New World developer confirms server merger

For many reasons, the population of New World has been declining. Not only is it full of bugs and loopholes that ruin the game, but because of the lack of viable endgame content, players have nothing to do. The developers managed to fix many of these issues in update 1.05, which the community calls «game saves.» However, the player base is still declining, and the server transfer actually killed some servers with a small population.

Therefore, the community has been begging developers to consider merging servers before it is too late. They responded and confirmed that the feature is under development, but it will not happen until it has been fully tested. The New World development team stated that the world merger is coming, but before we are confident enough to use New World Coins in the real world, additional scale testing is needed.

New World developers have been working hard to solve many problems in the game. But in my opinion, the bugs that New World wants to fix this time are not easy. Every time they fix it successfully, a new game bug may appear. This also resulted in many players not being able to use New World Coins in the game.

At present, the New World development team just stated that the servers may be merged, but before that, New World players should not be able to use Cheap New World Coins. And I don’t know when. Players are still looking forward to their updates, and hope they will not let us down.
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  • 08 ноября 2021, 05:56

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