New World players began to build their own mini maps

New World became a hot topic as soon as it was released. Players are exploring what makes the game interesting and what hidden secrets New World must provide. Unfortunately, although New World has access to a lot of land and resources, it lacks some of the amenities players would expect from such a huge game. One of the resources that players feel strongly lacking is the minimap, so some enterprising pioneers decided to do something about it.

A player posted a video on Reddit explaining that they were tired of not knowing where the things in the city are, so they created their own mini map. Most of it sits comfortably above the device displayed at the bottom left of the screen, it's a bit protruding, but it works fine. The video shows a mini map that accurately shows the surrounding environment, with icons indicating different New World Coins that stand out in the landscape and clearly defined roads. It even has a zoom function, making it easy to find specific things in the town. This is not exactly one of the hidden features of New World, but it is indeed a useful feature.

The second part of the short video shows that the minimap is also applicable outside of towns. Although it's a bit obtrusive on the screen, it seems more convenient than nothing at all. The reply to the post mentioned that other players have been implementing their own minimaps and proposed many methods. The small map shown in the video can be used by others, but it requires a plug-in. One player lamented that this might result in a ban, which increased player complaints, including lamenting the maintenance time of New World.

This is another addition to the more and more things that players are solving in New World for the originality of the game system or the problems created by other players. The people on this list are also eager for fast travel, bizarre combat methods, and the use of wild boars to Buy New World Coins. As cool as all of these, it also highlights the number of issues players must deal with regularly in New World and the number of requests for more features from Amazon. Because of the bad practices that the control company has implemented, these requests include the power to rebel against their own factions.
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