Leadership and Graduate Nursing Role

Leadership is an integral part of all the graduate nurses and, especially, the advanced nurse practitioners. These people play a great role in the management of the patients, mentoring of the young nurses and performing the medical practitioners work, which all require a demonstration of leadership in order to carry out the tasks well. Several leadership styles exist. They are: the democratic leadership, autocratic leadership, laissez- faire and dictatorship. The paper however examines democratic leadership in the graduate nursing roles.
For advanced nurse practitioners, leadership is central to virtually every task they engage. Amongst other things, leadership for these nurses involves taking up administrative duties within the health centers, mentoring the young nurses from universities and colleges, taking charge of activities at the health facilities and handling all the professional activities within his or her powers. The given leadership refers to a kind of participative one where every member of the group is expected to contribute towards the management of the organization. Under this leadership, the decisions are done by the leader but all the other people have an input in the decision making.
As an advanced nurse practitioner, my leadership style is the democratic leadership. The conclusion is reached because of several considerations. First, the belief that every person is an expert in his or her own sphere drives me to understanding that it is necessary to involve all the stakeholders in making any decision. To this extent therefore, an informed decision is reached after considering the views of all the other experts. Secondly, in order to work effectively in a clinical environment, creating good relations is important for achieving success within the organization. In this connection, therefore, giving people a chance to be part of a decision creates a good relationship within the work environment.Third, the need to be the one to make a final decision regarding issues in my workplace makes me a democratic leader. Democratic leaders make the final decisions by themselves, at the same time giving a chance to all the members to become part of a solution. Lastly, my belief that better decisions are made through teamwork further enables me to contemplate that indeed democratic leadership is part and parcel of me. Teamwork enables members to open up each other's minds and subdivide tasks amongst each other, an idea that leads to workers appreciating each other.
Many people today exercise leadership in the nursing sector but not all of them become successful leaders. Due to the peculiar nature of the nursing profession, a successful leader is the one who bears the following attributes. First, he must be able to sacrifice for the sake of meeting the quality care standards of the patients. Secondly he must recognize the need to ensure that the responsibilities are shared for the benefit of the whole organization. A successful leader is one who believes in the empowerment of other members. In addition, such a person must be a good decision maker and one who is ready to involve all others into this process. He also must be able to settle all the hard situations and accusations both from within and without the organization.
Good leadership drives a healthcare organization towards giving quality services to the patients, and this makes me believe in my style. One of the qualities that make me stand out as a leader in the nursing career is my commitment to excellence. This, however, does not come on a silver platter, but through hard work and perseverance. Sometimes, I am forced to go without sleep all in the name of fighting for quality care for the patients. Secondly, I believe in categorizing issues from the most urgent to the least urgent for quick intervention. Further, nurses play a critical role towards giving hope to the patients and their families, and therefore treating patients with the courtesy they deserve is what I stand for. My leadership is about creating a culture of customer satisfaction as a priority. In addition, leadership is not only about individual development but the growth of the entire team. In this regard, I am committed towards nurturing other leaders which is a core attribute in nursing practice. My aim is also aligned towards ensuring the satisfaction of all the employees and, at the same time, ensuring accountability. Communication is my leadership strength as well, as I am committed to ensure that all the members of my organization, whichever the level they belong, get the required information. Lastly, my belief in rewarding success makes me confident I am a good leader in the nursing career.
While I believe that my leadership style is the best for a healthcare center, being a successful nurse practitioner requires one to have several more attributes. First, an advanced nurse practitioner is expected to have patience. Some of the patients will take a shorter time to heal while others will take a longer time, and, therefore, patience will assist. Secondly, dealing with patients requires a lot of perseverance. The nursing career is a calling, and sometimes nurses have to sacrifice their social life and sleep for the sake of saving lives. Commitment to work is another key attribute. Nurses are expected to use all their expertise to ensure that they work towards attaining the goals of the profession in any setting. Lastly, nurses are expected to be very respectful. They are called upon to treat the patients and each other in a very respectful manner, avoiding any acts that may taint their integrity.
In conclusion, it is essential to say that the nursing profession is a calling, and as a leader in the nursing career, one is expected to have a very strong personality. As a leader, for example, I believe that democracy is the best kind of leadership because it gives me a chance to make decisions based on expertise. It also enables me to grow my fellow members. As a nurse, however, an individual is expected to have patience, integrity, commitment and respect.
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