Why sports use Toto's private site (사설토토)

Why sports use Toto's private site (사설토토)

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Moon Ik-jeom with Cotton

The name Mun Ik-jeom is naturally followed by 'Mokhwa Seeds'. It was the first time I brought cotton seeds to Korea, and the process was hidden in a brush container. It is true that the art of making clothes using cotton has developed in Korea due to Moon Ik-jeom, but some misunderstandings need to be corrected and understood properly.

# What's cotton seed?

Cottonseed is, of course, a seed for growing. Cotton is also called cotton or cotton. You feel it now, don't you? That's right. When we buy clothes, we see 100% cotton, right? The cotton we used to say was made of cotton from cotton.

It is said that the country of origin is in southern Africa or northern Andes Mountains, but the prevailing view is that India, which has a record of being cultivated in 3,000 BC, is native to India. Peru is the fastest growing country in time, with records showing that it was cultivated 2,500 BC and Egypt 500 BC. In Korea, it is regarded as the beginning of cultivation by Mun Ik-jeom in 1363 (the 12th year of King Gongmin's reign).

# Who's Moon Ik-jeom?

Mun Ik-jeom was born in 1329 in Sancheong, Gyeongsangnam-do, and was a scholar of the Goryeo Dynasty. He passed the state examination in 1360 (9th year of King Gongmin). Colleagues who studied together as a child are unique. In 1363, he went to the Yuan Dynasty. Rather than an official envoy, he is qualified as a secretary in charge of the records by assisting the envoy. At that time, the situation of Goryeo's government was when King Gongmin, the reformist forces, and the Yuan Dynasty and the pro-Won faction were at odds to make Deokheung-gun a king. Mun Ik-jeom supported Deokheung-gun and was dismissed. After that, he focused on growing cotton in his hometown. After his accession to the throne, he rose to the Great Wall of Sungkyunkwan and resigned again in opposition to the land reform of the new aristocratic forces such as Jeong Do-jeon and Jo Jong-jun. After Joseon's founding, it was also sealed as Gangseong-gun, the governor of the Chamji government during the reign of King Taejong, and after the minister of the Yeongui government during the reign of King Sejong. Looking at this series of processes, Mun Ik-jeom seems to have taken a similar step to Yi Sang, who studied Confucianism's Neo-Confucianism but did not participate in the reform of the new aristocrats. 먹튀없는 토토사이트 소개 전문가

# The truth of cotton growing

Although many people know that the origin of cotton cultivation in Korea was Moon Ik-jeom, it has already been growing cotton in Korea since the Three Kingdoms Period. In the Tang Dynasty's history books, it is said that a veil called «Kogudo Goryeo Baekchuppo» was built, and Silla also made and sent Baekchuppo in the 9th year of King Gyeongmun's reign in the late 9th century to China. Also, cotton fabrics were excavated from relics from the reign of King Uiduk of Baekje (554-598), so cotton from Mun Ik-jeom is not the first of its kind in Korea. However, since it was a subtropical variety that came through India or Vietnam, it was not suitable for the climate or soil of our country, so we were able to produce only a small amount.

Cotton, which is now adapted for Northeast Asia, starts in China in the late 13th century. And it became common in the 14th century, and it was introduced to Korea in the middle of the 14th century, 1363, and generalized in the 15th century. For your information, Japan was introduced in the mid-16th century and became common in the 17th century.

So why is Moon Ik-jeom revered as the filial piety of Mok Hwa? The reason is that he is the one who generalized it to the public. I brought the seeds and tried to grow them with my father-in-law, Jeong Cheon-ik, in Sancheong, Gyeongsangnam-do. At first, only one tree survived, and only three years later was able to harvest enough to grow together in the village.

Moon Ik-jeom's efforts to popularize cotton are just beginning. It was a time when there was a lack of skill in how to extract cotton from cotton and turn it into cloth. Cotton is full of seeds inside the cotton, so you have to pull out the seeds first and squeeze out the yarn using the remaining cotton. «Cia» to extract cotton seeds and «Mulle» to squeeze yarn. Moon Ik-jeom's biggest contribution is his efforts to spread the 'Cia' and 'Mulle'. Jeong Cheon-ik, a craftsman who grew it with Mun Ik-jeom, made and actively distributed sia and spinning wheels with the help of Chinese monks. So while it usually takes more than 100 years for foreign crops to be generalized when they are introduced, cotton cultivation has quickly spread. Therefore, Mun Ik-jeom is highly regarded, and the formula 'Mokhwa seed = Mun Ik-jeom' is established.

