"Madden 21" is the best-selling game in August

Despite many controversies and a less satisfactory player base, Madden NFL 21 is the best-selling game in August 2020. Buy MUT 21 Coins are used to increase the player's strength in the game.

When facing Madden series games, players are often divided into two categories. Either players don't care about the series at all, or they are very enthusiastic. This is why it is necessary to pay close attention to the addition of Colin Kaepernick to the game like Madden 21, but it is not as important for game fans as updating the gameplay. Many players want to stand out from the «Madden NFL 21» mainly for the franchise model, graphics and player selection updates. Unfortunately, these things are rarely introduced, leading players to severely criticize the game. However, if the sales figures have something to say, none of the criticism seems to have affected the game as severely as some people hoped.

For the Madden series, requesting new features is nothing new. In fact, it has become a tradition for Madden players to require certain changes and not accept them. However, a large part of the Madden NFL 21 controversy this year focused on malfunctions and errors found in the game. The poor animation and interactive effects led fans to call on the NFL to abandon EA as its only video game adaptor. None of this seems to affect the sales of the game, because it turns out that «Madden NFL 21» is the best-selling game in August.

In addition to leading this month's PlayStation store downloads, «Madden 21» is the best-selling game in August and the sixth best-selling game of the year so far. The game made EA an amazing amount of money, and because it includes microtransactions, it may make more money. This may make players who do not like the Madden series doubt the possibility of the game and its series being so popular.

Madden is the only video game franchise officially licensed by the NFL. Therefore, those who love American football and want a player who can use real football players can only turn to Madden. This has led to franchising not necessarily innovative, but there are still many players flocking to it. Therefore, «Madden 21» is the worst-rated game by users on Metacritic and the best-selling game in August. Now you can Buy Madden 21 Coins at a low price in GameMS.
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Path of Exile: Heist is released today on PC and Mac

PC and Mac users can start playing the new «Path of Exile: Heist» expansion game today, and console gamers can start playing the game before next week. No matter which version of the gamer you are, you can Buy POE Currency at poecurrency.com. After sitting down with Chris Wilson, managing director and co-founder of developer Grinding Gear Games, Screen Rant was able to preview the expansion of Path of Exile and learn about its new features a few weeks ago.

The extension was originally supposed to be released in June 2020, but this year has been undermining the best plan. However, despite being still locked, the team is finally ready to release the latest «Path of Exile: Heist» content. The game borrows heavily from Blizzard's «Diablo» series, from top to bottom to achieve the dungeon crawling mechanism, but also provides a lot of its own features, especially in character customization.

After some delay, «Path of Exile: Heist» was released today on PC and Mac, but console players must wait until September 23 to get started. This expansion will allow players to seek the help of highly skilled thieves to help them penetrate «safe facilities to obtain valuable cultural relics.» As the title of the extension indicates, players must use stealth while avoiding security, lest they are overwhelmed by guards. After the artifact is retrieved, the player will have to retreat to the extraction point after the alarm is automatically triggered. If caught, the player will lose everything stolen from the facility. Path of Exile: Heist will feature a lot of new content, such as Heist alliances, unique items, a new set of spells, etc. Like the base game «Path of Exile:Heist» will be free. It also introduces new NPCs, skills, items, and a new area called Rogue Harbor.

In addition to the popularity of the game, one of the most interesting selling points of «Path of Exile» is that it is a free game without any payment. Many games have free-to-play games as a selling point, but they often also provide game advantages for players who conduct microtransactions. Although you can grow in the game without using microtransactions, the road to prosperity is long and arduous. The Path of Exile seemed to be proud of avoiding this divisive approach, instead choosing to focus on quality and fairness.

Grinding Gear Games highlighted «Path of Exile»: Robbers can play the game for free, thanks to its commitment to promoting fair competition among fans. People are free to choose what they think is appropriate to spend money, and the company also needs to earn income to continue operating, but bringing a competitive advantage to those who have more Exalted Orb than others is a huge obstacle for many participants. The success of «Path of Exile» so far, the game seems to be doing well.
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What is the release date of Path of Exile 2?

