Emerging Housing Program registers progress of 30%: Sedatu

Sedatu and Cemex will deliver the Housing Self-Construction Manual to the beneficiaries, so that families can self-produce their home with technical support
David Cervantes Peredo, Undersecretary of Territorial Planning of the Ministry of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development ( Sedatu ), reported that the Emerging Housing Program has an advance of 30%. This strategy seeks to reactivate the local economy and address the lag in this matter in the most marginalized areas.
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The official pointed out that the resources already assigned amount to 3,201 million pesos (mp); Furthermore, of the 98,413 applications received, 49,503 have been approved, and 43,661 are in the verification process.
He also mentioned that, through this emerging housing strategy, Sedatu intends to carry out 165,000 housing actions: 100,000 for improvement and 65,000 for expansion, with an investment of 9,400 million pesos, which could trigger the creation of 200,000 direct jobs.
For his part, Román Meyer Falcón, head of Sedatu, explained that 9.4 million homes in Mexico, located mainly in the south-southeast of the country, have some type of housing lag; 79% for the use of precarious materials; 19% for overcrowding; and 2% lack of sanitary drainage. For this reason, the dependency under his charge is already working on his care, through the improvement or expansion of the homes.
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In this sense, the agency and the company Cemex presented the Housing Self-Construction Manual, a tool that seeks to facilitate the self-production of real estate, as part of the emerging Program.
“Self- production represents 64% of housing production in Mexico. From the Government of Mexico we are betting and supporting families to find an opportunity to self-produce their homes with technical support, ”explained Meyer Falcón.
Cervantes Peredo explained that the Manual will be delivered to the beneficiaries of the program, since Cemex granted the rights so that it could be edited and published by one of the national housing agencies.
Alejandra Rojano Pazzi, director of Cemex's Downtown Zone, highlighted the importance of collaboration between the public and private sectors to guarantee the human right to adequate housing; and stressed that it is an effort aimed at the population in a vulnerable situation or in locations where expert support for self-construction, improvement or repair of their home is complicated.
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