The Problem of Evil

According to the theists the problem of evil refers to the difficulty in linking notion of evil to the notion of God and God’s existence. Theists believe in the existence of God, who is the creator of the entire universe and the source of all good. The problem of evil, however, constantly arises due to evil’s unexplained nature and the fact that evil strongly acts in the modern world. The problem mentioned above concentrates mostly on the following questions: Is God the source of evil or is it Man and Satan who are responsible for all the negative actions in the today’s world? In the defense of God, Augustine, who is one of the most prominent theologians, argues that God was deprived of his goodness through Man’s and Satan’s free will. The purpose of this paper is to critically examine the problem of evil and demonstrate that the defense by Augustine is insufficient in resolving this problem

The Problem of Evil
The problem of evil is a hypothesis created to denounce the idea of the existence of God. It also seeks to explore the imperfections of the world by assessing the existence of evil in the world. Moreover, the justification for the existence of evil in the world serves also as a foundation for the atheists’ arguments about the inexistence of God. It should also be mentioned that theists believe in the existence of God who is Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent; literally, He is the foundation of all the good things in the world as He is good Himself. From the above insight, therefore, one more idea develops – the existence of God and evil in the world are complete contradictions. The last statement, in its turn, casts doubts on the existence of God.

Famous philosopher John Wittgensteinian, however, argues that God Himself detests evil and is eager to punish those who engage in evil in His own created world. For the reason of punishment, God has His Judgement Day where all the evil doers will be judged with regard to their actual deeds, and according to the theists, God will rebuke all evil doers with a complete and thorough Judgement.

An outstanding Greek philosopher Epicurus logically exposed the problem of evil. His argument relies on the fact that if Omnipresent, Omnibenevolent and Omnipotent God actually exists, then it follows that evil does not exist in the world. He, however, demonstrates that there is much evil on the earth. Basing on the premise mentioned above, therefore, Omnibenevolent, Omnipresent and Omnipresent God does not exist. One more conclusion that might be drawn from the two premises above is that Epicurus believes that God truly exists and this God is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omnibenevolent. Above two propositions being suggested, therefore, it follows that the Omnibenevolent God would fight to prevent as much as possible of evil in the world. Likewise, if God was Omniscient, then he would easily realize all the forms and manners in which evil manifests itself and would have an understanding of how to prevent the evil. Furthermore, God would have the authority to prevent all the evil in the world also because of His Omnipotent nature. God, therefore, is a being who knows how evil comes by; He knows the ways to prevent it and has the actual power to do it. One more logical conclusion, hence, can be made that since the existence of evil in the world defeats all the above premises, then Omnipresent, Omnibenevolent and Omnipotent God does not exist. As a consequence, it gives rise to the problem of evil. The theists, however, respond to the above argument by stating that God does exist and He only allows evil to prevail because of his common good. One of the ways in which evil exists for the common good is through the free will of Man as will be discussed later in the defense of Free Will concept created by Augustine.

In addition, some philosophers who are convinced theists attempt to solve the above problem of evil by denoting that it appears likely for God and evil to exist at the same time. American analytic philosopher Alvin Plantinga, for example, solves the above problem of evil by stating that there exists a powerful non-human being who is responsible for all the evil in the world. The being is what is referred to as Satan. Plantinga also concedes the fact that as God is Omnipotent he has the power to prevent all the evil.

The Bible was written to create morality in the society by teaching people about the Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omnibenevolent God. In Genesis, however, in the story of the creation of Adam and Eve, the Bible mentions God invoking the growth of the tree of life – the tree of good food and the tree that at the same time exposes the Knowledge of what is good and evil. From the above Bible’s verses, it follows that God is an evil God. Some philosophers, therefore, conclude that God is not Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omnibenevolent: if He was truly loving, He would not permit to grow the evil tree in the Garden of Eden. God is regarded as being less powerful because He failed to prevent the growth of an evil tree in the Garden of Eden. In Genesis’ chapter six, God also exposes his anger and violence against the people by saying that he was going to destroy all human beings on the entire earth. He finally destroyed everyone through killing except Noah and his family. The fact of God being enraged and the act of killing, therefore, cannot prove that God is Omnibenevolent and loving. Hence, according to Biblical exposition itself, God exists, but He is not Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omnibenevolent.

