Know All About the Roku Tv Features

Search among the top channels all at one place:
From all the movies to TV shows, songs, and fun videos it’s easy to find all the content on your Roku device. Search across multiple such channels and top content simply by using your phone or your voice command. This was not possible with theRoku TV alone so the Roku app offers you this added functionality.
Use voice commands: It’s so much fun, easy, and convenient as you
simply click on the voice icon or say out loud the content you are looking for and it will launch on your TV screen.
It just does not end here, you can even control the Roku Tv with your
voice command. If your phone is close to you and the Roku tv setup
has been don completely.
Avail the amazing features of private listening:
You can listen to the Roku content on the private listening mode too and then you can turn up the volume as high as you want. Just use your headphones and then you will be able to stream Roku on your app and even ask your friends to join in.
Watch as you please:
With your Roku app active you do not have to be a hoe to stream
only on Tv. You can watch the content whenever you want on your Roku mobile app.
Share media content on your TV
You can share multimedia content like images, videos, and music easily from your smartphone to your smart TV. You can enjoy watching media from your personal collection on the big screen. For more go

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