Animal Crossing's real currency transactions may not last long

Nintendo may be preparing to crack down on the aggressive players who sell animals through real-life money: New Horizons villagers.

Nintendo seems to have turned its attention to Animal Crossing: New Horizons players: Players have replaced Animal Crossing Bells, Nook miles Tickets and villagers with real money in the game, and this money may not stay for long. For all to see, New Horizons is arguably the most successful game in the Animal Crossing series, and this success has spawned many weird and surprising ways that contradict the game and its systems, but many of these are ways that Nintendo does not agreed.

Animal crossing: The success of New Horizons is attributed to the villagers. Since the first game in the Animal Crossing series, villagers have been the backbone of the game’s formula, which is the main reason why the series is so successful. These cute and adorable animal people give the series a unique identity. Although some villagers are more favored than others, some villagers are completely hated. It is safe to say that without them, the franchise will not be so successful.

However, some villagers may be too favored. Some villagers, including the sheep dom (Dom), were sold at a real price close to fifty dollars. The wild reputation of the infamous cat Raymond has led to a truly quirky pseudo-economy that can be sold at up to 1,500,000 Animal Crossing Bells in games or at a real price of nearly $75 obtain. According to Kotaku's report, Nintendo clearly prohibits these actual real-world transactions, and Nintendo only allows monetization of game video recordings through our game channel and similar efforts. Japanese news site J-Cast contacted Nintendo to understand its views on the matter. Nintendo replied that it is aware of these violations and is currently studying what measures should be taken to mitigate these violations.

Developers have been working on bugs that allow players to copy items and crack additional copies of a given villager. Nintendo has also begun ordering its popular Amiibo cards to prevent them from quickly selling out and being redistributed by the scalpers. The company obviously doesn't like their delightful, relaxed games as the background of a brutal black market.

It is easy to understand Nintendo's point of view here. «Animal Crossing: New Horizons» is a fairly clear child-friendly casual game, and illegal and very expensive transactions conducted in this atmosphere may have a terrible impact. Frankly speaking, anyone who buys Nook miles Ticket and ACNH Bells for $50 enjoys the privilege of living with digital animals, no matter how cute they are, it is unhealthy.
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About all the blue summer shell DIY recipes in "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" and how to get them

Now we are in the summer days of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. As the fish changes, beetles emerge from the trees, and the young spring bamboo gives way to blue summer shells to rinse on the beach. These are the new seasonal production elements in the game, used to make a series of ocean-themed DIY recipes, you can use them to decorate your house, island and yourself, so that C.J. is proud.

You will get these recipes just like the young Chunzhu. Isabelle will provide the recipe for the shell wreath in the morning notice, but it is unclear how it is triggered, so you must wait patiently. In addition, balloons will be your best choice. You have to wait until autumn to collect them, so I will not pay too much for it. If you feel exhausted, you can always try the Animal Crossing Bells and Nook miles Ticket collected before the time runs out.

Here are all the recipes you can find:

Shell wreath
Shellfish Po fish
Shell Wand
Xingsha Floor
Tropical scenery
Underwater floor
Underwater wall
Water floor

There are many walls and floors in this scene, and I believe that the «Underwater» scene is even one of the first trailers to appear in the game, with new dynamic floors and walls to amaze the audience. I might consider a home aquarium with them.

Getting summer shells is not exactly what you need to grind: they will randomly spawn on your beach, and if you spend some effort picking them up, you will get more. Therefore, you can visit the beach from time to time, and then pick up what you see: If you want to make these recipes, you also need Buy Bells Animal Crossing and other types of shells, so please consider establishing a moderate inventory. In addition, you can enjoy the summer sun and see if you can catch sharks there. When we quit the initial fascination of the event, the situation of many people in this game is slowing down, but for some people, this is where the game really shines.
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Dodo Airlines in Animal Crossing New Horizons facilitates players to sell and store items

The item delivery and liquidation service launched by Dodo Airlines provides great convenience for players. Players can sell the items they have collected on the new island or use the service to bring the items back to their own island. Players do not need to pay Animal Crossing Bells to Dodo Airlines on their way home. This service solves the problem that players cannot take home because they collect too many items.