The Defense of Free Will by Augustine
Augustine presents an unyielding defense to the idea that God truly exists and that He is an Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omnibenevolent being. In this defense, Augustine argues that the presence of evil in the world is the result of Satan’s and Man’s actions and they actually deprived God of His goodness. According to the theologian, God is good, He gave Man a free will and decided to exercise Man’s will. Eventually, Man chose to deprive God of His goodness. Augustine’s arguments are premised on the Bible, namely Genesis chapter one to Genesis chapter three, which reveal the story of the creation. The chapters espouse that God is the creator of the Universe and created it in a perfect manner, free of any evil and suffering. Adam and Eve, however, decided to test their free will on the fruits from the forbidden tree and chose evil upon their lives. Thus, they lived a perfect life in the Garden of Eden until they brought a curse upon themselves by choosing evil over good. In the Old Testament, the Book of Genesis 1:31 states that after creation, “God looked at all that he had made and saw that it was very good.” According to Augustine, therefore, evil is referred to as the deprivation of the goodness of something. He compares it with blindness, which he defines as the taking away of sight. Augustine concludes that evil is not an entity by itself and so blindness is and, evil, consequently, is not a result of God’s creation but rather a man’s free will.
Augustine further explains that Satan was once God’s Angel but chose evil through trying to compete with God to deprive Him of his goodness. Just like human beings, the Angels also have their free will granted by God. It is the free will that the Angels and human beings have used to take the goodness from God and doomed themselves for worse conditions. In Genesis Chapter three, for example, the fall of man came as a result of the disobedience against God by choosing to commit sin against God. The pain and suffering sensed by man today, thus, are the consequences of man’s disobedience. The Garden of Eden from the beginning was a perfect place which man chose to ruin by himself. Man’s sin, therefore, ruined his perfect relationship with God.

In response to the existence of natural evil, Augustine argues that evil emerged as a result of the disorderliness created by man through sin. Everything was in a perfect order until man chose to go against the order by doing an unnatural act. Consequently, the natural evil is a result of God’s punishment of man who committed a sin. In response to the moral evil, on the other hand, Augustine argues that man had a free will and the mind to depict what was good and bad. Man, however, performed an act of disobedience by choosing to do the opposite of what his mind told him to be the truth. Hence, the moral sin is a result of man’s own free will. The theologian further argues that the whole humanity deserves the punishment of God as a result of Adam’s Act since we all seminally share in the Loins of Adam. In response to whether God is loving, Augustine argues that God is just God, and He has a right of whether intervening or not; in any case, the man deserves a penalty because the suffering is a result of his own choice. However, man can choose to evade punishment by deciding to choose salvation. In the next subheading, it will be proved that the defense by Augustine lacks of the convincing arguments while proving that man is responsible for evil in the world. Moreover, overprotection of God by Augustine will be completely exposed.

Impressiveness of Augustine’s Defense
Hick critiques the free will defense by stating that the magnitude of man’s suffering is undeserving of the people who were never part of the sin committed by Adam. God is punishing innocent people for the mistakes they never committed. This depicts God as lacking of a loving nature. Hick further argues that it is either human beings ask of an evil-free world from God or take the world the way it is. If God, however, gives human beings the free will and places evil in the world, then God is evil. If God intended the world to be perfect and free of evil, He would have to foresee that human beings would abuse the free will to engage in sinful acts. Thus, it results from God’s intention to create evil and because of that human beings should not be blamed for it as proposed by Augustine.

Secondly, from the very existence of human beings and the introduction of evil into the world, God had already determined the actions and the future of man. He knew that once in a lifetime, human beings will either choose to be evil or choose to be good. As such, God had already predetermined man’s destiny. Consequently, man cannot be said to have a free will to evil. Evil, therefore, cannot be brought to the world by human beings through their free will but that God introduced evil to the world from the very beginning.

