Madden 22 Ultimate Team Legends adds new members Mackey and Selmon

As the season enters its third week, Madden 22 Ultimate Team Legends has added a pair of Hall of Fame members. The latest Madden 22 Coins from John Mackey and Lee Roy Selmon will help improve the MUT list, as both players have highly rated items. Below we will focus on the identities and skills of these two members.

In the past week, Madden 22 Ultimate Team Legends has seen a lot of new content. These include the best team of week 2, flashback, and the most recent diamond team. At the same time, fans of Madden Ultimate Team know that in the life cycle of EA games, each season will bring legends and ultimate legends.

There is currently a new Madden 22 Ultimate Team Legends challenge on Mackey and Selmon. For Mackey, players need to pass 25 yards or more and use their Ultimate Team to win a game. For Selmon, the player needs to record a sack and Buy Madden 22 Coins.

By completing these two challenges, players can obtain the legendary 84 OVR NAT card of their choice. However, to obtain 91 OVR Boss Legend requires the establishment of a swap set. The set includes players' novice, proven, advanced, 1963, 1966 and Boss Edition cards. Cards can be obtained through gift packages, exchanges and auction houses. The above is the relevant content of the new members Mackey and Selmon. We will continue to report the latest news later.
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