Cool idea in the Covid era...just carry this business card. can reveal the face under the mask

In the age of COVID-19 The epidemic is causing SLOTXO people to wear faces (hygienic) together like this. It is expected that many people have encountered problems that sometimes they do not remember or are not sure who the person we see in front of them is. or in a business negotiation where the two sides met for the first time and both wore masks It makes me not know what the other person looks like again. (If we meet next time, we may not remember)

As a result of this problem, Nagaya Printing Company (長屋印刷), which is engaged in printing business. So the idea was crushed. like a business card that shows the identity of the owner

Business card showing the owner's face
This business card holder, named “Smile Meishi” (Meshi or นามบัตร in Japanese means business card), is specially made to order by printing the bottom half of the owner's photo on it.

When we have a meeting or a business meeting and want to show our face, we don't need to take off our mask anymore. Just hand the business card to the bottom half of the page. can make the other party see the full face ours

In October 2020, Nagaya Printing released «Meishi Mask,» a face mask with your name and picture printed on the mask. But there may be some customers who don't want to print their own picture on the mask. So the company came up with a new alternative for customers by inventing this very creative business card.

In addition, Mr. Nakagawa Tsuyoshi (中川 ประธาน), president of Nagaya Printing Company, stated that the company was founded in 1919 as a small business card printing business. Later, when the world evolved into a more digital age. This made people start to use less paper business cards. The company therefore diversified into additional business lines, such as providing design services. and produce a cyclical publication or accepting work that is a specific type of production order (made-to-order) more

Nakagawa also said that He wants to bring color and smiles to people during the global tensions of the epidemic. Adding a touch to this business card It should be able to create a smile and a very good first impression of the recipient.

For the price of ordering this stylish business card is 1,320 yen (about 400 baht) per 20 cards, customers can use the service to choose the type of business card. and upload the photos you like on the website by yourself Or you can just send a picture to the company to design it for you. (extra charge)

It's a very creative and cute idea. Not sure if we give this business card to a business partner. It may help to talk or negotiate with a better atmosphere.
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  • jiraporn66
  • 25 июля 2021, 10:29

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