The Do's and Don'ts of Writing Research Papers

Do's and dont
Conducting research and gathering information is a common activity in a student’s life. Whether doing it for writing academic assignments or for fun to gather knowledge, students consciously or unconsciously gather data to answer a problem or question. 
A research paper is one of those assignments that is based on conducting a study by analyzing, interpreting, and evaluating information. It is an extended essay form that attempts to answer the research question and contributes to a relevant field. 
Every student in his life will get to write my essay at least once in his life. This assignment requires a writer to select a pattern through which he will conduct research and skills to present obtained results.
Writing a research paper is similar to writing an essay but the only difference is that it requires more knowledge and effort. Moreover, the research paper has many individual parts on which its strength lies. 
Among all the parts, an abstract and literature review are the most crucial as writing these sections requires a writer to follow different courses of action. Being the two entirely different parts, having the knowledge to write each one correctly is important. 
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A literature review is an analysis and evaluation that a writer does on the available literature on the topic. It includes consulting scholarly sources to get an overview of the current research. Students misunderstand the purpose of writing a literature review and think that it only discusses the previous searches on the topic.
However, a literature review also includes the writer’s research question and how the research is relevant to his study. 
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Do’s of Writing a Literature Review 
Always read the instructions provided carefully. The guidelines will let the writer know if the literature review is to be provided with the research paper or separately. 
Experts suggest finding and consulting credible sources that are most relevant to your research topic. Go through the sources like journals and articles provided on Google Scholar.
Analyzing all the sources and information gathered, select the ones that are most relevant to your research theme. You can analyze the source by passing it through the following filters:
  • The problem a writer is discussing.
  • Definition of the key concepts
  • Approaches and methods used
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the research. 
  • The sources should have a vivid connection with your research work. 
  • Use chronological, thematic, methodological, or theoretical structure to present the sources. 
  • Your literature review should have an outline. The content should be divided into introduction, body, and conclusion. 
  • Always proofread what you have written. 
Dont’s of Writing a Literature Review 
  • Do not write a literature review in a hurry. Give yourself enough time to write several drafts until you get the desired result.
  • Avoid choosing sources that are not related to your research problem. Only gather relevant sources.
  • Do not rely on secondary or external sources when you have primary data that is related to your work. 
  • Do not instant accept the sources without critically examining them.
  • Do not forget to identify search procedures when reviewing the literature. 
  • Do not only evaluate the statistical results. Consider the meta-analytic methods as well. 
  • Do not avoid the research findings and interpretations present in the literature.
When writing a strong literature review, keep these suggestions in mind. If you are still confused or want to learn more about the writing process of a literature review 'write essay for me'. 
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