In conclusion, the problem of evil presents a very critical argument and foundation for atheists’ idea of the inexistence of God. Since the theists base their arguments on the fact that God is Omnipresent, Omnibenevolent and Omnipotent, evil becomes a problem to such an idea as it completely defeats the fact that God is loving. God cannot be loving if he chose evil for the world from the beginning. Theologian Augustine presents a defense to the idea that God is Omnipresent, Omnibenevolent and Omnipotent by stating that evil arose as a result of man’s free will. The argument is, however, not convincing enough as from the very beginning God gave man evil and good and knew that at one point man will exercise his free will. Evil is, therefore, a result of God Himself.

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Impacts of Globalization

Impacts of Globalization
The advent of technology has made a great impact on people’s lives over the years. An unalienable aspect of technological development is globalization. It is defined as the process that results in international integration and the global sharing of views, ideas and various aspects of culture. The opposite points of view on globalization are present within society. One side’s argument is that it has negative effect on people’s lives and therefore, should not be encouraged. However, those, who support of globalization, state that it is essential for humanity’s well-being. I believe that globalization is positively changing our lives encouraging mixing of cultures, economic growth and sharing of knowledge making the world a more peaceful place.
One of the ways, through which globalization has changed people’s lives positively, is its encouragement of innovation; and therefore, it enhances economic growth. Globalization leads to innovation because it has created a pillar for people’s interaction. Nowadays, irrespective of the geographical distance, people can communicate with one another and share business ideas. In the long-term perspective, people, who become exposed to new ways of doing things, are likely to turn their ideas into business plans and thus create working places as well as to contribute to global economic growth. The long-term impact of globalization increases employment opportunities and leads to economic growth, helping people to lead a better life.
Another way in which globalization affects people’s lives positively is that it enhances people’s to interaction and learning from each other. Historically, people’s lack of knowledge of cultural differences was one of the major causes of wars between countries. With globalization, people can move from one place to another and learn from each other, avoiding conflicts and finding the best ways to communicate. The result of this interaction is the understanding and appreciation of each other’s cultures. Consequently, globalization contributes to the mutual understanding of people from different cultures that helps them to avoid conflicts.
Those people, who oppose the concept of globalization’s positive influence on humanity state that it leads to decay of cultures. In fact, globalization leads to the movement of people from different cultures and allow them to mix or integrate with each other. As France has resisted the cultural imperialism of the United States, it has arguably achieved its greatest success in the realm of food. For instance, the newcomers from cultures that promote violent behaviors such as stealing and child abuse can help members of the other culture to adopt these negative actions. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter also make people adopt some of the practices, language and behaviors of the people from other cultures. However, globalization offers more pros than cons. For instance, it improves health rates, education levels, and social conditions (like the status of women). Therefore, the positive influence of globalization outweighs its negative ones.
Thus, even though some people believe in that globalization can lead to extinction of cultures, it is evident that it has a lot of positive impacts such as encouraging mixing of cultures, economic growth and sharing of knowledge that help people to avoid conflicts. One of the positive impacts of globalization contributes to encouragement of innovation and therefore, to creation of employment opportunities. Globalization also allows people to interact, share and learn each other’s cultures avoiding misunderstandings. It is evident that the benefits of globalization seem to outweigh the negative impacts, and therefore, it should be encouraged.

Carol Bennett, writer at and a blogger.

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Flag Football Team

The phenomenon of leadership has existed in the world for ages. Since the first years of the society establishment, there have been people who were at the head of communities and had power and influence on the community members. These people made all the important decisions and led others to the common goals. Even though not every leader was successful, the tendency of choosing a person responsible for the social life in a certain group was obvious. The history of the humanity shows that people need to be guided. No community can exist without being led by a person or a group of people. Leaders can be different, but the place of a leader is never vacant. It is common practice for a group of people, united by a common goal, to have a leader. No one can imagine a company without a director, a party without a political leader, or an athletic team without a captain. In this paper, the role and influence of the leader in a football team will be discussed. A football team is a striking example of a group of people, pursuing the common aim and strongly depending on its leader. The leader of a football team should unite all the players and encourage them to do their best in order to achieve the common goal of the whole team – the victory as you can read in many essays

