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4 июня 1976
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As your business grows, your IT support team has to stay more systematized and effective. In a traditional service desk, employees have to go through various steps to get their queries/requests related to IT, equipment, or other departments. They have to frequently check the notifications of email and portal to receive updates on their support ticket. In such scenarios, employees end up alerting their IT desk support team directly. This takes more time to resolve the issues faced by employees and ultimately affects the company's operations badly. Implementing a modern service desk allows employees to communicate and collaborate with a chatbot or Virtual Assistant (VA) that prioritizes and auto-resolves issues. Employees across all departments can ask questions and get quick help in real-time with ease, allowing them to concentrate more on their works without any confusion and enhance the agent's productivity—right information to the right people from the right place. Rezolve.ai, integrated with Microsoft Teams, will help your organization combine streamlined collaboration and contextual ticketing to provide the best user experiences. Rezolve.ai auto-resolve your employee queries and issues faster and augments your ability to reach solutions in seconds.
03 июня 2021, 21:01
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