Path of Exile: Heist is released today on PC and Mac

PC and Mac users can start playing the new «Path of Exile: Heist» expansion game today, and console gamers can start playing the game before next week. No matter which version of the gamer you are, you can Buy POE Currency at After sitting down with Chris Wilson, managing director and co-founder of developer Grinding Gear Games, Screen Rant was able to preview the expansion of Path of Exile and learn about its new features a few weeks ago.

The extension was originally supposed to be released in June 2020, but this year has been undermining the best plan. However, despite being still locked, the team is finally ready to release the latest «Path of Exile: Heist» content. The game borrows heavily from Blizzard's «Diablo» series, from top to bottom to achieve the dungeon crawling mechanism, but also provides a lot of its own features, especially in character customization.

After some delay, «Path of Exile: Heist» was released today on PC and Mac, but console players must wait until September 23 to get started. This expansion will allow players to seek the help of highly skilled thieves to help them penetrate «safe facilities to obtain valuable cultural relics.» As the title of the extension indicates, players must use stealth while avoiding security, lest they are overwhelmed by guards. After the artifact is retrieved, the player will have to retreat to the extraction point after the alarm is automatically triggered. If caught, the player will lose everything stolen from the facility. Path of Exile: Heist will feature a lot of new content, such as Heist alliances, unique items, a new set of spells, etc. Like the base game «Path of Exile:Heist» will be free. It also introduces new NPCs, skills, items, and a new area called Rogue Harbor.

In addition to the popularity of the game, one of the most interesting selling points of «Path of Exile» is that it is a free game without any payment. Many games have free-to-play games as a selling point, but they often also provide game advantages for players who conduct microtransactions. Although you can grow in the game without using microtransactions, the road to prosperity is long and arduous. The Path of Exile seemed to be proud of avoiding this divisive approach, instead choosing to focus on quality and fairness.

Grinding Gear Games highlighted «Path of Exile»: Robbers can play the game for free, thanks to its commitment to promoting fair competition among fans. People are free to choose what they think is appropriate to spend money, and the company also needs to earn income to continue operating, but bringing a competitive advantage to those who have more Exalted Orb than others is a huge obstacle for many participants. The success of «Path of Exile» so far, the game seems to be doing well.
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What is the release date of Path of Exile 2?

For players on «Path of Exile», entering the core game requires a lot of learning, and new players may have too many skill trees to understand how to build characters. With Exalted Orb, players can choose a lot of creativity and variety, so that the choices are endless, but dedicated players invest a lot of time.

Primis Player placeholder
Existing players may not want to give up all the work they have invested in the game, and new players may not know where to start. Fortunately, «Path of Exile 2» can generate the same Atlas endgame, which means that the game's campaigns are different, but can ultimately lead to the same endgame.

What is the release date of Path of Exile 2?
Currently, no exact release date has been set. However, the developer Grinding Gear Games has promised to provide at least one Beta by the end of 2020. If not, players can expect to see the situation around early 2021. Due to the Beta release date, it is expected that the official release date of the game will not appear until the end of 2021 or even 2022. Therefore, you have considerable time to continue to try «Path of Exile» to see if everything works for you.

The background of Path of Exile 2.
Twenty years after Kitawa's death, new power has been created, and those who wish to take away what they think are right will also have new power. There are 19 upgrades to choose from, and a new skill gem system can be used, which gives players the opportunity to directly insert their support gems into skill gems. You can also expect to see new armor and weapons progress, and Buy POE Currency will apply to the new game.
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Be careful and serious is the highest survival rule in POE Heist

In the Heist League, players can see two new things, contracts and markers. This is exclusive to this league. Markers is a new form of currency, you can exchange various skills and services with Rogues. Players mainly use it and POE Currency to buy some helpful items for the robbery. If they can steal the treasure stipulated in the contract, they can sell the treasure to Fence to get many markers to maintain the follow-up robbery needs.

Contracts are areas or maps of the world representing the locations of the robbery. Each contract is attached to the artifact that needs to be stolen. Players can use the dropped contracts or modifiers to make their own contracts. The higher the quality of the drafted contract, the more difficult the robbery they need to face.

To offset the increased difficulty of the game team, the more rewards players can get if they rob. The throes of the various modifiers are random, but like all handcrafted items in POE, players quickly discover a pool of modifiers that contains the specific currency with which it changed them. Like most POE leagues, they can loot at level 3. Loot is essentially a new map added to the game that can accessed before the in-game content used up.

All in all, players who can master Heist's gameplay are bound to develop smoothly in the game. In Rogue Port, they also need to observe the specialties of each thief and form a team of thieves with good abilities in all aspects to start the robbery based on their own needs and actual economic strength. If they don't do it well, they are very likely to be caught by the guards and they will get nothing. Players had better Buy POE Currency and POE Items to start all this again because that would be more secure.

GGG made major adjustments to the existing skill types in the game before releasing Heist

What makes POE players excited is that tomorrow they can experience the mysterious fun of Heist. The Harvest League has officially ended, so they need another way to get POE Currency. Some players have previously reported that some skills in the game are too strong, which is not conducive to the balance of game development. Therefore, GGG has recently changed the existing skills in the game, so that each player will equally enter the new league.

