. Players will find that their player cards now score even 90 points. In addition, they can receive rewards such as Pat Tillman and Tory Holt’s Master token.

Madden team will definitely continue to provide more interesting content for players. Their priority now is to use Madden Coins to gain more game experience to use their powerful player cards as early as possible in the upcoming Madden 21. There will be more legendary players in the fresh Madden game. Players need to Buy MUT Coins as soon as possible to prepare.
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Patrick Mahomes with a total score of 99 was once the strongest player card in the MUT

As we all know, the player who can win the MVP title must be the strongest player in the MUT. Players can probably guess that if they buy MVP players, they will definitely need to spend a lot of MUT Coins. With the end of the NFL season, the Kansas City Chiefs became the current Super Bowl champion team and won the title of the annual NFL team.

Affected by the epidemic, many people cannot watch the exciting and intense NFL games on the spot. They can only play Madden 20 at home to get the happiness that rugby brings to them. It is still an important factor in working players’ gaming experience. The excellent news is that players can see MVP player cards listed for sale in Madden 20.

The total score of players who won the MVP title in the Super Bowl reached an astonishing 99 points. Players with good economic conditions can buy him to reinforce the self-built lineup. The pleasant news is that players need not spend a lot of Madden Coins to get him. They need to use several Masters cards to exchange two MVP cards. Many players are not willing to abandon the Masters card in their hands. Another piece of wonderful news is that players can also get the NAT version of Present Masters and a Master card you have chosen if they have swapped the MVP card.

Patrick Mahomes’ excellent performance in the Super Bowl game earned him the title of MVP. Mahomes successfully took the team to the Super Bowl finals through precise positioning. Players call him the best player card ever. All his data can satisfy players’ desire for victory. Players who want him to Buy MUT Coins as soon as possible. The number of Madden Coins he needs to spend is not large, which is in line with the economic level of most people.
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  • 24 июня 2020, 07:19