Прогнозы принимаются до начала первого матча текущего тура. Если слегка опоздали, публикуйте свой прогноз . В конкурсе могут принимать участие зарегистрированные и незарегистрированные комментаторы с любого тура!

Правила начисления очков в рамках матча:

за верно спрогнозированный исход и точный счет матча — 5 баллов;
за верно спрогнозированный исход и разницу мячей — 3 балла;
за верно спрогнозированный исход матча — 2 балла;
иначе — 0 баллов.
количество баллов за тур = сумме баллов за 8 матчей тура.

15 мая, 30 тур

Амкар 2-2 Краснодар
Анжи 0-1 Крылья Советов
Спартак 3-2 Динамо
Кубань 1-4 Зенит
Рубин 1-1 Терек
ЦСКА 1-0 Локомотив
Томь 3-2 Ростов
Волга 1-2 Урал

1. Arsen — 319 (13+17+12+16+11+11+23+2+18+5+7+15+14+10+13+10+6+12+9+10+7+6+11+8+4+12+20+9+8)
2. klever_a — 317 (14+19+10+15+10+14+14+2+15+10+10+14+11+6+13+11+6+9+12+2+9+11+8+11+12+10+15+16+8)
3. Amir — 313 (10+12+12+11+13+25+18+12+10+10+5+10+13+8+9+11+11+6+5+15+10+10+9+9+7+13+6+9)
4. ALI — 303 (17+17+22+16+5+14+10+2+14+12+11+8+6+6+14+8+6+11+9+7+12+8+12+12+6+13+9+7)
5. СС — 255 (Гость) — 302 (5+10+13+22+14+16+4+18+7+9+7+16+14+9+5+14+16+20+7+7+13+0+7+17+5+7+8+12)
6. Hadjimurad — 293 (10+17+8+13+9+11+10+2+12+8+4+10+11+7+11+7+12+14+12+18+5+4+9+17+7+7+15+15+8)
7. antik-22 — 289 (15+9+5+17+6+10+7+6+14+10+11+6+17+18+4+2+6+8+9+11+19+4+9+12+11+14+7+9+13)
8. Inter — 288 (8+15+10+7+21+14+10+4+12+4+9+17+11+11+8+6+9+5+16+11+7+13+10+17+8+15+10)
9. Рутулец — 267 (14+7+13+10+7+19+10+2+5+2+12+11+10+4+6+10+16+11+6+2+11+4+14+12+19+13+7+10)
10. Атаев Раджаб — 257 (5+12+9+7+11+7+0+13+4+10+8+10+7+10+12+9+14+5+13+6+14+7+16+13+17+18)
11. RIZLFC — 200 (7+11+5+10+2+11+21+5+7+12+3+8+9+9+15+6+8+4+11+11+9+14)
12. Z.ZIDAN (Гость) 164 (9+17+8+10+14+7+17+16+11+8+15+4+19+9)
13. Камран (Гость) — 157 (7+2+12+17+2+4+7+15+7+10+15+7+5+10+14+12+11)
14. maga_ges — 129 (20+14+13+13+4+10+17+11+9+6+12)
15. eldarsarkarovv — 84 (15+5+18+9+14+11+2+10)
16. ~ФанаткА АнжИ~ 83 (6+10+15+21+7+13+8+3)
17. топ тим (Гость) — 80 (6+11+10+7+6+15+20+5)
18. zuberha — 73 (4+9+12+6+14+13+2+10+3)
19. Айна (Гость) 55 (13+11+8+9+9+5)
20. Расул (гость) — 24 (13+4+7)
21. santi-torres 22 (11+11)
22. руслан — 20 (6+8+6)
23. Мурад — 15 (7+8)
24. gamzat74 – 15 (6+9)
25. radik.melikov — 15
26. gazimagomed94 — 13
27. Maradona (Гость) — 12
28. Vadim (гость) — 12
29. iwanov.qwert — 11
30. Ислам (Гость) – 11
31. MUHAMMAD (Гость) — 11
32. Абас (Гость) — 11
33. Andreeva — 10
34. Магомед 10
35. gonox — 10
36. Мурадик — 10
37. magomed.rashidov.95 – 9
38. Магир (Гость) — 9
39. kazuev.magomedrasul — 9
40. Francesco85 — 8
41. ислам (Гость) – 8 (6+2)
42. jakov_23_10_1990 — 6
43. asx005 — 6
43. Igor” (гость) — 4
44. avatarrama88_88 — 4
45. 207409127 – 2

