The scout update is too late to save the franchise players in Madden 22 Ultimate Team

Madden 22 Ultimate Team is still expected to receive the highly anticipated Scouting Update, bringing new Madden 22 Coins to Franchise, but the update has been delayed. After more and more waiting, the scout update is too late to save the franchise players in Madden 22 Ultimate Team.

The franchise model of Madden 22 Ultimate Team has received a lot of attention. This started with the #FixMaddenFranchise campaign, and even when Madden 21 was launched, EA responded. Since then, we have seen many positive steps taken by EA Sports, highlighting some of the things they are doing and their commitment to the franchise model.

Unfortunately, the massive increase in improved reconnaissance has not yet arrived, and the update was postponed again after the failed release. Improved scouting is one of the features that EA devoted a lot of attention to when the Madden 22 Ultimate Team was released, and the entire EA Play Spotlight series was dedicated to this new feature. Not only did it not arrive at the time of launch, but it also missed the originally promised September window, and now the Scout update has a vague «mid-October» window.

If the player has already purchased and spent this time in the franchise mode, then they may know that if they want to try new scouting updates, their hard work will not last. If players really want to use these new features in the game, then the last bit of effort they put into the current franchise preservation will become meaningless in a short period of time.At the same time players can Buy Madden 22 Coins at GameMS.

Although EA did not say that the old archive will not be playable after the update, a series of problems and errors faced by the game this year make this a very real possibility, whether intentional or unintentional. Players must either start from scratch or continue playing without the features they saw in Madden 22.
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  • 05 октября 2021, 05:46

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