When players travel to other islands or perform missions, they can reasonably use the services provided by Dodo Airlines. Players send all the good things they collect back to the country or sell extra and unimportant inventory items on the new island to get some Animal Crossing Nook miles Tickets. In this way, players will be able to send back more good things in their place.

Wilbur explained to players that the sales function and Nook's Cranny are packaged together. Wilbur will purchase player's items at store prices so that players will not suffer. The service will allow players to use it to sell goods when Nook’s Cranny store is not available. But at this time, the benefits of the items sold by the players will be reduced. On the second day of the sale, players’ bank accounts will receive the Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells from the profit. Although the service will reduce the profits of some players, fortunately, players will no longer have to go to stores or agents to buy Bells Animal Crossing.

The service will help players when they discard unimportant items to collect more good things on the new island. With its help, players can fully collect the special materials on the island to make crafts or sell them directly in exchange for more Nook miles Ticket. The new month begins. Players please read carefully to know how to use the service properly.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons latest update removes duplicate bugs

Animal Crossing New Horizons’ game team has eliminated the bugs that game players have created an unlimited number of Nook miles Ticket items. Although the official did not specify that it has removed the bug in the latest patch, players found that the bug is no longer available.Players still need to Buy Animal Crossing Bells to get the purest happiness if they want to play normally.

Players used bugs to create an unlimited number of Nook miles Tickets that severely damaged the game's economic system in previous versions. NMT is now the most important form of currency used to trade popular villagers and buy and sell radishes in the game. NMT depreciated significantly before, but will definitely revalue after the game team makes changes.

Nintendo just explained to players that this update has further improved the game experience for players. However, players have discovered that the bug is no longer working. This is not the first time such problems have occurred. Each generation of bugs is more serious than the previous generation. The first bug can only copy the items in the player's house. The recent NMT repeat bug is limited to copying a small number of items that can be sent via email. The game team fixed it quickly.

Nintendo has extensive experience in improving game bugs and combating game cheating. This time the bug also shows how efficiently it handles the problem. Nintendo assures players that it will continue to optimize and improve Animal Crossing New Horizons in the future. Players speculate that they will fix other glitches in the game next. Nintendo is alert to elements that do not match the theme of the game. In the future, Nintendo will make immediate improvements to the glitches in the game so that players will love Animal Crossing New Horizons more.

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  • 01 июня 2020, 06:59

Animal Crossing New Horizons Financial Knowledge Introduction

At Animal Crossing New Horizons, players repay Animal Crossing Bells through financial activities or hard work. All players live in beautiful villages with many talking animals. But the strange thing is that these animals look no different from ordinary animals. Players can also fish or harvest planted fruits and crafts to earn Animal Crossing Nook miles Tickets. Since the release of ACNH in March this year, the game has become one of the most popular video games of the moment. In fact, this kind of game featuring loan repayment will spawn many financial business activities. The following is an introduction to ACNH’s financial theory.

The most basic principle in economics is the law of supply and demand. The prices of most game items will not change much. Various business activities derived from the game are widely welcomed by players. If a player wants clothes or furniture in the game, he can express his trading ideas on the community message board. Nookazon provides players with a platform to search for commodity prices and buy and sell items.

Some popular products will definitely be sold at high prices. For example, players all like a cat named Raymond, and the demand for it will definitely skyrocket. This means that its selling price will increase as players' demand rises. Players need to spend real money for the virtual currency in the game. There are many ways to Buy Animal Crossing Bells in real money at eBay or a reliable agent.

There are many popular villagers in the secondary market that sell at random. This corresponds to the price in the principle of supply and demand when the supply is lower than the demand will skyrocket. People can write codes for villagers in black market cards and sell them to NFC chips. This is like plagiarizing luxury brands to meet the needs of the majority of players.