For players on «Path of Exile», entering the core game requires a lot of learning, and new players may have too many skill trees to understand how to build characters. With Exalted Orb, players can choose a lot of creativity and variety, so that the choices are endless, but dedicated players invest a lot of time.

Primis Player placeholder
Existing players may not want to give up all the work they have invested in the game, and new players may not know where to start. Fortunately, «Path of Exile 2» can generate the same Atlas endgame, which means that the game's campaigns are different, but can ultimately lead to the same endgame.

What is the release date of Path of Exile 2?
Currently, no exact release date has been set. However, the developer Grinding Gear Games has promised to provide at least one Beta by the end of 2020. If not, players can expect to see the situation around early 2021. Due to the Beta release date, it is expected that the official release date of the game will not appear until the end of 2021 or even 2022. Therefore, you have considerable time to continue to try «Path of Exile» to see if everything works for you.

The background of Path of Exile 2.
Twenty years after Kitawa's death, new power has been created, and those who wish to take away what they think are right will also have new power. There are 19 upgrades to choose from, and a new skill gem system can be used, which gives players the opportunity to directly insert their support gems into skill gems. You can also expect to see new armor and weapons progress, and Buy POE Currency will apply to the new game.
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Madden 21: still flawed

Many sports video game fans are tired of the current cycle the company follows: update the roster, slightly change the design and sell millions of dollars. EA Sports released Madden 21 at the beginning of the National Football League (NFL) season this fall, bringing a new version of the legendary football video game series. In the game, Madden 21 Coins can be used to trade powerful players.

«The courtyard» is Madden's biggest surprise this year. The paddock is a six-on-six «campus» style football game. Players can play on both sides of the ball, and can use custom characters to play with friends or alone. This game mode provides a new and innovative football that fans can play, and for those who want to spend time with friends remotely, the addition of the cooperative mode is undoubtedly a plus.

The focus that EA Sports has not changed in the annual competition is the «Ultimate team.» The «Ultimate Team» brought them money through the purchase of gift packages, thereby obtaining rare cards in the card collecting game mode that they dominate the sports game industry. The «Franchise» mode and the «Career» mode are actually the same, but the storyline of the «Career» mode is very small. But what changes every year is the «ultimate team».

«Ultimate Team» is Madden's focus year after year. Madden 21 has not changed. Despite the success of «Yard», Madden once again failed to provide fresh new products. The problem with releasing games every year is that they must complete tasks quickly. Before the fast deadline, it is difficult to make significant progress in mechanics, game modes, and game appearance.

The advantage of previous Madden games is the «franchise» model. Many features in the game mode make consumers feel like the real general manager or coach of the NFL team. Now, the game mode itself is a shell, with very barebones functions, providing a pleasant playback experience only when it is played for the first time.

After obtaining the first franchise file, each subsequent play will become less and less. Consumers know how to play the game the way they want and can easily manipulate the algorithm. Simulation realism is biased, with role players and below-average players winning the «Most Valuable Player» or leading the league in the statistical category.

The «Franchise» model has obvious obvious flaws, but the «Franchise» has no downloadable content. Buy MUT Coins allows players to get new card packs. Although EA will spend time improving the game mode for making money, this is still the most convenient and quick way. In the latest Madden series, EA Sports has achieved some positive results. As always, the user interface and presentation are great, «Yard» is a fresh, interesting and innovative game mode. But negative factors still exist. The negative effects that have existed for the past five or six years.
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The Kobe Bryant edition of NBA 2K21 sold out quickly

One thing basketball fans look forward to every year is the latest version of the NBA 2K game series. This year’s My Team mode is the same as last year. Players reach the level in the game to get 2K MT. The championship title is a must-have collection for sports and video game enthusiasts. For fans, this is undoubtedly a painful time. 2K Sports announced in July that it would feature the late Kobe Bryant.

