Important General Management Skills for Engineers to have Business Acumen

Engineers are well-equipped with technical knowledge, whereas if we talk about having business acumen we will hardly find one suitable candidate amongst thousands. Engineers having business acumen or management certification is what the industry needs right now. It gives engineering professionals an upper hand.

A IIM General Management Program helps professionals coming from technical background have a better understanding of how an organization functions.

MBA General Management Online from IIM Raipur is a holistic all-in-one general management program offers professionals an elaborate overview of result-oriented management techniques.

This one-year general management course is a complete package to upskill working professionals to enable them to foresee and take advantage of business opportunities as well as confront challenges in this world of uncertainty. The course will enhance your potential and enable you to become effective managers of today, agile and capable of handling ambiguity.

Along with developing core general management principles, this Gmp certification will:
1. Help professionals develop leadership skills.
2. Help professional unveil and sharpen the entrepreneur in them.
3. Help professionals enhance their analytical skills, and prepare them to take business decisions based on data.
4. Train professionals to handle difficult business conversations.
5. Expose professionals to emerging trends in the digital economy.
In order to become an effective manager, professionals coming from engineering background should we well-equipped with managerial skills.

GMP Certification course from IIM Raipur
will help professionals gain skills and competencies through the comprehensive online learning experience, enabling them accelerate their personal as well as professional growth beyond their present areas of functional expertise. The fully integrated management program is designed for professionals coming from diversified backgrounds, offering 360 degree management approach to management. The blended program offers two-on campus components, 3 days each which will take place at IIM Raipur Campus. Click here to know more details about the program
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