Madden 22 Ultimate Team Week 4 player ratings

Madden 22 Ultimate Team will provide a consistent list update every week, this time it will be no different. Due to the outstanding performance in several games, the Madden 22 Ultimate Team roster update forecast will accurately point out those players who are ready to see improvements or take a hit in player ratings. Considering the latest game, here are our predictions for players who will rise and prepare to fall.

Although they are not far from the team's victory, Sam Darnolds' performance was mixed. Despite two interceptions, Darnold passed the ball for more than 300 yards, two pass touchdowns and his two Madden 22 Coins, which may be the only reason why the Panthers maintain their hope of winning the Cowboys.

He may be the team's designated running back, but it was in the catch game that Patterson became a nightmare for the Washington football team. On that day, his receiving yards were 82 yards and his rushing yards were 34 yards, but in the process, he also scored three receiving touchdowns, almost single-handedly taking the current 1-3 Falcons from Washington. Saved from the 34-30 defeat.

There have been rumors that Trevon Diggs may become the defensive player of the year, if it weren't for Diggs to continue to be outstanding, this sounds a bit exaggerated. Diggs made two interceptions against Darnold this week. This was a truly spectacular catch. Diggs also had two pass defenses and four solo tackles to end his defensive performance with the Dallas Cowboys this week.

Although we have seen Hunter Renfrow's catch performance, including 6 catches for 45 yards and a touchdown, he has another bright spot. After an attempted fake kick turned into a pass, Hunter Renfrow was playing on a special team. He made a thunderous tackle to force the game to be impossible, so expect this week’s perimeter player’s ability to hit the ball. Will be improved. At the same time, players who want to Buy Madden 22 Coins can go to GameMS.
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