Three ways to earn New World Coins

When players venture through Aeternum, they will spend some New World Coins at some point. This is important for players to make, purchase items and real estate, sell items, and other purposes in the game.

Companies that own certain territories can adjust their tax rates, which can make it easier for players in that area to use New World Coins. In addition to these player-centric systems, New World Coins can also be used for many other things, whether it's upgrading weapons or quickly buying some resources to help complete town missions.

Here I will briefly introduce several ways to help players earn New World Coins in New World. The most common way to get New World Coins first is to complete the main task or side task. Only players who succeed in the challenge will get some New World Coins as rewards. At the same time, I need to remind you not to try to skip those main tasks, because you always have to complete them at a certain time.

Another good way to Buy New World Coins is to sell items or resources at trading posts. This is an ideal place for players to resolve items that they cannot use or no longer use, and they can set any price they want to sell. This means that if no one else sells the same items as the player, they can set the price to the high price they want, although this may discourage some potential buyers.

Adventure is another good way to get New World Coins, especially some repeatable side missions. Outside the entrance of Amirine Excavation, players can get a mission from Barkimedes, which will provide a large amount of EXP and New World Coins. Enemies in Expeditions will also provide New World Coins. Raising mobs is not an effective way to obtain New World Coins, it is usually only carried out in the expedition team.
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