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How To Check And Avoid Quota Limits On RR Com Login Mail?

How to find out quota on an email server?

You need to understand that there is always a storage limit on email servers beyond which you won’t be able to go. Although the storage limit varies from server to server, in general, it is around 100-500 MB on the servers that are used for corporate purposes. Email services like Gmail, GMX, and Yahoo offer unlimited storage limits. If you are not using any of these email services, then you will have to confirm the quota limit of your email server by getting in touch with the company whose services you are taking.

How much quota limit is it for RR com login mail?
Roadrunner email has placed restrictions on the size of email that are sent and received along with the overall capacity of one’s email account. There is a default storage of about 5 GB that is given to every user who has subscribed to www RR Com Login mail. If you are using multiple RR email accounts, and also having the master email account, then you can adjust the size of each mailbox to distribute the allotment as per your choice.

You can only send emails that are up to 25 MB in size, and this includes attachments as well. The size of attachments can be up to 20 MB. In a time span of 24 hours, you can only send emails to thousand recipients. At one time, you can send email to 99 recipients in ‘To’ and ‘Cc’ fields.

When it comes to receiving emails in TWC account, then the size of emails that you can receive is also 25 MB including attachments.

How to determine as to how much server quota has been allotted to me?
That depends on your server, so if you are using a free server, then you will have to search for a quota limit on the web. If using a corporate email server, then you can ask the admin about the quota that you will receive.

If you have logged into Time Warner Email Login using IMAP account, then you can find out the allocated quota quite easily. If you are unable to do so, then follow below-mentioned steps:

IMAP Server

Go to ‘properties’ of your email inbox folder to check if there is anything about quota mentioned or not. Right-click on inbox folder, click ‘properties’ and then, ‘quota’.
Wait until some indication related to quota is presented on the status bar. If the storage capacity is over 75%, only then you can see the indication.
You can install an add-on in your browser to indicate your email quota.
POP Server

Configuring email using POP account type gives you the ability to download incoming emails on your PC. But, in case you want to check email quota, then here is how you can do it:

Check the current size of the inbox folder.
Delete old emails from inbox, especially the ones with large size.
Move some emails by archiving them. You can remove those from the server and those will only remain available on your PC.
Check the inbox folder size whether it has gone down or not. If not, then you should compress the folder.
IMAP Server

Here is how you can free up some space in IMAP email server:
Remove older emails from the inbox folder, especially those with large size.
If you don’t want to have attachments in certain emails, then you can detach the files.
Archive some of the older emails that you think are not important.
Don’t move emails from one folder to another in IMAP server, as that won’t free up any space. You can archive emails under ‘local folders’ account

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Try to wear your sandals or flip flops in moderation. Avoid wearing them during all-day events, athletic activities and especially during those days working in the garden. These activities are best performed in trainers.

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How to Fix the Issue of Mozilla Firefox not Loading Pages?

Mozilla Firefox Customer Support Number

Many users are experiencing the error in loading the webpages while working on Mozilla Firefox. Often the URL of the page is displayed on the top, but the main page fails to load. It happens when the software is updated to version 58. If you are also coming across the same issue and require assistance, then feel free to dial Mozilla Firefox Tech Support Phone Number. You can also read the full blog to understand more about the solution.

Different Ways to fix the particular error

Method 1- Check the Network/Internet Connection

The first thing that users need to do when the web browser is not loading the pages is to check the internet connection.

