Is Facebook marketplace stop to scroll news feed?

If you get that Facebook marketplace stop to scroll news feed, then you need to ensure that your browser didn’t contain cache and cookies. If you see this, then you have to take action against it immediately to get a better result. Along with this, you can also contact the support team for help.

Does the Cash app refund have a cash cost?

Here, you can see that the Cash app offers different approaches to make a more clear exchange. You can utilize either a standard store or a subsequent store. In the event that you select a standard store, at that point, the cash will be credit into the beneficiary's record inside 1-3 days. Furthermore, on the off chance that utilizing a subsequent store, at that point the cash will be gotten expediently, at any rate, you need to pay a 1.5% charge cost here. A similar standard applies to a Cash app refund.

How to fix Facebook Marketplace for videos?

If you get that Facebook Marketplace for videos, then you need to ensure that you are connected with a strong internet connection. Along with this, you have to also ensure that you are using a compatible web browser that supports Facebook sites as well. If you have still any doubt, then contact us for help.