The POE game team first added some brand new items to the game to increase the diversity of the construction. As always, after entering the game, players need to create their own character and use some POE Items to improve attributes. POE Heist allows players to go to Rogue Harbour to summon some capable thieves, and then they need to develop a detailed action plan before they can start robbing the treasure.

When the players enter the new league experience tomorrow, they will discover what effect the improved skills can play. The most representative is the revolutionary change of curse skills. Players can use these skills to help the entire robbery to carry out smoothly and quickly escape the scene after being successful, so as not to be caught by the guards to lose money.

The improved skills also include those that can help players restore their health and mana, those that can help players become invisible, those that can help players increase attack damage, and so on. Mac players can also enjoy the same treatment as players on other platforms tomorrow, but they should not forget to Buy POE Currency, which is very useful before entering the game.

Path of Exile: The League of Robbery that Beginners Need to Know

Path of Exile finally entered the Mac with the help of Heist. This is a new expansion pack that focuses on discovering, hidden treasures and hard-won POE Currency.

«Path of Exile: Heist» is one of the most ambitious expansions of Grinding Gear Game so far. It is expected to provide the game with brand new equipment, mechanisms and content, including new looters and a large number of spells and weapons. A new area will also be unlocked, The Rogue Harbour, where players will be able to recruit thieves to help them with robberies. Once players have completed enough heists, they can unlock the most valuable and exclusive loot of the big heist.

Initiating a heist will require some exploration and production, and players can see the requirements and goals of each heist contract so they can plan ahead. Looting marks are also needed. These marks can be used to roam in rogue ports and can be used as currency for rogue ports. If players do not enter the endgame, they will not be attracted by these content, which is good news for Mac players, who finally got the game through this update.

For many players, what makes this new league interesting is its unique focus on stealth. Heists don't seem to need serious planning, coordination and execution to successfully complete the mission, instead of frantically breaking through the room and blowing up the enemy with AOE attacks. If the player does trigger the alarm, all the loot they cannot escape will be lost forever. Retrieving the artifact at the end of the level will also trigger an alarm, reducing the hoard of enemies seen in the trailer, so once the thief is done, the player should be ready to fight. The combination of tense stealth segments and heartbreaking escapes promises to make this new content incredibly exciting.

Players can choose and customize 13 different Rogues to be used in their heist. This is critical because all kinds of looters will require players to change their teams so that they can bring the most optimized thief for each type of looter. Players can only carry one thief among regular looters, so they should make sure that they have the right thief to do the job. At the end of each heist, Rogue will gain experience, and players will find items that can be equipped for Rogue to change and improve skills.

Then, of course there are spoils. Each Heist has a major cultural relic, and exploring the map will also discover a variety of different and unique treasures. Although be careful, trying to steal all the last items will raise the siren to dangerous heights, and all kinds of enemies and traps are waiting. Thieves trinkets, substitute quality gems, uniqueness of copies and basic types of experiments are some of the exclusive loot found in the heist. This is the highest expression of the player's efforts in discovering blueprints, leveling and customizing their Rogue companions and completing routine robberies. The best treasure awaits the most skilled thieves. Exalted Orb enables players to form powerful weapons and achieve the purpose of robbery as soon as possible.
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What players can know from the latest expansion of POE

After about four days, POE players will experience POE Heist on Mac. The focus of the new Heist League is that players can use the league mechanism to discover and rob those valuable treasures to sell or exchange for POE Currency or other rare items they need.

GGG declared that POE Heist will be one of the best leagues they have ever produced. We expect it to provide a whole new set of equipment, mechanisms and content for the game, including new looters and many spells, weapons and upgrades. A new area called Port of Thieves will also be unlocked, and players will recruit thieves to help them with robberies. Once players have completed enough heists, they can unlock the Great Heists, the most valuable and exclusive loot.

They need some exploration and production before they start the robbery. Players need to know the various requirements and goals of each heist contract so they can plan. They also need the robbery mark which can wander in the thieves’ port, and as the currency of the thieves’ port. If players have not yet entered the endgame, they will not be attracted by these content.

The mystery of POE Heist is attracting batches of players to join the game. The rapid increase in the player base has also increased their demand for POE Orbs and POE Items. Before the new expansion and the rest of the POE activities this month arrive, it is very necessary for players to Buy POE Currency to improve their resilience in the face of complex situations.

The POE team boss is very proud of the development of the game over the years

After all, every player has his or her own preferences, so every time all players will certainly not accept a league released by GGG. After they release each league, the game team will make improvements based on some of the problems players faced at the beginning of the game. For example, players did not pick up POE Currency after killing monsters. This approach enhances the players’ loyalty to POE and also makes the game team more motivated to play the game.

Each league lasts for three months. This time period can ensure that players get a full game experience without making players feel boring and always look forward to the next new league. The game team has changed its development strategy. Thanks to a series of exciting activities to launch by GGG recently, many players who have played POE before but are not playing now have returned. The number of returning players far exceeds the number of players when POE was first released 7 years ago. Chris Wilson is very proud of the success of POE.

