A Comparison Between American Football and Rugby

Association football, also commonly called just football or simply football, is a ball-and-stick sport usually played between two teams of eleven players. It's played on a rectangular field that may be divided into several sections with goalposts at both ends. The object is to score more points («points») than the other team. It's the most popular sport in the world, with almost 250 million people playing it in more than 200 countries and dependencies. บอล5ดาว

A typical football game has three phases: pre-game, half time and post-game. The sport players stand a certain number of yards from the ball and use a ball or an obstructed item such as a handball or a rugby ball to try to hit the ball into the goal. The object of the game is to be the first team to score more goals than the opponent. The match is usually played in two halves. Other terms used in the football game are'halftime', 'extra time' and 'clinics'.

American football has evolved since the start of the twentieth century. Unlike football played in Europe and Asia, which has evolved over the years as a game similar to soccer but with added rules, American football has relied on its own set of regulations. In this regard, American football can be broadly categorized into two different kinds: professional football and college football. Professional football is what you see in the NFL; while college football is what you see in colleges across the US.

The American football team has developed much differently compared to the football teams in Europe and Asia. In America football, there is no such thing as the backup quarterback. And while there is such a thing as running backs in football in America, they are considered athletes and not real football players according to American football traditions. The difference between American football and the other football games played all over the world is the use of two-way play.

In order for you to understand the difference between European football and American football better, you need to know the difference between the gridiron football and the American football. In the European game, the offense lines can change formation depending on the formation of the defense. The defensive lines do not move, even though the offense line does. The play of two-tight end sets, inside zone plays, outside zone plays, and all kinds of designed plays are employed. With the gridiron football, offensive and defensive lines can interchange as often as every other week.

American football is played with eleven players on each team, but it is also referred to as exhibition football because only two teams are permitted to play every week. The two teams take turns being the offense and the defense. When the offense and defense to get into the ball game, it begins with one team defending against the other team. The offense makes sure that the ball goes to its team who will then try to score a touchdown with the ball. When the teams switch, the game will continue to play until one team wins by having scored more points than the other team.
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