Of course, the process of generalization involves the efforts of Moon Ik-jik as well as the situation of the times. During the years leading from the military regime to the intervention period of the Yuan Dynasty, the tyranny of Kwon Mun-se becomes severe and the lives of the people become difficult. The most direct influence in the lives of the people is the work of making a living, and the basis for making a living is the land. During the early Goryeo Dynasty, land that was given to tattoos and shamanists was passed through the government of shamanism, and the number of aristocrats who owned large farms increased. Privateized land without paying taxes is increasing. In other words, the people who cultivate tax-paying land will find it more difficult. As fewer people are required to cover the country's taxes, the burden on those who are paying is a principle that increases. After a while, the military regime was destroyed by the Yuan Dynasty, but the great farm was occupied by the pro-Won forces. King Gongmin drives out the pro-Won forces, but the land is again occupied by Kwon Mun-sega, a local aristocrat. The number of people who are deprived of their land and reduced to slaves because they cannot afford taxes is increasing. For hundreds of years, the vicious circle of some nobles becoming rich and the nation and its people becoming poor. As a result, land reform has become an important topic, and the biggest issue in which Jeong Do-jeon and Lee Sang are at odds is the land system. Moon Ik-jum was also kicked out in opposition to the land reform of the Yi Seong-gye faction. The core content of the Transitional Law promoted by Jeong Do-jeon is to nationalize all land and take only the right to collect taxes, not ownership. When the enormous amount of land owned by a particular individual is owned by the state, the number of land that the people can cultivate themselves increases. Cultivation of cotton was also able to spread quickly in the process. 먹튀없는 안전놀이터 추천

# What kind of clothes before cotton growing?

It means that most people began to wear cotton-made clothes from the late Goryeo Dynasty, which we commonly know about. So, what kind of clothes did he wear before that?

There used to be clothes made of cloth called silk or silk, but production was very low because the material came from silkworms. So the clothes could only be worn by aristocrats, and many people wore clothes made of cloth called 'Sambe.' The hemp is made of cloth made from loaves after peeling and shredding the bamboo into thread. The word 'gil-ssam' also begins with the word 'sambe-gil-ssam,' which refers to the whole process of weaving from cannabis farming to weaving. Like ramie, it was good for summer clothes and single blankets. However, the general public had a hard time in the winter because of the weak winter heat. Although many clothes were made of cotton due to the generalization of cotton, Sangbok still uses clothes made of hemp cloth. This is because Yeseo said that he would build a hemp cloth because hemp cloth is a common crop and can be used by everyone.

With the implementation of the marijuana management law in 1976, Korea controlled the cultivation of marijuana nationwide, making it no longer a common people's cloth.

# The Industrial Revolution in England's industrial revolution?

Usually, the Industrial Revolution refers to the 18th century, when the first industrial revolution was created using steam engines, and the early 20th century, when the second industrial revolution was led by electric energy and mass production. So at the heart of the Second Industrial Revolution is the conveyor belt introduced by Henry Ford in 1914. After that, beyond the 3rd Industrial Revolution, which started with computers and the Internet, we are now talking about the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Here we need to take a look at what they did with the mechanical devices introduced in the First Industrial Revolution. It's cotton fabric production. It was the British Industrial Revolution that changed the «era of wool» from cotton to «era of cotton wool» from wool. The UK's Industrial Revolution was the foundation for the fashion industry to grow by bringing innovation to the innovation of the clothing industry. It is all because of this trend that various problems arise in the process of urbanization and communist theory emerged in sociological interpretation. 무제재 토토사이트 목록

defrosting Confucius

defrosting Confucius
Literally speaking, from the Chinese point of view, he is a great man who can compare with Confucius on the east side across the sea.

First, let's briefly talk about what kind of person Choi Choong is.

Born in 984, he passed the state examination in 1005 (the 8th year of King Mokjong's reign), served in various government posts, and rose to the highest office in 1047. But there's no significant achievement that's noticeably big. Of course, he was a great bureaucrat with various policies, including legal reform, so it's not that King Munjong disparaged the historical fact that he didn't retire Choi Chung. However, the Battle of Gwiju, Gang Gam-chan, Samguk Sagi, Kim Bu-sik… The achievement that connects like this is invisible.

