'League of Legends' maker Riot Games has new legends in the works

League of Legends maker Riot Games has new legends in the works

Riot Games has generated billions of dollars over the past 10 years, and in the process created a highly influential, globe-spanning esports league. All of this success revolved around a single video game: League of Legends. That is about to change, to a degree.

The Los Angeles-based company announced Tuesday a slate of new games, many of which are scheduled to be released next year. 스포츠토토사이트 The new game titles will be in addition to an animated series based on League of Legends and a documentary Riot financed about the origins of the game, which debuted on Netflix tonight.

All of the new games, except for one, are set in the League of Legends universe and will feature that game’s characters, or champions, as their better known to League players. The new titles include a card game, a fighting game, multiplayer online battle arena game, open-world game and an esports simulator, seemingly akin to the Football Manager franchise.

Several of the new games will be based in the League of Legends universe. A second, new mobile game is a spinoff of a current League of Legends mode called Teamfight Tactics, where players battle seven opponents on a rotating basis. The company is also creating an animated video series featuring its characters, for an outlet that has yet to be determined.

Unlike League of Legends, which can take more than an hour to play, the mobile versions are designed to run 20 minutes. The shooting game is being engineered to thwart aimbots — outside software that gives an unfair advantage to players who use them.

The new-product announcements, made during an hourlong webcast, are part of a 10-year anniversary celebration for League of Legends. The bash includes matches featuring some of the game’s original players, special gifts for online fans and the introduction of a new warrior, Senna, whom fans know since she’s been trapped in a lantern in the game for years.

Learning how to play video games (eSports)

Education and esports: Universities are offering esports courses

Earning a diploma for your passion is not that easy, especially if you are an eSports enthusiast. Esports industry is rapidly growing, and institutions are starting to take notice. Strong academic background of the industry is an edge for gamers and enthusiasts. Universities are now offering eSports courses that will guide you into making it in the professional scene. 스포츠토토비즈

With more and more esports jobs cropping up around the world, educational establishments are starting to catch on.

There are many colleges in North America already offering scholarships in esports, and now UK colleges and universities are looking at integrating esports into their courses.

Students will be introduced to esports culture, learn about managing and developing events and teams, and will be given access to Staffordshire’s dedicated esports lab and ‘pro gamer training facility’.

A degree in eSports can be a huge factor to the individual’s success in the eSports industry. Statistics show that the eSports market will continue to grow. This booming industry will also continue to open enormous opportunities for talents and experts. In the eSports industry today, the experts are those gamers who were already there when gaming is just gaming. Do you think having an eSports degree will hone the new generation of enthusiasts better? Is it worth taking? Share us your thoughts.