There exist a number of leadership theories which try to determine the key features of a leader and the conditions of successful leadership. Most of them can be applied to the leadership in a football team. However, situational approach proves to be the most suitable because football as any sport is a very quick and dynamic activity and the leader’s flexibility is the key to success. In this approach, leaders observe, change, and adapt to the situation at hand, and leadership effectiveness is determined by the extent to which leaders can match their styles to the followers to meet organizational goals. The goals of a football team can be long-term such as becoming the winner of a championship or short-term such as winning a match. If it is a long-term goal, the leader should have the strategy and lead the team towards achieving the goal, taking into account possibly changing conditions. Though this type of leadership is divided into task-oriented and people-oriented styles, it is important for a football team leader to combine, or rather, to switch from one style to another. While aspiring to the goals and finding possible ways to achieve them, it is important to take notice of the people in the team, their personality, and psychological state.

A football team is a small group of people. Therefore, every member of the group is of great importance. The leader should carefully choose the approach to people, depending on the situation. It is sometimes necessary to encourage the person, to carry conviction and to make the player do his best during the game. There are situations when the leader should be understanding and loyal to some problems that can be in the players’ personal life, which might hamper their good performance.
However, the general fundamental of effective leadership is the evaluation of the players’ competence and commitment and the incorporation of necessary activities to balance these qualities. For example, if the leader sees that some of the players perform very well, have a lot of stamina, but are not initiative and active during the trainings, the task of the leader is to encourage them and to help the team make benefit of their good performance. It is necessary to find out the reasons for the lack of commitment and try to eliminate them. Meanwhile, there are players who are very enthusiastic and active, but lack competence. The leader’s solution might be to improve their performance and to organize the teamwork in such a way that they could acquire new skills.

There is no doubt that in order to achieve the aim, the leader should have power and influence in the group. Moreover, the power is given to the leader by his position itself. The members of the football team understand that their captain is responsible for the strategy of the game and taken decisions. This fact already gives the leader the influence on the players. However, it is very important to use this power in a proper way and to influence the members efficiently. There are two types of power, namely “hard power” and “soft power”. Hard power’ uses coercion or inducement, whereas ‘soft power’ relies on personal or relational power to get others to do what you want them to do. In our team, the players are more receptive to the “soft power”. Many of them do not accept strict orders and coercion. Presently, our leader often resorts to hard power. He gives the instructions, not asking for the feedback from the team. Thus, the leader becomes more of a dictator. I would change this strategy for the one, which consolidates the team and leads it to the victory in order to establish confidential atmosphere of mutual assistance. The influence on the players should be subtle. On the one hand, there are situations, when it is necessary to make decisions and give precise directions. On the other hand, the strategy of “hard power” should not dominate because the football team is the team where people should be enthusiastic about the work and eager to train a lot and to come up with creative approaches to the game. Therefore, in my opinion, “soft power” would be more efficient in our team.

While implementing the strategy of the team, the best influential tactic to be used is rational persuasion. The leader should explain the goals of the team and the clear steps towards their achievement. Thus, the team will easily understand the plan and respect the leader more, which will add to his power and consequently to his influence on them.

In this context, it is necessary to pay attention to the key concepts of transformational and transactional leadership in a football team. Transformational approach seems to be more effective in this case. The main principle of the transformational approach is to encourage the player to achieve the goal and to make him believe that he can do it. Leaders with transformational approach do not behave as dictators. They lead the followers by their own example. They treat people as their companions and help to achieve the shared goal as well as their personal goals. Thus, they transform the followers and help them become more self-confident and feel more comfortable within the group. For example, when a player cannot play well because his family are against such a hobby, thinking that it is a waste of time, the player might feel the psychological pressure and guilt all the time. The leader might have a talk with him to persuade him to be committed to his hobby, to leave aside all his problems and plunge into the game. Thus, the player starts thinking more about the game, plays better, and the whole team gains from it.

