New World Trading Station has been deactivated

After Amazon Game Studio banned the trading station and New World Coins transfer, New World players discovered a new golden loophole, and at the same time they found a solution to the existing failure. The trading post is the central hub of New World. Players use it to obtain mission items and weapons, as well as everything in between. This is a key function to make the game economy run smoothly. However, since the discovery of a gold scam, it has been fragile. It allows players to create New World Coins immediately through trading loopholes.

Amazon Game Studios stated that they will ban any players who are found to use it. They also decided to take drastic measures and find solutions, while currently completely banning trading stations. The Amazon Game Community Manager announced: «We are aware that there may be a New World Coins replication vulnerability, and we temporarily prohibit all forms of wealth transfer between players.»

This action covers all transactions involving Cheap New World Coins. This includes sending currency, guild vaults, trading stations, and player-to-player transactions. Some people think this is a good sign that developers are taking extreme measures to close the loopholes. However, others are not so enthusiastic about it. Some players said that this way they would have no income, no repairs, or even payment of rent. The same concerns have also been responded to by those concerned about processing fees and those who now cannot get all of the New World Coins if they deposit them in the corporate bank.

To make matters worse, players discovered that Amazon's measures inadvertently created a new golden scam. For example, if a player tries to start a town upgrade, such as a kitchen, their New World Coins will not be taken from them and the upgrade will not start, but if the player reconnects, their company wallet will increase the upgrade fee. Amazon Game Studio did not give a timetable for their intention to reactivate the trading station and New World Coins transfer function. However, considering that their measures created a new loophole, they may take longer than they expected.
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  • 03 ноября 2021, 04:59

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