So why did he get the name 'Sea Prince' and go down in history?

# The first prestigious private school old school

Choe Chung served four kings in government service for a long time, and the kings loved him very much because of his abundant knowledge and ability. King Munjong took the throne and appointed Choe Chung to the highest authority, Munhaja, and later offered to retire several times, but he refused to accept it. In this process, it is clear that the servant was very competent and favored by the king.

Then, he retired in 1053 (the 7th year of King Munjong's reign) and started to teach studying abroad at the foot of Mt. Songak in Gaeseong in 1055. These days, it can be described as a private school or private academy.

The name was Gujae Hakdang, which was divided into nine classes, including malignant, popular, public, business, Hodo, Solseong, Jindeok, Daehwa, Daebing, and so on, and after Choi Chung's death, he was called a literary gongdo according to Siho. Siho is a special name given by the state to the dead or given to the dead monarch by the next monarch. Nine classes were divided according to their skills, and if their skills were proven, they could be promoted to higher class.

At that time, there was a state-run university called Kukjagam, which taught studying abroad, but many people preferred the old school. There may be many reasons for this, but I can guess that it was probably because of a person named Choi Choong. The surest way to become a powerful person in Goryeo is to take the past exam, which was created after retirement by the most powerful person of the time, so it is natural that expectations are high. In fact, the instructors of the old school are from the old school, and there were seniors who passed the exam in the past, so it is the best preparation system for the past. If there is such a rumor, talented students will naturally visit the old school first, so a virtuous circle is created in which many people who have studied in the old school have passed the exam in the past.

# What's the beginning of 'Sea Prince'?

The rumors spread throughout the country and other Confucian scholars began to follow Choi Chung one by one to create a private school. At that time, the 12 private schools that became famous were called the 12 Gongdo, and the place that was recognized as the best was Munheon Gongdo, or Gujae School.

This may be seen as a negative view of the beginning of the Goryeo version of private academies. In addition, rich aristocratic children are driven to private schools, where they create conditions for forming new forces of their own, so there is room for political division to begin. Many private schools built across the country will eventually lead to the form of Seowon, which is hard to say that they have nothing to do with Bungdang politics.

There are numerous academies, and among them, more and more students enter government posts through the old schools, and they also form a force. They needed their own advanced strategy. So Choi Chung's disciples decided to raise their teachers. From Confucianism, he took the name of Confucius, who was worshipped as a god, and began to call Choechung 'Hae-dong Confucius'. This is because they give Confucius the meaning of those who have learned.

This is not the only part where we judge Choi Chung badly. In the early Joseon Dynasty, he was undervalued because he was only devoted to past exams. It is the opposite of Jeong Mong-ju being regarded as the founder of Neo-Confucianism in Joseon. Perhaps if Jeong Mong-ju was a Neo-Confucian scholar who kept the dynasty until his death, Choi Chung could be interpreted as a scholar who ran a private academy for his past generations. It seems to be a poor result compared to the fame of the time, as Neo-Confucian Ju Se-bung honored Choe Chung in the Confucian academy in the mid-16th century. However, Choi Chung's assessment is divided because the education situation of Goryeo was so poor that it was only a sense of national pride.

It is up to you to evaluate whether you are a true educator to widely promote education abroad or whether you have trained private institutes to provide the beginning of Bungdang politics.

# Why Confucianism's Neo-Confucianism?

Then, why did Confucian Neo-Confucianism become the governing ideology from the Silla Dynasty to the Goryeo Dynasty to the Joseon Dynasty? Joseon was a country that put up the banner of Confucianism, so even in Silla and Goryeo, which revered Buddhism, it tried to run state affairs with the ideology of Confucianism. Why would he do that?

To begin with, Neo-Confucianism is a political philosophy and a social philosophy that can be applied to reality.

Until the Silla Dynasty, it was a strict system of bone products. I couldn't take power without royalty. But as society matures to a certain extent, there are people who accumulate economic wealth. For them, the concept of heavenly status, the «thousands» is unacceptable. For those who have acquired wealth and fame through their own efforts, the pedigree system is an unacceptable punishment. Then, when Goryeo was founded, the powerful people of the provinces came to have a chance. Become a 'family of public officials' and have power. In conclusion, it is a concept that added people who supported the opening of a powerful group of people who were limited to the royal family, who are the heavenly grandchildren. The harm that follows in this process is the family-centered power structure. When only the royal family was in power, it was a matter of brothers or cousins. In fact, everyone was of the same royal family, but when the royal family took power, a structure was formed to have more power around the family of meritorious subjects, or families.

