The best offensive card in Madden 22 Ultimate Team

Madden 22 Ultimate Team was released in 2021. Despite the controversy, their micro-transaction-centric model is called Madden Ultimate Team and has been moving forward. This mode allows players to build a roster of their Madden 22 Coins, which is full of current NFL superstars and legends of the past.

Not only does Tyreek Hill have reason to be the best wide receiver in the NFL, but he may also be one of the fastest players in the entire league. Opponents believe that his performance is the result of playing in one of the greatest offensive units in the history of the NFL.

DeAndre Hopkins is an incredible genius in the wide receiver position. Fortunately, in the past few seasons, he has been able to play with elite talent at the quarterback position. His catching radius and ability to Buy Madden 22 Coins and define his elite status.

David Bakhtia should be the greatest winger of the Green Bay Packers. The determined left tackle became popular online for binge drinking, but his real talent lies in protecting the quarterback.

Now, there is a debate about who is the best wide receiver in the NFL, but the Madden Ultimate Team in Madden 22 seems to have found their answer. Davant Adams, with a total score of 88 points, has the best card for his position in this mode. The above are the 3 best offensive cards in the Madden 22 Ultimate Team. I will continue to update the relevant content afterwards.
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  • 26 сентября 2021, 06:28

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