Players can sell local fruits on their island to the game store to obtain a small amount of ACNH Bells. If you buy out-of-town fruits from someone else's island and sell them on the island, you will make more money. Arbitrage is a mechanism that helps to set prices. Arbitrage in real life will increase the supply of goods, and the price will decrease accordingly.

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Go for the cat's way out of the way!

The cat in the gunman's house was giving a pity. 19가이드 Take it away and leave.

The cat was at home when he came home.

The cat's eye has come back a long way.

The cat had already arrived home by the time he arrived.

The cat must know our way through, thinking it will come and leave it in the middle of a jungle hill.

Nook miles Ticket devaluation causes players to suffer losses

Animal Crossing Nook miles Ticket was the currency most wanted by Animal Crossing New Horizons players. But now it is due to the recurring BUG in the game that causes the ACNH Bells to depreciate. Players can use this bug to copy any item in the game which severely breaks the game balance.

Players used to use Animal Crossing Bells or Animal Crossing Nook miles Tickets to explore unknown islands and collect scarce resources. When there are vacant venues on their island, they will recruit new villagers to join to increase the island's visibility and activity. Nook miles Ticket has replaced ACNH Bells as the main currency in the game. Now players are used to shopping or trading with NMT. In this way, they may buy a very favorable radish price.

Twinfinite stated that it was posted by a regular user Blaines on YouTube. Players have created an unlimited number of NMTs through BUG. This has brought great economic losses to players who have already purchased the Nook miles Ticket. The consequence of this phenomenon is that NMT is no longer a struggle for collection and preservation. Blaines used a lot of faults in the game which had constituted infringement. Nintendo has deleted many bugs in the game and how to copy NMT related videos. They plan to fix these bugs in the next step to push the most perfect game experience to players.

Now people can publish the items they want on a website created by some players and indicate the price range they can accept. Players can trade millions of Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells or Buy Animal Crossing Nook miles Tickets or buy and sell particularly rare production materials here. Nintendo said they will solve the problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, the existence of BUG will always damage the economic system of Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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Proper use of straw market tools can get the most ACNH Bells

Animal Crossing New Horizons has been loved by players since its initial release. Players can cultivate and maintain ideal villages on desert islands. In the game, players no longer need to be disturbed by epidemics and can also obtain a considerable number of Animal Crossing Bells in new ways. Players can make handicrafts by shopping. In addition, players can also plant fruit trees to obtain fruit outside the island at a very low price of 500 ACNH Bells. Like the real world, players also need a lot of Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells in the game to buy the items they need.

But the good news is that players can now accumulate wealth in unique ways in the game. By implementing these methods, players no longer have to spend a lot of time fishing or picking up bits and pieces of material. But the premise of doing these things is that players must have a reserve fund. You can now profit from buying and selling radishes by finding the happy little radish vendor Daisy Mae, Sow Joan's granddaughter.

For example, if I trade 2,500 radishes with people every week, I can make about 600,000 Bells. After running this business for one month, I can repay the loan due to the expansion. If players are more business-minded about trading carrots, they may earn more than me. But if it is not done well, these players may lose money. If some players want to become ACNH entrepreneurs, they have to spend more thoughts in business to maximize profits.

Before buying or selling radishes, be sure to keep some Animal Crossing Nook miles Tickets around for backup. If the player is not prepared enough, you can choose a suitable and reliable agent to ACNH Buy Bells. There are some tips to help players maximize their trading profits. For example, selling the produced radish to Nook Cranny which in your village may require a little luck or you can sell radish on someone else ’s island. As mentioned earlier, the repurchase price of Nook Cranny will change once every day at the opening and at noon local time. Come play Animal Crossing New Horizons!