There was no political philosophy to control such a formed identity. The stories that Buddhism talks about are the moral ones that apply to everyday life. Don't kill, do self-reflection, don't take others' things. It is very difficult to explain the purchase of a government office with money as a Buddhist doctrine. The goal of people's acceptance of Buddhism is to live a good life, reflect on themselves, and eventually reach paradise, the world after death.

However, Confucianism emerged during the period of turmoil in the Spring and Autumn period of China and grew closely related to real politics. It is a very attractive study for a state-run hypocrite because it has a status of «johnbi» and a system of receiving information based on «manuiyeji» teaches the path of «chikguk pyungheongheongheongha.» 먹튀없는 토토사이트 추천 사이트

For this reason, in the past, Buddhism was promoted as the basis of studying abroad and as a way of enlightening the people in everyday life.

It comes to mind that how stable a play

Levante — With his record in the third round of the Spanish Primera Liga [1 win and 2 losses] in the 2020/21 season, we look forward to seeing what kind of play he can show for the rest of the season, considering that he has to improve his defensive game management, even considering the variables that he will play at home in Villarreal this game. Remember that Levante's defense will also be the key in this match to revive the memory of his victory.
Returning home, Levanter is looking forward to what kind of play he can make, rather than defensive, with his 4-4-2 formation tactics, which clearly means how unshakable the four-back line of Tono-Huben Bezu-Osca Duarte-San Francisco Gomes will be against Real Madrid. It comes to mind that how stable a play can be through game management will be the key to the victory for Levante.
Real Madrid — With a record of 3rd round [2 wins and 1 draw] in the 2020/21 Spanish Primera Liga, the favorite player Real Madrid has shown that it is now a game where they expect to play aggressively and confidently against any team, rather than defensive operations, and objectively, Real Madrid has shown a relatively difficult play against Levant. I think it will not be easy to expect Real Madrid's performance in the fact that it is showing some disappointing play.
Real Madrid, which will be on the road, will see what kind of play it can play aggressively rather than defense to make a bigger difference. For Real Madrid, the role of the attackers with Karim Benzema is all the more important, but the attackers from Vinicius Junior-Lucas Vazquez-Marco Ascencio-Hodrigo are certainly good enough to solve the problem in a chance, so they are better at attacking the Lebante. Think of it as something.
Given that Levante and Real Madrid's fourth-round Spanish Primera Liga match is still a big difference between the two teams' performances, I think it's important to see how stable this game will be, and whether they can close the gap with Real Madrid will be, and that Real Madrid will need to show its strength in the offensive.It will be an important match to see how to save the chance, and I hope the attackers will make it through this match, from Vinicius Junior to Lucas Vazquez to Marco Ascencio to Rodrigo. 토토사이트

Compromise with practice. a straight line

Compromise with practice.
a straight line

Every community has its principles. The principle is the criterion for moving the community and the means of safeguarding the public justice of the community and the freedom and peace of each member. Therefore, a community with good principles can live and breathe, and each member can live in a fair and peaceful atmosphere. On the contrary, if the principle is shaken, the community stumbles. Good adherence to principles is apt to give the impression of immaculateness, but in fact it is very important.

In order for the principles of the community to be well followed, individual efforts of the members are important, but above all, leaders, or those who have power in the community, must respect the principles. When a leader keeps his or her principles, members also try to keep them while admiring them.

Looking at Admiral Yi Sun-shin's life, he followed both the principles of community and his own life. They did not compromise with practices or expediency in respect of the order and justice of the community, and strictly kept military discipline even in chaotic battlefields. When I looked back on myself, I tried not to do shameful things, and I was always honest and clean. There was no change in dealing with a boss as a subordinate or with a boss as a boss.

According to the «Chungmu Gonghaengnok,» written by Yi Sun-shin's nephew Yi Bun, it is found everywhere that the general is a straight-minded person who does not compromise with the practice. At that time, Kim Gwi-young, who was an assistant judge at the time, liked Yi Sun-shin's strong and honest character, and tried to give her his sister-in-law to Yi Sun-shin's. But to a middle-aged man (a word referring to a man who matches a marriage), the general says:

«How can I, now on my official career, hope for profit by forming ties with the house of authority?»

