New World Myrkgard area guide

Many New World players are now entering the final stage, and one of the most popular areas on Aeternum is Broken Mountain. The Broken Mountain is home to the fallen forces on Aeternum. Players will venture into the Broken Mountains for various reasons. One of the reasons is a place called Myrkgard.

Myrkgard in the new world is one of the most densely populated areas of corrupt elites. The settlements are full of New World Coins, storage rooms and many big bad guys that players want to kill. Here, we detailed the region and what players can expect in the New World Myrkgard walkthrough.

Before we discuss further, Amazon Games has disabled some boxes around Myrkgard because their drop rate is higher than expected. Amazon Games announced these decisions on the forum, so it's worth watching the thread to see when they will be back online. When the portal is closed, it makes Myrkgard an area where the materials needed to create the tuning ball cannot be obtained. Players need these materials to enter the Genesis Garden, the shipyard, and other end game adventures and Cheap New World Coins.

Milkard is at the very top of the Broken Mountain. The site has several entrances, guarded cheerfully by corrupt ogres. They are one of the most tenacious thugs in the area, so be prepared to fight to enter the site. After entering the game, players can run around and kill some of the most difficult monsters in the game. However, it is best for players to avoid big elites like Captain Corrupt, as they tend to be more troublesome than anything else.
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