The new 2K21 «Mamba» version was released last week, depicting an illustration of the Los Angeles Lakers logo wearing number 24 and number 8. Not surprisingly, the versions of Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation sold out almost immediately when they were released, but in the end they are now back in stock.

Like the past NBA 2K games, NBA 2K21 has all current NBA teams and players for gamers to build their own simulated NBA league; just like 2K20, it also has WNBA teams and players. In addition, there are some famous «classic teams», such as the 2016-2017 Golden State Warriors, the Milwaukee Bucks 1970-1971, and the highly acclaimed 2012-2013 Miami Heat's LeBron James.

Kobe's premature death still haunts many people. The most recent 2020 US Open women's singles champion Naomi Osaka paid tribute to the basketball legend. Her position is wearing a black No. 8 Lakers jersey and holding a trophy. Naomi Osaka said: «I wear this jersey every day after the game. I really think it gives me strength.»

Some players use the Mamba Forever version to remember the late NBA 2K21 basketball superstar. It also has a standard version, with players such as Portland Trail Blazers Damian Lillard on the cover. As for the game itself, Buy NBA 2K21 MT quickly builds My Team, you can use them to complete further challenges.
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Madden 21 Sim: The Giants Steelers in Week 1

On Monday night the New York Giants received the Pittsburgh Steelers to start their season. What better way to predict the outcome of the game than using Madden 21 to simulate the game? For gamers, it is vital to increase Madden 21 Coins income by winning the game.

As many people predicted, the game was won by the Steelers 20-6. The first quarter was characterized by back-to-back goals from the two teams, and the Giants even led 6-3 in the second quarter. The Steelers broke the lead with great momentum and got a JuJu Smith-Schuster touchdown opportunity. Taking a 10-6 lead will be the start of the unresolved 17 straight points for the Steelers.

New kicker Graham Gano took a lot of action, kicking his third shot in the third quarter. Unfortunately, the last shot was still far within his range, and the game was only 10-6 left. The last dagger appeared in the fourth quarter, and the Giants need to stop. Running James Connor entered the end zone at the end of the third quarter. Later, the Steelers extended the lead with another shot.

For the Giants' young offense and second-year quarterback Daniel Jones, low scores are difficult. Overall, the offense only gathered for 208 yards and did not even reach the end zone. The new Giants’ offensive line also struggled, surrendering four sacks to the Steelers’ first aid. The only outstanding player in the Giants offense is Evan Engram. Englem seems to have opened up the whole game, he has 7 catches from 97 yards.

A surprising statistic that appeared in the game was that the Giants Pass Charge Oshane Ximines ended with 1.5 sacks and 1 TFL. For the Steelers, T.J Watt has 2 sacks. As the game progresses, the player's scoring situation gradually becomes clear. Players who want to obtain high-level players can Buy MUT Coins to enhance their team's strength.
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Path of Exile: The League of Robbery that Beginners Need to Know

Path of Exile finally entered the Mac with the help of Heist. This is a new expansion pack that focuses on discovering, hidden treasures and hard-won POE Currency.

«Path of Exile: Heist» is one of the most ambitious expansions of Grinding Gear Game so far. It is expected to provide the game with brand new equipment, mechanisms and content, including new looters and a large number of spells and weapons. A new area will also be unlocked, The Rogue Harbour, where players will be able to recruit thieves to help them with robberies. Once players have completed enough heists, they can unlock the most valuable and exclusive loot of the big heist.

Initiating a heist will require some exploration and production, and players can see the requirements and goals of each heist contract so they can plan ahead. Looting marks are also needed. These marks can be used to roam in rogue ports and can be used as currency for rogue ports. If players do not enter the endgame, they will not be attracted by these content, which is good news for Mac players, who finally got the game through this update.