 Ensure that the device is correctly connected to a Wi-Fi network
 Try opening other websites from the same browser and check if you are unable to excess those
 Try opening the same site with another web browser and see if you get a positive response.

Method 2- Clear Cache and Cookies

Clearing the cookies and cache from the browser will increase the speed and performance of the web browser

 After that Click on Settings Icon and then click on ‘History.’
 Select Clear Browsing data
 Then click on the ‘Clear Now’ icon and the cookies and cache will be deleted

Method 3- Remove the Trouble Add on/Extensions

Sometimes different extensions can create troubles or can slow down the process of the web browser. You can easily remove them to avoid trouble.

 Click on the Settings icon, and then further on Add icons
 Find the Add-ons in Extensions, Themes or Plugin that are causing the error
 Choose to ‘remove’ the extensions
 Restart Firefox again and save the necessary changes

Method 4- Verify the Network Proxy Settings

Sometimes when the Network Proxy Settings of Mozilla Firefox has some issues, you can encounter these errors. It happens when Firefox is trying to connect to the Internet, and the proxy server refuses the connection. To resolve this error, follow the given steps

 Click on Options and then select the General panel
 After that click on ‘Network Proxy’ and then select ‘No proxy’ if you use no proxy
 However, you can choose other options to connect to the Proxy server
 Then press Enter
 To save the changes automatically shut down the ‘about preference’ page

Method 5- Update Mozilla Firefox to the recent version

When all of the above methods fail, this method can surely work. You can update Mozilla Firefox to its latest version.

You can always connect with the techies at Mozilla Firefox Customer Service Number at any time you want.

Read More: Mozilla Firefox Technical Support Number | Mozilla Firefox Contact Number

Source URL: www.onfeetnation.com/profiles/blogs/how-to-fix-the-issue-of-mozilla-firefox-not-loading-pages?xg_source=activity

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How Does Ketovatru Work In The Body?

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Winter Tibet Tour

Most tourists like to visit Tibet from May to October, which is the high season. During that period, the temperature is warm, with lush prairies and verdant forests. However, winter is also an excellent time to travel to Tibet, and it is not as cold as you think it would be.

Tibet is located on a high-altitude plateau and surrounded by mountain ranges, which block the rainfall from reaching the plateau. That means most Tibetan areas are made up of the steppe, permafrost or tundra except the southeast regions. Although the weather varies a lot from a region to another, there is hard frost from November to April, and most of the lakes here will freeze throughout winter.

Weather in Winter

Winter in Tibet means cold, dry, with clear blue skies. Compared with summer, the oxygen content of the air is thinner, but you will have better visibility. With clear skies throughout the winter months, the blazing sun can make you feel almost in summer during the daytime. It's a good time to take pictures, as clarity through the thinner air gets improved. If you want to get a perfect shot of Mount Everest or see the universe around you at a starry night, winter is an ideal time to go.

If you're going to Tibet during the peak season, usually from July to August, you will meet the majority of the tourists from mainland China. The major spots like Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street will be crowded, so it's hard to take any desired photo, enjoy a quiet afternoon with a cup of coffee, etc. The price of accommodation, vehicle, tour guide, the entrance fee will rise a lot. That's why we recommend you to visit Tibet in winter, to experience the region without the crowds of tourists. And in Lhasa, Shigatse, Shannan, and Nyingchi, the temperature is not as cold as your imagination, about 10℃ ~ 15℃ in the daytime because of intensive sunlight, which is warmer than many places in northern China. However, in some high altitude places like Mt. Kailash, Lake Namtso, etc. will be covered with snow and ice with frost and the roads will get blocked due to the heavy snow. So you are not suggested to choose winter time to go to Tibet if you want to visit Northwest of Tibet and see the plateau lakes.

