Outdoors Halloween Decorations

Outdoors Halloween decorations …This year you have finally planned a stunning Halloween party and decided to decorate it themed. Let’s be realistic, you are too busy to create complex scenery and spend a lot of time on it. At the same time, you are independent enough and not without a creative streak to use only commercial jewelry. In this case, you will find useful recommendations on how to quickly and easily organize a “house of horror” style environment.

You can choose one theme for outdoors Halloween decorations – Garripotter, Gothic, Witch, the theme of monsters, cemetery or pirate, or mix them all. It also doesn’t matter if it’s a family celebration or a funky

Start with lighting, because even the creepiest things in bright light will scare few people. You can spend the whole evening by candlelight, but if there are small children in the house or the task seems difficult, change the ordinary bulbs to the weakest ones and turn off half of them! You can also shade the lighting fixtures with bloody or black fabrics or paper, and leave the candles only in hard-to-reach places.

Stock up on materials and any objects in all shades of orange, red, gray, dreary green and black – these colors will be the leading colors in the design. By the way, this is an excellent occasion to pull out from the mezzanine things that you have not used for a long time but forgot to throw it away. How about an old cocktail dress that you can rip open and use, or fabrics that have never been a sewing machine?

Cover the furniture with white sheets to simulate the atmosphere of a “haunted deserted house.” On the contrary, choose dark tones for tablecloths and serving in general: against their background, light dishes and sparkling cutlery look especially expressive.

Cut out silhouettes of spiders, owls, cats, bats, and just mice from black paper and use double-sided tape to stick on any surfaces in all rooms where guests can enter, and do not forget about furniture, doors, dishes. And if you have the patience to cut the same animals in different poses, then the border of them will become not only a semantic but also a