Madden 22 Ultimate Team kicker Justin Tucker gets LTD card

Madden 22 Ultimate Team kicker Justin Tucker once again demonstrated his superb shooting percentage in Sunday's game, which made many players cheered. To commemorate his NFL shooting record, EA gave him a Madden 22 Ultimate Team TOTW 3 LTD card.

Every week of the NFL season, EA’s Madden Ultimate Team game will launch the best team of the week composed of the best players in the most recent game. The highest-rated cards so far include Aaron Jones of the Packers, Miles Garrett of the Browns, Joey Porter of the Steelers and Sherlock Holmes of the Chiefs. These players have 91 OVR or better Madden 22 Coins, Jones and Garrett each have 92 OVR LTD cards.

Joining them will be the Ravens kicker Justin Tucker. Based on his shooting percentage in Sunday's game, Justin Tucker deserves a new LTD card. He scored an incredible 66 yards to help the Ravens beat the Lions 19-17 in Detroit.

Before, Justin Tucke's best card was 87 OVR Core Elite, with 86 Kick Power and 84 Kick Accuracy, so this is a good upgrade. The new Tucker LTD card will Buy Madden 22 Coins.

Just last weekend, Madden Ultimate Team also launched their Ultimate Team Legends Group 6. In addition, gamers can also find other promotions available, including previous weekly best team challenges and cards.
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  • 29 сентября 2021, 06:08

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