In a word, he rejected the favor of a high-ranking government official who saw himself favorably. By establishing ties with powerful families, it was not only a great help to one's official life, but also an opportunity to build personal connections naturally. However, the belief that the general should adhere to the principle was of greater value. It was against the principle to succeed with the power of Kwon Moon-sei. The general didn't mind, though he could have gotten ugly by refusing the offer.

When he served as a military officer in Haemi, Chungcheong-do, he was an example of his integrity without any formalities, and he was trusted as a thief because of his honesty of receiving, using, and returning all the remaining forms after a business trip.

Since he lived a life of keeping principles, he refused to accept Yulgok Yiyi, who was in the same group, even if he proposed to meet him. When Yulgok was serving as Lee Jo Pan-seo, he heard that Yi Sun-sin was a necessary lumberjack for the country and asked Seo-ae Ryu Sung-ryong to arrange a meeting. Ryu Seong-ryong lived in Handongne with Yi Sun-sin and was a friend of Joshin, the second brother of Yi Sun-sin, so he had been acquainted since childhood. So Ryu Seong-ryong advised the general to meet Yulgok. But the general refused in a word.

«It's good to see Yulgok as an adult in my line of inquiry, but it's not right to meet him now because he's in the position of the chief judge.»

The meeting between Yulgok and Yi Sun-sin did not take place. The general felt that he had to carve out his way on his own, and that he had not the slightest intention of asking for help.

<Chungmu Gonghangnok록 records the dismissal of the official due to his refusal to make an unfair request. This happened in February 1579 when Chungmugong was 35 years old when he served as a volunteer in charge of personnel affairs at the training center. Byeong Jo Jung-rang (5th grade), Seo Ik, put pressure on him to promote a relative of his to the training center. However, Yi Sun-shin immediately rejected his superior's request for personnel appointments, citing the law's regulations. «It's not fair that if you promote someone who is not qualified beyond the ranks, the person who needs to be promoted will not be promoted.»

Seo-ik was very angry at Yi Sun-shin's behavior of refusing to ask for personnel appointments, citing legal regulations, even though he was a senior official at a higher-level agency. It is said that the people who worked with him at the training center at the time were worried that there would be a problem when they saw what they did against Seo-ik. In the end, the general was demoted to a military officer of a thief in Chungcheong Province in eight months. This is not the end of Seo-ik's «fate» relationship.

In January 1582, the 15th year of King Seonjo's reign, Seo Ik came to fire as a vice minister of military and security (a government post that was dispatched to the provinces as a special command of the king to inspect weapons). At that time, the general was promoted to the rank of four servants of the military organization Manhobu in Balpo. The Manhobu was serving as a defense against foreign aggression. The weapons and soldiers of the artillery were impeccably well-maintained. Seo Ik, however, raised his hand in mediation that the weapons of firing were not properly maintained. As a result, the fireman, Yi Sun-shin, was dismissed.

In response, people said that the reason why Yi Sun-shin suffered such disadvantages despite his well-maintained weapons was because he refused to ask for favors from his superiors when he worked at the training center before that. Has this vengeance changed the general's attitude? As everyone knows, it is not. No disadvantages have broken the general's principles. The general refused to allow injustice and compromise, and was an upright official and leader who had no recourse to principles and had no recourse. This general's attitude shone in the discipline of the people and the army on the chaotic and grim battlefields.

made by principles
a 100-year success story

Mars, a well-known company in the domestic market for M&M's and SNICKERS, is a multinational company that has been growing for 100 years since it started its business in 1911, and has been generating annual sales of 40 trillion won. The company has also been acclaimed for its autonomous and horizontal communication culture, making it the «100 Best Companies to Work for in the United States» for the second consecutive year in 2013 and 2014. It has also been selected as one of the top 100 companies in Korea for seven consecutive years by GWP Korea. What made this company a prestigious company?

Companies essentially pursue their own interests more than anyone else. However, Maz aims to increase the mutual benefit of consumers, sales agencies, competitors, partners, government agencies, employees and shareholders while producing and selling food. To this end, he set up five principles and vowed to all employees. This is said to be the driving force behind Maz's steady growth over 100 years.

