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cenforce 100 vs viagra male enhancement supplement is very helpful in treating Erectile Dysfunction and pre-ejaculatory response in men. It contains Sildenafil Citrate, an active ingredient of this supplement. Active ingredient refers to the active part of this drug responsible for its effect on the erection of the user. This article will help you understand how this supplement works and benefits those who use it.

How does cenforce 100mg work?
When a man feels the urge to have an erection, blood flows to the glans penis and triggers the opening of the vessels into the penis. The flow of blood causes harder erection. However, it takes some time before the vessels are fully opened so that maximum effect can be felt. This is the reason why most men take one or two pills with the same dosage.

There are many brands of Viagra available in the market today. A man interested in using Viagra needs to consult his doctor first to find out which brand of Viagra is approved for his case. One of the most popular brands in the market is generic sildenafil citrate which is similar to Viagra but it does not contain the harmful ingredients present in the original Viagra tablet.

Since Erectile Dysfunction affects millions of men around the world, doctors and drug companies invest a lot of money in research and development of medicines that can address this condition. They are aware that this dysfunction is quite a widespread problem and affects men across all ages and social groups. Men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction can be categorized into two categories; there are those who suffer from short-term impotency and those who suffer from long-term impotency. This category of patients require a different kind of treatment and medication.

How to take Cenforce 100Mg?

Short term impotency occurs when the male does not feel any effect after taking the recommended dosage of Viagra. This can either be temporary or permanent. This may be due to various reasons including body weakness and taking oral prescription drugs. Taking medicines like Viagra lowers the blood cholesterol level which affects heart function and subsequently the ability to get an erection. Most doctors recommend a combination of prescription medicines along with herbal treatment like Viagra. However, men suffering from long-term erectile dysfunction can take prescription medicines, but they also need a natural herbal remedy like Viagra along with the tablets.

Men suffering from erectile dysfunction have the option of using Viagra along with the prescribed drugs. However, Viagra alone is not able to treat the problem. Another option is the use of sildenafil as an additional medication in the same dose as the prescribed drugs. Sildenafil is another prescription drug for impotency which helps increase the blood flow to the penis and increase libido. It has a warming effect, which helps increase desire in men.

In order to enhance the effects of sildenafil and to boost its effectiveness even further, the dosage of Viagra should be taken according to the recommended prescription amount. Men suffering from ED should consume Viagra in the correct proportion like 25 mg for every 100mg of sildenafil pill consumed. The recommended dosage of Viagra can be easily found out from the medical practitioner through a medical check up or from the pharmacist.

Side effects of Cenforce 100Mg

A part from Viagra, other drugs like Levitra and Cialis can also be consumed in the dosage of Viagra. These pills help to reduce the discomfort and pain that are associated with the ED problem. However, you should not consume these pills along with Viagra. Also, while taking sildenafil and cenforce 100 mg pills there should not be any delay in between doses. Excess intake may result in unwanted consequences like diarrhea, headache and other side effects.

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