For many players, what makes this new league interesting is its unique focus on stealth. Heists don't seem to need serious planning, coordination and execution to successfully complete the mission, instead of frantically breaking through the room and blowing up the enemy with AOE attacks. If the player does trigger the alarm, all the loot they cannot escape will be lost forever. Retrieving the artifact at the end of the level will also trigger an alarm, reducing the hoard of enemies seen in the trailer, so once the thief is done, the player should be ready to fight. The combination of tense stealth segments and heartbreaking escapes promises to make this new content incredibly exciting.

Players can choose and customize 13 different Rogues to be used in their heist. This is critical because all kinds of looters will require players to change their teams so that they can bring the most optimized thief for each type of looter. Players can only carry one thief among regular looters, so they should make sure that they have the right thief to do the job. At the end of each heist, Rogue will gain experience, and players will find items that can be equipped for Rogue to change and improve skills.

Then, of course there are spoils. Each Heist has a major cultural relic, and exploring the map will also discover a variety of different and unique treasures. Although be careful, trying to steal all the last items will raise the siren to dangerous heights, and all kinds of enemies and traps are waiting. Thieves trinkets, substitute quality gems, uniqueness of copies and basic types of experiments are some of the exclusive loot found in the heist. This is the highest expression of the player's efforts in discovering blueprints, leveling and customizing their Rogue companions and completing routine robberies. The best treasure awaits the most skilled thieves. Exalted Orb enables players to form powerful weapons and achieve the purpose of robbery as soon as possible.
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Texans vs. Chiefs: Madden ’21 sim has some surprising results

Football is back! The Kansas City Chiefs played a meaningful kick with the Houston Texans on Thursday night. In order to understand the upcoming season, EA and the Chiefs established the Madden NFL ’21 franchise, performed the correct layoffs, correctly outlined the depth map, and simulated the opening week of Arrow Stadium. Now is a great opportunity to Buy MUT Coins.

When the Chiefs wanted to defend their Super Bowl title in front of the arrow crowd, Kansas City’s defense lost key figures due to the suspension, such as Mike Pennell and Bashard Brayland. When they first owned the game, the ranking rose by 7. The Chiefs did not hesitate to respond, because in the 2020 NFL season the Chiefs' starting route was through a 7-yard sloping route from Mahomes to the finish zone Semi Watkins.

After the two teams faced each other with a score of 10-0, Anthony Sherman received the call and rushed into the finishing zone to give the Chiefs a 24-17 lead midway through the third quarter. After Will Fuller scored a free 14-yard touchdown against the weaker Chiefs Middle School, the Texans led a 33-24 lead with 3:42.

In the subsequent drive, Mahomes found that the rookie was chasing Clyde Edwards Highly in the apartment, who scored from 8 yards to take the Chief into the three-pointer. Sadly, this motivation took a long time to develop. Harrison Barker’s attempt to play was not successful because the Chiefs lost 34-31 in the first week of the simulation.

The Texan threw for 400 yards at the Chiefs Middle School because Deshaun Watson achieved a 72% completion rate, and Patrick Mahomes, who completed 76% of his passes, still beat it. Watson lost two touchdowns to Mahomes' three. Despite Watson's mistake and being taken over by Charvarius Ward, the Texans' offense is still among the best.

Mahomes threw for nearly 300 yards, passing his touchdowns to Watkins, Edwards-Helaire and Travis Kelce, and Watson found Fuller and Kenny Stills. Although Watkins has 93 yards, Stiles is able to drag as much as 132 yards. No team can push it to the ground because the leading rusher is Duke Johnson, who is 54 yards higher on the ground.

For Kansas City, defense is not all bad. Frank Clark won 1.5 sacks, and the newly added Taco Charlton with half sacks, a losing tackle and two other single tackles played an immediate role. But when Ward leads Kansas City to eight single tackles, your upper corner is still your lead tackle, which is by no means a good sign. The Chiefs fell to 0-1 in Madden sim, although Patrick Mahomes won the offense this season with 26-34, 287 passing yards, 3 touchdown passes and 25 rushing yards. Aspects of AFC honors.