The main drop in temperature comes at night when it drops to well below freezing. And this can be countered by warm clothes, a good sleeping bag, and tent if camping, and even the luxury of a warm, cozy hotel. All of the hotels used in our Tibet Winter tours are of excellent quality and have working heating in all the rooms, so your stay is even more comfortable than ever. Whether you are staying in Lhasa in a nice hotel, or out in the middle of Tibet in a local tent guesthouse, you are guaranteed to be warm and comfortable wherever you go.

Tibet Winter Tours

We have developed some of the best winter tours based on our expertise in Tibetan culture, scenery, and Buddhism. From the glorious scene of Butter Lamp festival in Lhasa, with lanterns lighten up in Ganden Monastery and on the streets of Lhasa, to the unique beauty of the monastic debates at Sera Monastery, we have got various tours to satisfy every need to show the best sides of Tibet. This unique experience for your winter tours will delight and amaze you.

If you want to spend several days in and around Lhasa, explore the unique sites of Jokhang Temple, Potala Palace, Sera, and Drepung monasteries, you may choose our four days Lhasa City Essential Group Tour. Or you may consider a more extended tour Lhasa to Everest Base Camp tour. We will take you across the region from Lhasa to Shigatse, which's the second-largest city in Tibet; pass through the stunning Lake Yamdrok on the way; pay a visit to Everest Base Camp, where's the closest place to touch the sky; and stand high above the surrounding of Himalayan Mountains.

The Best Time to Do a Kailash Kora Tour

Regarded as the center of the world, Mt. Kailash is the holiest place for Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Bon (an original Tibetan religion). For the devotees of the above four religions, to have a Kailash Kora tour is an aim at least once in a lifetime. Because according to the scriptures, a kora around Mt. Kailash could reduce the sins they’ve made. The more times you make, the less punishment for the sins you have to bear.

The holy Mt. Kailash

Mt. Kailash is located in Ngari Prefecture, the western part of Tibet Autonomous Region, China. The elevation of Kailash is 6,656 meters (21,838 feet). Although it’s not the highest peak in this area, it’s the only peak you can see the sunshine glittering on the top, where there is white snow covered all year round. Besides, the shape of Kailash is so different from the other mountains. It looks like a huge pyramid from the distance. The snow-capped peak surrounded in the golden sunshine, what a propitious picture! It is said by the locals that you are so lucky if you could see such a scenery.

But due to the extremely bad geographic situation and climate condition, to do a trekking tour around Mt. Kailash is never to be easy. You need to be accompanied by an experienced guide and protect yourself well enough. And you have to choose the good time to make this tour. So, when is the best time to do a Kailash Kora tour? For devotees and travelers, the best time is different.

Mt. Kailash in Tibet

When is the best time for devotees to do a Kailash Kora tour?

Nearly all the Tibet tour companies offer a three-day trekking tour package for Kailash Kora. The classic route covers around 38-40 kilometers. You can see many devotees prostrating and praying on the road along the way. Their hands and clothes are dirty, while their eyes and soul are pure clean. You will be impressed definitely. That’s why we call a Kailash Kora tour is a spiritual journey. To avoid the heavy snowfall and rainy days, the best time for devotees to do a Mt. Kailash trekking tour is from April to mid-June and September to mid-October.

Tips: In light of the myths, when you make a trip to Mt. Kailash in the Chinese year of Horse, you can easily get your blessings which is 12 times powerful than in other years. However, this is not a common date, as it comes only once every 12 years.

Kailash trekking tour

When is the best time for travelers to do a Kailash trekking tour?

For foreign travelers, there is another special time to have a Kailash trekking tour — 15th, April in the Tibetan calendar(Notice, it's the Titetan calendar. The date will be different each year. Consult our customer service team for the date of this year!), which is the date of famous Tibetan festival Saga Dawa Festival. Saga Dawa Festival is to honor the birth, enlightenment, and death of Sakyamuni. During this time, hundreds of the Tibetan locals will have a trekking tour around Kailash with the international pilgrims. And you can see many religious ceremonies that are rarely-seen at the ordinary days. So, it’s the best time to explore Tibetan culture.

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