If the leader used the transactional approach, in other words, just gave direct orders, he would not be successful. Transactional leadership can be applied in big companies where there are a lot of people, and the goal of managers is to give the task and to check its fulfillment. On the one hand, in an athletic team, any kind of such direction may lead to ruining the atmosphere among the players. On the other hand, there are such situations, when the leader gives the instructions and the players should obey. However, it is impossible to base successful leadership in a football team solely on transactional approach. It is necessary to bring-up successful, self-confident, and critically thinking players.

The transactional leadership presupposes that the leader is a charismatic person with a set of traits that make him a successful leader, as only a person with outstanding character can change people and be followed by other members. The traits and characteristics of an effective football team leader should include total commitment to the group, good performance, cooperativeness, high energy, achievement orientation, and self-confidence. The football team leader should be an example for other players, a person whom they would listen to in a critical situation.

The commitment to the group is displayed in the genuine interest in all members of the group and their participation as well as in the common goal of the group. By his own example, the leader shows that the interests of the group as a whole are of high importance to him and he does his best to contribute to the common performance. As a result, he displays good performance, which makes him an authority in the group, as he shows himself as an expert and a skillful player. A person with the lack of skills will never guide the group as everybody will think themselves better than him.

Increased activity of the leader means the capacity to train long hours and to encourage others to do the same. Energetic leaders give the incentive to work to all the players and show that there is no place for laziness. Cooperativeness means that the leader is open to new proposals and initiatives from the players; he has no primary and secondary people in the team. He appreciates all the people for who they are and understands their important role in the team. Achievement oriented leader works out a strategy to win and, while trying to find approach to people, never forgets that he leads his team to better results. Moreover, he does not let other players forget about it. Finally, the football team leader should be self-confident as making quick decisions, encouraging people, and working out strategies is impossible without the assurance of success. In addition to all these traits, one of the most important key concepts of the leadership is self-awareness, which means that a person should fully understand and control own feelings and emotions. When leaders are not self-aware, it is doubtful they can be aware of others. Being self-aware means being able to see and understand your emotions and feelings and how they affect you in your work and your private life. As a result, you can accurately evaluate your weaknesses and strengths.

All these traits of character help the leader organize the work of the team and his leadership activity as well. The leader should always have a clear vision of the goal, understanding of the purpose of the team and, of course, the strategy of the goal achievement. Football is a game where strategy is of key importance. If there is no strategy, it is impossible to win. Therefore, the main aim of the leader is to build a good successful strategy and to implement it with the help of the team members. For this purpose, the leader should have a vision of the goal, in other words, understand the aim of the team and transfer this vision to all members of the team. The vision helps the members have a clear objective, which organizes them throughout the work. In order to support the vision, it is necessary to state the mission of the team. It might be the representation of the college, town, or even country. At every stage, the mission of the team is of great importance. It supports the group, gives better understanding of the purpose of their work and encourages the players. It makes them more responsible for what they are doing as their activity becomes purposeful not only for them personally but also for other people.

Undoubtedly, the concepts of vision and mission help the leader work out a good and clear strategy of the future work. A football team without a strategy is like a working group without a plan. It becomes chaotic and has no concerted actions, which prevents the team from achieving the goal. The leadership, in its turn, also supports the vision, mission, and strategy of the team because the leader is the person who builds up the strategy, defines the vision of the goal, and the mission of the team and transfers these concepts to all members of the team. The leader’s responsibility is to maintain the team, to lead it in the needed direction and to provide the implementation of the strategy. Having a strategy is not enough; leaders must then use their power and influence to motivate, persuade, and win over the collaboration of followers to attain the organization’s goals—but must be careful not to exceed their ethical and legal responsibilities when using power and influence.

If I were the leader of the team, I would change the psychological atmosphere among the players. Presently, there are separate coalitions in the group, which often speak a different language. Therefore, while training or playing a game, players in the team rather listen to their friends in the coalition than to the whole team. It separates the team and prevents us from winning the matches. If I were the leader, I would do my best to establish understanding in the team and to show the players that each of them is indispensable part of one mechanism. Unlike big companies, where it is difficult to trace the interdependence of the team members, it is easy to show the importance of each other in a football team. Discussing the team strategy during the game, the players can clearly see the tasks and functions of each of them.

