New World Furniture Guide

In New World, once players become honest citizens in a territory, they can buy a house for as little as 2500 New World Coins. But the premise is that the player has at least one level 10 territory standing with that town.

After purchasing a house, the player will discover how empty it will become if there is no furniture and furniture to fill it. Over time, players can slowly collect and craft items to place in their homes, changing them from empty to warm. While exploring the world and completing tasks, players will obtain different New World Coins from various sources. This may include tables, chairs, carpets, and even pets. If the player wants to visit these while decorating the house, please make sure that they are already in the personal inventory or the storage room of the settlement where the house is located.

Players will also get a furniture plan and add furniture recipes to their knowledge base after consumption, just like cooking recipes. To access these recipes, please go to your local workshop. Making furniture is its own trade skill, called furniture. Furniture can be made in the workshop using furniture skills. Even if the player's furniture skill level is zero, they can still make a large number of Ash items, such as Cheap New World Coins, shelves, desks, beds, tables, and other decorations.

Players also need Ash Stain to make many entry-level furniture, which can be made with charcoal and eco-solvents in the workshop. The items made by players using furniture rarely provide more decoration. The storage box allows players to store more items at home, effectively increasing the storage space of a particular settlement. In furniture level 75, players can also make trophies to hang on the wall to provide them with various battles, crafting or collecting rewards. The basic trophy requires wood, steel ingots, maple stain and a series of specific particles.
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