Eva Airline Ticket Cancellation Policy

Other prominent features that describe Eva Air Corporation are:
● Proximity
● Transparency in prices
● Reliability
● Affordability
● Availability for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Amenities at Eva Air

Eva Air has got client’s appreciation for providing superb amenities at the airport and also on the
plane. Free Wi-Fi at the airport is a factor behind the gained popularity of the airline. The impact
of good food, different modes of entertainment and special services for passengers with
disabilities at Eva Air just can’t be ignored.

Eva Air facilitates passengers with sumptuous food made of top class ingredients. In fact,
special meals are provided to passengers with special needs, medical issues, religious and
health needs. Kitchen-fresh and tasty goods are provided by Eva Air to adults and infants.
However, it is important to remember that passengers need to place an order for a special meal
at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight.

Passengers on the plane can have access to different modes of entertainment in the form of
music, movies or series streamed on their personal gadget. This airline is highly admirable for
providing special benefits for passengers with special needs and passengers with disabilities.
To travel in style and comfort, make Eva Airlines reservations in advance. Passengers can make
advance seat selection 12 hours prior their scheduled departure date of flight. However, the
seat selection can be done depending upon its availability. Passengers availing this facility are
advised to complete the check-in procedure before one hour prior their scheduled flight
departure time. It is important to note that all flights at Eva Air are non-smoking, else it is an

Ticket Reservation at Eva Air
To book a flight ticket to your destination in a jiffy, make sure that you browse through the
website of Eva Air. Online Eva Air reservations can be done just by sharing some basic details
including the name, age, number of passengers and travel type. Offline reservation can also be
done from Eva ticket counters. Doing reservation over the phone is also a flexible, convenient
and time-saving option. In all ways, Eva ensures easy and safe reservation of flight to your

Eva Airline Ticket Cancellation Policy

The process of cancelling a flight ticket is as simple as making Eva Airlines reservations. It is
easy and most importantly customer-friendly. The airline charges nothing only if the cancellation
is done within 24 hours of booking and at least 7 days prior the scheduled departure of the
flight. Also, the refund amount will be processed within 7 days of cancellation of your
Experience seamless air journey irrespective of travel class, type and category with Eva Air
Corporation. The airline ensures easy flight reservation and a stress-free process of flight
cancellation with full refund if followed the airline’s policy.
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