The existing player cards in the MUT are stronger than ever

A few months ago, MUT game team pushed many highly rated players into the game, which aroused the enthusiastic pursuit of players. There are a lot of particularly excellent players, and it binds players to get it no matter they spend many MUT Coins.

The Megatron with a total score of 96 is are the most powerful of these players. Johnson, who has a 97-point jump ability and 95-point speed ability, and a stable catching attribute, performed very well in his position. The defensive superstar Troy Polamalu from the Pittsburgh Steelers with a total score of 96 points and the defensive superstar Warren Sapp from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with a total score of 96 points also appeared during the event. In addition, if players want to pursue stronger players, then the legendary superstar Walter Jones with a total score of 97 points is also the best choice.

They can buy suits or card packs containing legendary superstar players by going to stores or auction houses with many Madden Coins. Because of the high popularity of these player cards, their last transaction price in the auction house will not be low. Players need to synthesize five lower-rated UL cards to get an Ultimate Legend card with a total score of 96 points. And if they want to exchange for a card with a total score of 97 points, they must pay more.

Players can also get some Madden Coins, and Power Up props by completing eight unique challenges. The safest thing for players is to Buy MUT Coins with a reliable agent before accepting these challenges, just in case. Players are now looking forward to the new content and Madden 21.
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