This will be a week-long matchup between the Chiefs and the Chargers, who entered the game with a score of 0-1 after the Chargers fell to the Cincinnati Bengals. Before that, players can get as many Madden 21 Coins as possible to build an ideal team.
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Path of Exile gained a cyberpunk league

When Chris Wilson, the founder of Grinding Gear Games, conceived for the «Path of Exile» alliance, he did not shy away from admitting to borrowing from other works. The upcoming PoE Heist League appeared because he caught Ocean's 11-year-old on Netflix, and the studio borrowed from games such as Pokemon in the past. You need to complete new challenges to earn POE Currency and build weapons from scratch.

The Incursion League influences the past by going to the temple and killing specific architects. The way the temple is built will vary depending on who you kill. If you kill someone who plans to build a weapon room, you may return to the current location of the weapon room to find a garden. The changes you bring will affect the loot you get.

Wilson told us that the cyberpunk version will be roughly the same, but you will be sent to the future to treat Vaal as a company, not an enterprise based on the sacrifice of the Aztecs. Wilson said: «So our idea is to make her time portal appear in the same role, but this time you enter a distant future, that is some punk company in the future city,» Wilson said. «You want to enter this high-tech company, where there are guards equipped with laser guns, and you have to change what happened there. This is a lovely thing, because once you acquire good technology, you can understand this fantasy world the future of.»

This idea was not realized for some reasons. The Invasion League is only «medium popularity», and it seems unwise to create a Cyberpunk League near the Cyberpunk 2077 release date. A specific PoE team is particularly opposed. Wilson recalled: «Our art team said,'We didn't build a sci-fi league, it's crazy'. Therefore, this may never happen. So close to the game's release, it seems silly to match cyberpunk.. Mechanically speaking, it is the same as the invasion alliance. When we run the original alliance, the invasion alliance is only moderately popular. This also destroys the seriousness of the game and makes it suddenly jump into the distant future. It eliminates the concern about this Many mysteries of what will happen to the continent’s future.»

Although you don't have a cyberpunk alliance worth looking forward to, Path of Exile does have an Ocean-based alliance. If you want to get more advice on Path of Exile or want to build a powerful weapon, please click: POE Orbs.
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NBA 2K21 review

The NBA 2K21 series has undergone a few adjustments and improvements in each period. One of the game modes is MyTeam, which is a team building game based on Cheap 2K21 MT. You must purchase players, contracts, jerseys and anything else you can think of through personal auctions. We have brought the Trail Blazers to the finals of MyLeague. Our MyCareer players have just entered the NBA. Apart from trying out the features of MyTeam, all we have done are other things, and every time we open the game, the menu will be drawn. Click the «Continue Now» button to enter MyTeam.

This year, some annoying cross-border scenes have been tightened, but the biggest change is shooting. Although button shooting still exists, joystick shooting is still working hard to provide tighter control, and after initially having an insurmountable difficulty curve, a quick fix to make it run more smoothly.

In terms of original sports simulation, the NBA 2K series has always been ahead of FIFA. After strengthening the defense last year, it should be easy for NBA 2K21 to make the crown win as the best sports simulation game on the market. It feels like they missed the dunk, but the rebounds have increased. The passing, running and defense work in the past was as clean and neat as last year, but this function not only brings the usual button playing, but also brings the shot shooting, and changes the appearance and working methods of the shooting instrument.

In the narrative, MyCareer is still the best sports narrative experience, and it is packed with Michael K. Williams, Djimon Hounsou and Jesse Williams, etc. Big star. The latter is sometimes too intense, but it feels like a real work, telling a fascinating story without being overly melodramatic, and providing some satisfying story rhythm. It is too scripted in some places, but this is just a small criticism in the sports drama.

NBA 2K21 is not a three and a half star game. This is a five-star game and a two-star game crowded together. Basketball is almost perfect, especially now that shooting difficulties are eliminated, and it is still the top of the sports simulation tree. However, all other design options can make you spend more money on MyTeam. Although this is the accumulation of the NBA 2K series for long-term fans, novices are blocked by too many game modes, which makes players have to Buy MT.
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