Secondly, if I were the leader, I would be more open to the ideas of other team members. In football, it is very important to have a strategy of the game and to adapt it to the changing course of the game. In my opinion, the leader should reserve the right to choose the best strategy. However, in order to achieve the highest result, the leader should know the principles of relationship management. He should encourage all the players to provide their ideas; he should discuss the game, analyze the mistakes and show the players that their opinion is important and influential for the whole team. Successful leaders are good communicators able to create and sustain relationships, thus building broad networks of people and setting the stage for unprecedented collaboration.

All things considered, the leadership is an art, which demands a high level of self-organization and the knowledge of the key principles of the relationship management. Working with people, the leader should take into account the fact that he depends on the people he works with. No goals can be achieved if the leader does not work with a group of people as with a living organism and does not adapt to the quickly changing situations. A football team leader is a person, who should be a role model for other players. Therefore, he should display outstanding personal qualities and high level of commitment to the group. Thus, the team players would be able to implement the game strategy of the team leader to achieve both the shared and personal goals.

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Be creative
It was previously believed that essay writing only includes putting your ideas on a paper, in the shadow of the existing theories you have to be creative being relevant to the topic you are writing about. Critics used to think that creativity has only a little role to play in the essay writing, while authenticity and relativity are the essences of essay writing. Well, time changes everything. Now-a-days, creativity and uniqueness in essay writing, is as important as authenticity and cultural relativity. Teachers or tutors also have a keen eye for creativity and the art of storytelling that one implements, in order to make the stance powerful and more appealing. Even educational institutes like the universities of Oxford and Cambridge are also following the same pattern in terms of paper and essay writing. Moreover, majority of colleges and universities are encouraging their learners to publish their writing online. This is very important since appreciation can enhance the student’s confidence to assist them in taking broad steps towards becoming excellent academic writers. The best part is; Academic Writing Pro offers very affordable and cheap essay writing services for the students
Taking help and inspiration from old papers
Without an inspiration, your work will never capture the appeal you want. Researching for an inspiration is vital to essay writing, as it helps you pen down your thoughts in a better and more effective way. Sadly, this is not followed as such. Majority of teachers make their students replicate the old essays or papers, and to extend the argument given but the original author of the original essay or paper. Extending the argument is also a good technique as it helps the students learn about data gathering, analyzing, as well as developing other basic skills required in the essay writing.
Choose Your Own Topic
Previously, it was practiced that the instructors used to choose the topics of research or essay writing for the students. But now, there is not much difference between academic and a non-academic topic. Professors have a huge interest in seeing what captivates or inspires the students and how they explore them logically. Tutors have been taking the initiative and letting their students choose a topic of their own interest, to enhance their interest in academic writing and producing high quality essays and papers
Use of Technology
Technology played the central role in altering the trends of researching and writing. Introduction of internet has transformed the learning process in many ways. The students have all the means to research as much as they want, related to the topic of the essay they are writing. They can send a soft copy of their essay to their instructor or to a fellow student for proof reading and suggestions regarding improvement. Social media can become a very effective tool for gathering data for your essay or research paper. Moreover, tutors are introducing innovative ideas, to use technology and internet, so that the students can improve their research skills and craft a high-quality essay or research paper.
Test Your Research Skills
People are of the view that writing an essay is the most important phase of the paper writing process. Writing has its own importance, but the research that goes into that writing is the thing that makes an essay effective or ineffective. Read about new research skills; keep a keen eye on the new trends in essay writing and most of all you make sure your data is based on facts. Searching on Google is a whole new skill set now and is very high in demand. Polish you search engine usage skills to gather appealing and factual information. Essay based on «not so common» facts is very appealing to the readers. You are one-click away from choosing the best essay writing services
Make Proofreading Your Habit
A content that is free from grammar and spelling mistakes is very important for academic writing purposes. Crafting an essay and assignment that is full of typos and grammar mistakes will ruin your impression. To avoid this, you need to conduct a thorough reviewing and proofreading for the paper to be impressive.
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