Ronaldo phenomenon

During this time, there is no escaping news that Cristiano Ronaldo hasn't played for Manchester United yet, he has won.

There is news that tickets to watch football Manchester United — Newcastle and other matches at Old Trafford, from the online football website Live Football Tickets, there are 200 tickets in hand, Newcastle are on sale for between £250 and £699 or for a fee. Thai between 11,000-30,000 baht from the face price of the ticket, while the American ticket company Stubhub sells low tier tickets for up to £2,514.

News footage of the queuing to buy Ronaldo7 shirts at Old Trafford's Mecca Store followed by a 12-hour slump in sales of 400,000 shirts with a lump sum of 32.5 million baht, which the club earned around 5% from players. Sponsor a kit that is the main sponsor of the team, that is, most of the money goes to the sponsor. The sum of money has been obtained since the time of being the main sponsor of the team with a 5% share of the sale.

It appears that the impact of Ronaldo's arrival was primarily a matter of «marketing» that believed there were winners on all sides, including the club, Ronaldo himself.

I've been writing about Ronaldo so often lately that I've become his regular fan.

Some of the stories today I sifted from the column. Star Soccer Daily, check out some interesting aspects of #CR7, with in-depth insights from The Sunday Times, the Sunday's newspaper. of The Times, Ms. The Telegraph and Manchester Evening News of the city of Manchester

Let's try to read it…

From an 18-year-old boy who was unnamed in 2003 from the chopper, he became a favorite of the Red Army throughout six years at the club. Until he returned at the age of 36, he had a really big welcome.

His image was clear… the expression of joy, shirt number 7, curly hair, wide-mouthed smile. It is a standout that everyone sees with his outstanding performance at the Portuguese club and national team. Until being regarded as one of the best players in the world of this decade.

If you are not a Messi fan, you would say Ronaldo is the best in the world.

Performance with Manchester United The Premier League, the Champions League, followed by Real Madrid, which filled the Champions League with four great titles, Euro 2016 champions with the Portuguese national team, a record of many goals. including his personal awards make ronaldo One man has won more than thousands of football teams in the world of professional play. sagaming

That promotes Ronaldo as the «brand» of football that the world is familiar with. The more and more social media era In particular, his Instagram followers reach 338 million (latest), among them Madonna, Sharon Stone and Naomi Campbell.

His followers make Kim Kardashian and «House of Kardashian» look so inferior (249 million followers). With Ronaldo through social media such as Instagram, whether it is a promotion, a website, a live score, shampoo, and a trip to Madeira, the island where his hometown came from. From the age of 13, after the Sporting scouts (What Portugal calls the team Sporting CP) pulled to practice football before Manchester United by Sir Alex Ferguson to polish it until it was great. sagame bet

Today, Ronaldo created CR7, a global brand tied to his versatility. Starting in 2006, it combines the name of Cristiano Ronaldo and the number 7 given by Sir Alex Ferguson. CR7 includes underwear, perfume, eyewear, shoes, whatever he wants. wear that Of course, it's a by-product. Due to his outstanding image both on the field and his «fitness», his physique is strong, stubborn, muscular.

He also has a partnership with a jewelery company. promotional jewelry He has a hair transplant clinic called Insparya (in Madrid and Marbella) and the hotel chain Pestana CR7, which includes Madeira, Lisbos, New York and Madrid. Two more are about to open at Marrakech (Morocco) and Paris. As for the kit, he probably has nothing to do with Manchester United's kit maker Adidas. Adidas earns 95% of the shirt sales. เอสเอเกม

Forbes magazine Rank him as the top grossing billion dollar team athlete in 2020.

Coming to England, Ronaldo bought a mansion in a neighborhood known as The «Golden Triangle, Cheshire» or «football territory» where high-income players live, such as Knutsford (Wayne Rooney's house), Wimslow and Mott. Tram Edge

Cheshire is a region southwest of Manchester. and south of Liverpool It is a neighborhood where people have a lot of money to live in. Not just footballers Ronaldo bought a mansion in Alderley Edge with neighboring billionaire Mahmoud Kamani, the CEO of a clothing manufacturer and distributor. Famous British fashion online like Boohoo Group, which has famous British fashion brands like Dorothy Perkins, Burton, Debenhams, Oasis,Coast, Warehouse etc. เอสเอเกมมิ่ง

He also has an apartment. penthouse room Lives in Lisbon for 6 million pounds (265 million baht), has a large 7-storey mansion in Madeira hometown. And there is another villa in Costa del Sol. It is said that this villa has added space, swimming pool, gym. and his garage of 19 supercars, including the world's most expensive luxury car, the $12 million Bugatti (about 400 million baht).

The return of the old team in a way that was not planned in the first place… is going to create more «value» for him. If personal and team results go well in the next ten months sagame

Cristiano Ronaldo is currently in quarantine after flying to Manchester. On Friday evening, September 3, with Darren Fletcher, the club's sporting director, to welcome. before staying in quarantine at his new home in Cheshire which will follow

British government measures to enter from countries in the yellow (amber list) if vaccinated with two doses. Which the UK approves of Astra Cineca, Pfizer and J&J (only one dose), then just testing the second day after arriving in the UK If it's negative, you don't need to be quarantined, but this is 5 days quarantine (meaning that you haven't completed two injections), then get tested for covids on the 2nd and 5th, so you can go back to the training field.

If according to this plan....we have three days of practice. Before the Newcastle United

Now the ghost fans are thinking....can we go on the field tomorrow?
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