The first is excellence.
Consumers are our boss, so we do our best to provide the best quality. Excellent quality is the source of the company's reputation to consumers.
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스포츠 안전놀이터 추천 뱃사공
프로토 메이저놀이터 배팅 뱃사공
먹튀없는 토토 뱃사공 추천
안전한 스포츠토토 사이트
안전한 토토사이트 목록
메이저 사설토토 뱃사공
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축구 스포츠토토사이트 국농

The second is accountability.
To fulfill the responsibilities given to an individual, to support and cooperate with his/her colleagues as well as to fulfill their responsibilities. In the field of shared responsibility, they take the initiative with a high sense of responsibility and act actively and responsibly.

The third is Mutuality.
When values and profits are created, they share and share with each other. Only sharing of profits can co-exist with each other with permanence. They present competitive conditions to each other and do not force the sacrifice of others who work together.

The fourth is efficiency.
Maximize the efficiency of resource utilization, avoid wasting resources, and focus on what you can do best. It depends on the efficiency of making the best quality using the lowest possible cost and minimal resources so that it can provide outstanding value for the price while maintaining the principle.

The fifth is Freedom.
To design the future, one must have freedom, and one must have profit to enjoy freedom. Financial freedom must also be avoided in order to prevent the inevitable sacrifice of freedom to grow the company (referring to the principles of Maz introduced in MARS WAY, Kim Kwang-ho, Kim Jong-bok, Iwawu).

The reason why this principle of Maz was effective is not only because it was published but also because it was thoroughly practiced. It also collects examples of these principles and publishes an in-house booklet called «principles of practice» every year. Thanks to Maz's efforts, the company's unwavering and principle-based operations have been the driving force behind its steady growth for 100 years.

For the leader who leads the organization, the principle is a device that maintains consistency and helps predictive decisions. Even in complex situations, they find simple solutions and produce unexpected results. Decision-making based on principles is reasonable, and solutions can be found without creating controversy in the post-problem-solving process. It is selfishness that principles are not followed well. Self-justification, which sets standards on one's own interests, disrupts principles.

Principles are weapons of wisdom, not of single-minded men. Principles are stronger and last longer.

Whether or not you can make it will be the key to victory

Everton — Everton, who is making a good start by capturing Tottenham from the opening round [1 win] in the first round of the English Premier League in the 2020/21 season, remembers that Everton's offense must make a difference in order to keep up the momentum in this game, and overall, Everton has to raise the overall line rather than counter-attack tactics, making it clear that it has to be aggressive against the West Bromwich. Whether or not you can make it will be the key to victory.
Everton, who has shown such a good run, is looking forward to how he will shake West Bromwich's defense line based on his more aggressive and confident play back home. In the previous game, when he took the 4-3-3 formation, he clearly remembered that the midfielders that Andre Gomez-Allan-Apdulaye Duchure held out were definitely better than last season's, and in addition to Everton's leading play, the attack using Hishalisson-Kalbert Lewin, and certainly this season's attack on Harton.
West Bromwich — West Bromwich, which had three runs at home in the opening game while recording the first round of the English Premier League [1 loss] in the 2020/21 season, and West Bromwich, who is personally on the road, are likely to continue its increasingly unstable flow, both offensive and defensive, with the West Bromwich predicting what kind of counter-play will be made after defense, and what will be important for the West Bromwich.If we try, we will think that this game will also have a big anxiety about defense following the next season's opening game.
In addition to the fact that the overall content of the game itself was unstable at home, and that its defensive concentration was also very unstable, this away game is likely to be an even more difficult one. With the 5-4-1 formation tactics in play, the team has to solve the game with counter-attack tactics even more after defense, but the organizational strength of the 500 line of Darnell Peron-Semi Azai-Kyle Bartley-Dari Osir-Kiran Gibbs has not shown as much stability as expected since the opening game, and it is certainly a key defense game that has to narrow the gap. 토토사이트
The two teams, which produced conflicting results in the Premier League second round match between Everton and West Bromwich, are expected to continue their game at home, considering that Everton is likely to play at home, and the fact that Everton clearly enjoyed the effects of the player's presence in the opening game rather than defensive operations. It is true that Everton will be able to lead the game with objective power differences, as he has been defeated by lethargic defense and offense since the first round.

