Signature Series set in NBA 2K22 MyTeam

Recently, the Signature Series package in NBA 2K22 MyTeam has been available. The players that appear in this set can add incredible power to the players’ MyTEAM lineup. But the price of these players also discouraged some players. But players don’t need to worry too much, because there are many ways to help them solve this problem. If they don’t have enough NBA 2K22 MT, they can send those idle player cards to the auction house at any time and earn some MT to purchase packages in Pack Market.

These cards are really special, especially the signature version, so it takes a lot of MT and VC to buy them. A single package is 11,250 VC or 15,750 MT. The good news is that even if players pull out a certain card in the suit, they can easily retrieve what they have lost in MyTeam. Fortunately, there is a signature series locker code available for NBA 2K22. So players may get one of them for free without spending a penny. The locker code they need to enter is MyTEAM-SIGNATURE-SERIES-CARDS. Or you can follow the famous GameMS to get more discount codes. Players should pay attention to this locker code before October 1, 2021, that is, a chance to get a free signature series package.

Now, with the increasing popularity of NBA 2K22, some players who have just recently entered NBA 2K22 also need more guidelines to help them adapt to the game as soon as possible. For example, how to earn enough NBA 2K22 MT is an urgent question for them. They can search for “NBA 2K22 MT” on Google and then click “News” to see a news article titled “Best Place To Buy Safest NBA 2K22 MT At Lowest Price”. That article not only introduced the free and paid ways to get 2K MT, but there are also many practical game strategies to learn from.

Or if they don’t want to focus on these, they can also directly access the most reliable GameMS to Buy NBA 2K22 MT. Cheap 2K22 MT that supports PS4/5, Xbox One/Xbox Series, PC and Switch are now on sale. Check it out if you are interested!
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