Is your erectile dysfunction situational or biological?

Erectile dysfunction affects a wide range of men's population. It is a common sexual dysfunction most men get encountered with at some point in their lifetime. ED or erectile dysfunction is a normal sexual issue faced by men of almost all age groups but aged men are more likely to have ED. Though ED can be cured with vidalista 40 oral pills, treatment should be done on time to reduce the chances of any further problems.

Erection issues sometimes can be cured on their own with time and there is nothing to be worried about. However, in some cases, if erection issues persist, can be chronic and may lead to various other serious health conditions. ED can be situational or biological depending upon the underlying cause. In both cases, vidalista 40 is found to be highly effective.

Situational ED

When you experience erection issues under certain specific situations then you are more likely to have situational erectile dysfunction. The causes behind situational ED are usually psychological or related to lifestyle. This can be shshort-termr temporary and can go on after bringing some mild changes in your lifestyle without any severe treatment method. Situational ED can be caused by the following factors:


Stress is one of the leading causes of situational erectile dysfunction. Under stressed situations, your body releases epinephrine hormone in an increased amount. The increased level of epinephrine prevents your penile muscles from getting relaxed. This inhibits the proper flow of blood to the penis thus making it difficult to have an erection. vidalista 40 improves the blood supply to the penis and hence aids in firm erections.


Excessive intake of alcohol affects your sexual ability as well as fertility. Having alcohol in excess can damage the blood vessels that supply blood to your penis. This prevents the blood from reaching the penis in an adequate amount thus affecting your ability to have erections. It also affects your sperm count, vitality and mobility. vidalista 40 is a well known oral pill for curing erection issues in men.


Nicotine and other harmful chemicals present in cigarettes have the potential to damage healthy tiny blood vessels. It also gets deposited in the form of plaque on the walls of your blood arteries thus making them narrower and harder than normal. In both cases, the blood supply to the penis gets affected which further restricts the erection. Smoking also affects your sperm count and hence your fertility. You can improve your sexual ability by having vidalista 40 oral pills.

Treating Situational ED

Following are the potential treatment methods used to treat situational ED:

Medications are mostly used as the first line of treatment for ED. Whether you have situational erectile dysfunction or biological, you can get it treated with oral pills like vidalista 40. PDE5 inhibitors ED pills help in improving the blood flow to the penis thereby aiding in erections.
Quitting smoking
Limiting alcohol intake
Having a balanced and improved diet
Exercising regularly
Managing your stress and anxiety levels

For curing situational ED natural supplements like Rhodiola Rosea, Panax ginseng, Yohimbe and L-arginine are found to be effective but take them only after consulting your doctor.

Biological ED

Biological erectile dysfunction can be a result of various physical health-related problems. Biological ED can be sometimes chronic and may lead to various health issues if it doesn't get treated on time. Following are the factors that can result in biological erectile dysfunction:

Chronic Health Conditions

Many physical health issues like heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and high blood pressure restrict the blood flow to the penis thereby aid in having an erection.

Prostate surgery may damage the nerves around the penis thus restricting the blood flow to the penis hence making it difficult to have erections.

Injury in the spinal cord or pelvic region may harm the penis nerves. This restricts the flow of the blood to the penis which causes difficulty in having erections.

Certain medicines like corticosteroids, diuretics and antidepressants that are used to cure other health conditions can be a cause behind biological ED.

Deformed penis due to Peyronie's disease may also result in biological erectile dysfunction.

A low level of testosterone is also found to be associated with erectile dysfunction and can be a reason behind a low libido and erectile dysfunction.

Treating Biological Erectile Dysfunction

Most of the doctors firstly try non-invasive treatment methods. Though all of the ED treatments are effective, the most successful and best-known treatment methods are oral pills. Oral pills including vardenafil, sildenafil, avanafil and tadalafil are the most commonly prescribed ED pills.

These drugs including vidalista 40 are PDE5 inhibitors that increase the penile blood flow by relaxing the smooth muscles of the penis which result in an erection. Oral pills are approved by the FDA as a prescribed treatment for ED. However, vidalista 40 and other ED pills have some common side effects like:

Upset stomach
Back pain
Muscles pain
Blurred vision

Due to these side effects, most men feel unsafe in consuming these pills. In that case, you can opt for other treatment methods like:


Alprostadil can be taken in the form of self-injection when vidalista 40 or other ED pills don't work. It is injected directly into the penis and helps in the relaxation of the penis muscles and increase the blood flow to the penis and hence aid in an erection.

Testosterone Therapy

TRT or Testosterone replacement therapy is found to be useful when the reason behind your ED is a low level of testosterone.

Penis Pumps

A vacuum pump when placed over the penis, creates a vacuum that draws blood into the penis making it erect and stiff thus leading to an erection.

Penile Impimplantsosthetic penile implants are placed inside or around your penis thus making it stiff and hence resulting in erections whenever required.
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