Sports toto Analysis

Tottenham — Tottenham, which advanced to the Europa League last season by ranking sixth in the English Premier League in the 2020/21 season, and Tottenham, who are personally watching how it can be a season to overcome the crisis in the fact that their league performance continues to decline. The fact that we've had a lot of defensive ups and downs compared to the top-ranked teams also reminds us of the need for a change this season, and the fact that we've recruited Matt Doherty-Joe Hart-Emile Hoiberg through the summer transfer market, but failed to strengthen our players to make a big difference in the starting lineup, the goal is to think that Tottenham will have a high chance of struggling this season.안전놀이터
Tottenham, who will play at home, and what kind of play they will be able to show before the opening of this game, will be an important match, and Tottenham, who will play at home more aggressively, will think that the active performance of Delhi Ali and Lucas Moura will be more important than Harry Kane and Son Heung-min, will be more important than last season's defensive tactics.-It will be important to see what Eric Dyer-Toby Alderweireld-Matt Doherty's defense line will look like, and Tottenham's key point is whether it will be able to show better defensive play than last season, as the team faces this season with no significant reinforcement.
Everton — the opening game of the English Premier League in the 2020/21 season, with Ancelotti in the league's 12th place last season and a slightly disappointing season compared to his record, Everton will be able to make a good use of Nils Nkunkow-Alan-Hames Rodriguez-Apdulaye Duchure as the main player through the summer transfer market ahead of this season. It is a game that I would like to look forward to seeing a change in the game against Tottenham since it is the team that I personally look forward to the most in the Premier League.
We expect the 4-3-1-2 formation of Everton, which is expected to be a strong season from the opening round, and we think it will be an important season for Calvert Lewin-Hishali song's two-top to show good performance on the road. In particular, Everton's expectations are that he will personally take the expectations of Everton's performance this season, given that the midfield's weight has become stronger, as he is likely to use Allan-Hames Rodriguez-Apdulaye Ducure as a starting player in the midfield, and that he will certainly take advantage of the overall performance of Sigurdson-Sio Wolcott-Joe Gomez-Alexis EWerby.
Tottenham and Everton will play the opening game of the English Premier League in the 2020/21 season. Tottenham, which hasn't changed much compared to last season, will have to show better teamwork than change in Harry Kane-Son Heung-min's offense, but rather what Ben Davis-Eric Dyer-Tovie Alderweirt-Matt Doherty's four-back line will look like last season, and it's important to think about whether it's going to be an important game.As much as I can, I think Hishalisson-Kalbert Lewin's changed performance, which was so disappointing last season, will be the key to this opening game, but personally, the chances of a draw are absolutely high. As there is a great regret that there is no change in predicting Tottenham's lead, I would like to predict a draw for this match.

Start with reinstatement of the tenth commandment

If you enjoy the product, you will be interested in the know-how to increase the probability of hitting. Sports Toto's annual analysis guidebook, ``Sports Toto Complete Conquest,'' contains a variety of information that may be helpful for introduction and analysis of Toto games.
One of these, we will introduce the '10 Commandments of Proto', which summarizes the key points of the analysis in an easy to understand manner. It's a good idea to have fun about what are the most important points.

Start with reinstatement of the tenth commandment
Often, when analyzing prior to betting, pay attention to all data, data, and information.

They use their abilities for the fullest, but when results come out, they tend to neglect resilience.

Even if you do revenge, the game you hit is roughly fluttering,

Matches with missed hits are often frustrated or self-study.

When playing Go, masters are essential to rehabilitation.

The number of Baduk is endless and has played astronomical Baduk for thousands of years,

The same Baduk doesn't come out.

Reconstruction finds the cause of the failure, fills in the gaps, and does not repeat the same mistakes again.

The next time a similar situation arises, this is done to reduce mistakes.

Reconstruction is, first, by reviewing the unexpected variables once again

It has the effect of catching errors in prior analysis.

Power evaluation, analysis and prediction cannot be done completely.

However, you need to be sure of where the mistakes are made.

Second, you can respond effectively to similar situations by finding a countermeasure through reconstruction.

Matches often don't come true as analyzed and predicted.

There are several incidents where the strong team gets caught by the weak team.

Even if a team like a sports game faces again, the conditions and circumstances change every time,

Like Go, similar situations and conditions come out.

Just as the formula emerged in Go, similar situation models can be created and applied in sports.

third. Reconstruction is the starting point for analysis.

Analysis is based on a vast amount of data, and one of the data is reconstruction data. 안전한 배팅 사이트 종류
스포츠 안전놀이터 추천 뱃사공

Therefore, reconstruction is not the end of the analysis, but the beginning of the analysis.