Throughout the ten years of development, this vision and determination has never wavered to ensure that this title truly fulfills its desire to play forever. The purpose of GGG’s development of POE is not only for profit but also to relieve people’s pressure in the actual world and enhance communication with their friends. Announcing a sequel to a long-lasting game is risky, but Wilson is using it to unite the player base rather than divide it.

More and more people flock to POE and become beginners. The skyrocketing number of players has also led to a greater demand for POE Orbs and POE Items. Before the major POE events this month, players had better seek a safe and cheap agent to Buy POE Currency to make full material preparations.
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Path of Exile gained a cyberpunk league

When Chris Wilson, the founder of Grinding Gear Games, conceived for the «Path of Exile» alliance, he did not shy away from admitting to borrowing from other works. The upcoming PoE Heist League appeared because he caught Ocean's 11-year-old on Netflix, and the studio borrowed from games such as Pokemon in the past. You need to complete new challenges to earn POE Currency and build weapons from scratch.

The Incursion League influences the past by going to the temple and killing specific architects. The way the temple is built will vary depending on who you kill. If you kill someone who plans to build a weapon room, you may return to the current location of the weapon room to find a garden. The changes you bring will affect the loot you get.

Wilson told us that the cyberpunk version will be roughly the same, but you will be sent to the future to treat Vaal as a company, not an enterprise based on the sacrifice of the Aztecs. Wilson said: «So our idea is to make her time portal appear in the same role, but this time you enter a distant future, that is some punk company in the future city,» Wilson said. «You want to enter this high-tech company, where there are guards equipped with laser guns, and you have to change what happened there. This is a lovely thing, because once you acquire good technology, you can understand this fantasy world the future of.»

This idea was not realized for some reasons. The Invasion League is only «medium popularity», and it seems unwise to create a Cyberpunk League near the Cyberpunk 2077 release date. A specific PoE team is particularly opposed. Wilson recalled: «Our art team said,'We didn't build a sci-fi league, it's crazy'. Therefore, this may never happen. So close to the game's release, it seems silly to match cyberpunk.. Mechanically speaking, it is the same as the invasion alliance. When we run the original alliance, the invasion alliance is only moderately popular. This also destroys the seriousness of the game and makes it suddenly jump into the distant future. It eliminates the concern about this Many mysteries of what will happen to the continent’s future.»

Although you don't have a cyberpunk alliance worth looking forward to, Path of Exile does have an Ocean-based alliance. If you want to get more advice on Path of Exile or want to build a powerful weapon, please click: POE Orbs.
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GGG CEO expressed his views on the development of POE in the past ten years

Since GGG told the players last year that they will release the news of POE 2 this year, players have been preparing for its arrival. But now it is clear that it will not be released this year. Due to the severe epidemic, not only POE 2 was delayed, but even the current Harvest League took a week longer than usual to complete its development. Soon POE Heist and the tenth anniversary celebrations are coming. The POE Currency, which players have prepared for a long time, finally comes in handy.

When POE was just released, although major media reported on it from multiple angles, few people were interested in it. Now this situation has completely changed. POE has millions of players today. This is a story of continuous improvement, driven by the creativity of the developers and a determination to always play the POE community.

The purpose of the game team to create POE at the beginning is to make people who play it become its loyal fans for a lifetime. Although they are trying their best to do this, there are many unknown changes along the way. Thanks to the improvement and dedication of POE for so many years, it has now become one of the most popular RPG games. Their best efforts achieved this.

The GGG president believes that they performed poorly at the beginning of the game. But after ten years of development, POE has not only established a complete update system and a huge real monetary system, but also continues to exude its appeal. Those players who want to make some achievements in the upcoming new league of POE, it is best to Buy POE Currency now to add a point of protection.
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The characters and items got by POE players will not lose because of the change of the league version

The POE Heist League will appear in front of players in nine days. Players are both excited about the mysterious experience that the new league will bring to them, and worry about whether the characters and items they have worked hard in the past few months will disappear with the arrival of the new league. After all, they have used the Harvest mechanism to create a lot of practical items and harvested a lot of POE Currency and various rare materials. Players don't want to lose everything they have obtained after a long time.

Many players are now discussing this issue in the gaming community because it is very important to them and will even affect the next game journey. As we all know, each league of POE allows players to create a variety of new characters. Each new extension creates a new league, usually named after the corresponding extension.

The game team answered this question. They ensure that everything players get in the current Harvest League will transfer to the main league. It means that players will not lose the characters they have created and the items they have got because of the changes in the league version. But when they enter the new league, they still need to create a new role. Under normal circumstances, the league runs on a 13-week cycle, so the best time to start a new role in the challenge league is just at the beginning to take advantage of the expansion.

Those players who have great interest in the POE Heist league can first check the game guide for the new league written by the game team to see if it suits them. If there are still players who don’t know if they will lose their things, they can check the cross-play of POE and what micro-transaction methods exist in the game. When the new league comes, all players should Buy POE Currency and POE Items as soon as possible.
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