1. Clean up the floor drain

The floor drain in the bathroom has a stinky smell, most of which are foreign objects in the sewer pipe and attached to the inner side of the pipe wall. They cannot be washed away by the force of the water. Therefore, a pipe dredging agent is required to clean up the dirt.

First, pour the pipe dredging agent into the floor drain, wait for 1 hour, let it stick to the foreign objects on the pipe wall, and finally pour it into boiling water to rinse, and the sewer will instantly become clean.The floor drain should be cleaned regularly, and thoroughly cleaned every one or three months.

2. Replace the floor drain

The sewer pipe of the floor drain has been cleaned up, and a new anti-odor floor drain needs to be replaced to prevent the second spread of odor.Generally, there are 3 types of odor-resistant floor drains, namely, silicone-type floor drain, water-sealed floor drain, and spring-type floor drain. The best deodorizing effect is the silicone-type floor drain

3. Cover up the odor

The last method is to cover up the odor. After cleaning the pipes, there may still be some peculiar smells in the bathroom, so you need to use aromatherapy to cover up the odor.This kind of thing is sold online, you can choose the taste you like to order, and then put it in the corner of the bathroom, so that you can keep the environment fresh.

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