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Redd does not appear in “Animal Crossing New Horizons ”, which disappoints me

Every morning, I check my island. This is a quarantine procedure and will continue until the next reopening phase. I dug up the fossils and brought them to Blathers for evaluation. I checked Nook Shopping to find out that its K.K. song was provided. When I opened it, I saw what stock was in the store. I checked the elusive giant Trevally on the dock. I also saw who was visiting that day: If Leif was on the island, I would pick up some flower seeds. I might buy some shoes from Kicks. One thing I have almost never done before: Use Animal Crossing Bells to buy artwork from Redd, a changeable fox in a North Shore trawler. Because since he first came, I have only seen him twice in the last two months.

Redd has been unfamiliar with my island for several weeks, and it seems that I am not alone. Although no excellent luck protection was found last week, which increased the chance of attracting visitors, it is clear that there is not enough swing space in the system to ensure that we have enough art supply. Even visiting only one person a week is idiotic. It takes months to even conduct a respectable exhibition in an art gallery. But the current system means that I have to give up the goal of the gallery.

Filling up the museum has always been one of my greatest pleasures in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This is a beautiful space, it exudes calm, care and pride, which you get from seeing all these small specimens collected on land and at sea. At this point, I am only missing a fossil-the back of the Sabertooth Tiger-my fish and bug exhibits are filled, so that nothing looks particularly empty. That’s why I’m so happy to unlock a new wing, filled with new collectibles, so I can take a stroll on a leisurely morning. That’s why I will never really fill this point of increasing disappointment.

At this rate, it will take years to fill my gallery, and maybe even more. We cannot guarantee that Redd will sell the art you need, or even that he will sell you real art on any given day. If I only see this person twice a month, it’s easy to imagine that if I'm in a later stage and only need more, then I won’t buy one for my museum for most of the year New artwork.

I hope Nintendo will fix this problem at some point, at least to ensure that we have a Redd visit once a week. I also hope that I can purchase over one piece of art each time I visit, which makes filling the museum more like a fossil, and you have four opportunities to get a recent piece of art every day. For now, this has changed from one of my favorite new features to some features that I largely have to forget. As a new player, you must have a lot of Buy Bells Animal Crossing and Nook miles Tickets, which will make your life easier and better in the game.
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Players are curious about the characteristics of Nook miles Ticket

There are many people in the Animal Crossing New Horizons community who are trading Nook miles Tickets. This is a very strange thing. Players can obtain Animal Crossing Bells by planting flowers or fishing. Players can still get rewards from Nook Miles Plus after completing most of the game's missions, which sets some limits on the speed at which they can be obtained. Players can use Nook Miles to buy some necessary goods and recipes to visit tickets for the mysterious island. But the strange thing is why the demand for NMT has suddenly skyrocketed in recent times.

Villagers are the main group causing this phenomenon. The Animal Crossing community has released many characters that players love and want to own such as Raymond cat Raymond or Audie who wants to be a pop star. Some websites have also divided players' favorite levels of various characters and sold them at a clear price. NMT is essentially looking for lottery tickets for new villagers on the desert island. Therefore, players may encounter losses when looking for the desired character. On the other hand, there are also many people who are willing to put NMT on their favorite villagers without having to go through the painful process of searching dozens of islands.

It is easy to find that NMT traders are trading in large numbers on Discord servers. Some unloved characters are only sold at the price of 20 to 40 Animal Crossing Nook miles Ticket. Players' favorite characters, such as Raymond, were sold at 800 NMT. Players who own Raymond are considered the most important players in the game. Some trading websites have even created trading methods similar to the auction situation. Players who bid the highest bidder through mutual bidding will get these favorite characters.

The mutual trading between players is the core of the NMT economy. However, it is now strange that these coupons have been used as currency for purchases on trading sites such as Nookazon. Some friendly players will open their islands for free. However, there are still some players who demand Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells from tourists entering the island. Players who want to travel but lack currency can seek suitable agents to Buy Nook miles Ticket. The cost is 2 to 20 NMT each time. Some people even require that you pay 30 NMT if you want to visit. It is a phenomenon that is not conducive to game harmony.

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